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The World Coronation Series Logo.

The World Coronation Series (ポケモンワールドチャンピオンシップス, Poketto Monsutaa Waarudo Chanpionshippusu, Pokémon World Championships) is a competition that many Pokémon trainers compete in to officially be declared as the strongest Trainer in the world. The competition is divided into 4 ranks based on Trainers' record performances: Normal Class, Great Class, Ultra Class, and Master Class. Highly skilled trainers will be advanced to the next rank to compete with a smaller pool of competitors. The top eight trainers of the Master Class will compete in a final tournament and the winner will be crowned as the "Monarch". The current Monarch is Leon, who is the Pokémon Champion of Galar. Trainers entering the competition for the first time start at Normal Class, including strong trainers such as Gym Leaders and Pokémon Champions, regardless of their career.

Ash Ketchum decided to compete in the World Coronation Series in the hopes of earning an official rematch battle with Leon to help him achieve more in his goal to become a Pokémon Master.


PJ018 2.png

To compete in the tournament, participants must first register themselves online. The current season received more than 10,000 entries.

Each entry generates a profile and a score according to the registration position.


The scoreboard used during the Normal Class

The battles in the competition are all judged by the Rotom Drone and can which serve for each of them to increase their overall score in their ranks. The best way for Trainers to climb through the ranks is to find a competitor with a higher rank than themselves.

The World Coronation Series Battle Festival in Shalour City.

On some occasions, there are also one-day events called the World Coronation Series Battle Festival where many participants can gather to compete with each other at will. This will allow Trainers to increase their ranks much faster if they are successful in winning the battles against others. These events are held at stadiums and other such venues and are open for the public to watch.

Masters Eight

The Masters' Eight.

This group consists of the eight best Pokémon Trainers in the world. It consists of Elite Trainers who have won other championships and competitions around the world.


The World Coronation Series Ranking tier.

Trainers are divided into four classes based on their win/loss ratio. Each class is represented by a different type of Poké Ball.

Normal Class Poké Ball Sprite.png

Those ranked in 1,000th place or lower compete at the Normal Class. Only those ranked in 999th place to the 100th place can advance into the Great Class.

In this class, challengers must seek out opposing Trainers in nearby areas, and both must agree to battle. The battles have consisted of matches with one or two Pokémon for each Trainer. Both challengers must send out their first Pokémon at the same time and can switch their Pokémon at any time during the fight. At the end of the match, each Trainer has their ranking updated according to the battle they participated in.

The Normal Class is represented by a normal Poké Ball.

Battles In The Normal Class

Great Class Great Ball Sprite.png

The Trainers from 999th place to the 100th place are in the Great Class. Only the ones in 99th to 9th places can advance into the Ultra Class. The rules in the Great Class are just as the same as the ones in the Normal Class.

The Great Class is represented by a Great Ball.

Battles in the Great Class
  • Ash Vs. Tony (Victor: Ash)
  • Ash Vs. Kricketina Kylie (Victor: Ash)
  • Ash Vs. Bea (Victor: Bea)
  • Ash Vs. Bea [Round 2] (Draw)
  • Ash Vs. Dozer (Victor: Ash)
  • Ash Vs. Rinto (Victor: Ash)
  • Ash Vs. Iris (Victor: Ash)

Ultra Class Ultra Ball Sprite.png

The Trainers in 99th to 9th places are in the Ultra Class. Only those ranked in Top 8 can advance into the Master Class. Unlike in the two previous classes, battles in Ultra Class are pre-scheduled, consist of 3v3 battles, and each participant's opponent is decided for them. Battles in Ultra Class are usually broadcast worldwide and have commentators apart from the evaluation of the Rotom Drone. Techniques such as Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, or Dynamax can only be used once within a match.

The Ultra Class is represented by an Ultra Ball.

  • Ash vs Volkner (Victor: Ash)
  • Ash vs Bea [Round 3] (Victor: Ash)

Master Class Master Ball Sprite.png

The Wyndon Stadium.

The Top 8 is in the Master Class, where they battle each other at the end of the season in a tournament. The finals are held in a Single Battle at the Wyndon Stadium, where techniques like Dynamax and Gigantamax can be used. The winner of this tournament will be crowned as the "Monarch".

The Master Class is represented by a Master Ball.

Battles In The Master Class
  • Leon Vs. Lance (Victor: Leon)
  • Leon Vs. Raihan (Victor: Leon)

Trainers competing in the World Coronation Series

  • Leon: Monarch (Master Class)
  • Lance: Runner Up (Master Class)
  • Raihan: Rank 7 (Master Class)
  • Cynthia: Unknown rank (Master Class)
  • Ash Ketchum: Rank 36 (Ultra Class)
  • Bea: Unknown Rank (Ultra Class)
  • Volkner: Unknown Rank (Ultra Class)
  • Iris: Unknown rank (Great Class)
  • Dozer : Unknown rank (Great Class)
  • Kricketina Kylie: Unknown rank (Great Class)
  • Rinto: Unknown rank (Great Class)
  • Hayden: Unknown rank (Normal Class)
  • Oliver: Unknown rank (Normal Class)
  • Visquez: Unknown rank (Normal Class)
  • Korrina: Unknown rank (Normal Class)
  • Tony: Unknown rank (Normal Class)


  • This event is based on the Pokémon Sword and Shield's rank battle system in Battle Tower and Battle Stadium.
  • The English version of the event's name and the title of the top Trainer bare royal themes.
  • In cases of matches resulting in a tie, the ranks of the participants don't change.
  • The Trainers' profiles follow a visual pattern similar to that of Pokémon GO.
  • Ash's first battles in the Normal, Great, and Ultra Classes were all against Electric-type users.