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Wyndon Stadium is a location in Wyndon, where the Champion Cup is held.

Champion Cup

Main article: Galar Pokémon League

The Champion Cup is a three-round single-elimination tournament. The last standing Trainer will face the Champion, Galar.

Champion Tournament

After becoming the Champion, the player may participate in Champion tournaments. It works similarly to the Champion Cup, but the player may also face other Gym Challengers.

Galarian Star Tournament

Main article: Galarian Star Tournament

The Galarian Star Tournament is opened by Leon after the player finishes the base game, The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra's story. It also works similarly to the Champion Cup, except that participants team up in two and are all faced in Multi Battles. All participants, as well as the NPC the player can choose as the partner, consist of characters the player has met.


  • The stadium apparently has a resemblance to Wembley Stadium in London because some areas of the stadium resemble those in Wembley Stadium and it is located in London, which Wyndon is based on.
  • As seen in the anime, there is a force field in front of the bleachers that protects spectators from Max Moves and G-Max Moves.


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