These Bergmite are five ice-type Pokémon owned by Wulfric.


Bergmite first appeared when they greeted Ash and his friends in the Snowbelle City Gym.[1]

Wulfric used one of them against Ash's Pikachu. Bergmite started sliding, giving it an advantage to dodge Pikachu's attacks, like Electro Ball. Bergmite managed to freeze Pikachu's legs with Icy Wind, allowing it to evade Pikachu's Quick Attack. After getting electrocuted by Thunderbolt, Bergmite used Sharpen and hit Pikachu with Rapid Spin. Pikachu started running, allowing his body temperature to rise and negate Icy Wind's attacks. Bergmite tried to use another Rapid Spin, but was countered by Pikachu's Quick Attack and defeated by his Iron Tail attack.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Blizzard
  • Using Icy Wind
  • Using Sharpen
  • Using Rapid Spin


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