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Wonder Area (ワンダーエリア, Wonder Area) is the fourth area of Pokémon Rumble U. It is available when the player completes Adventure Area. The player is able to battle the three bosses, Victini, Archeops and Chandelure, in this stage. If the player completes all the challenges of the three stages of Dream Gate, the player is able to get Machamp at the first stage and Tauros at the second stage.

Go Big or Go Home!


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Pick up 100 or more coins.
  • Use a super-effective move.
  • Clear the battle within 120 seconds.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Growlithe 058.png Type Fire.gif
Arcanine 059.png Type Fire.gif
Krabby 098.png Type Water.gif
Kingler 099.png Type Water.gif
Tangela 114.png Type Grass.gif
Blissey 242.png Type Normal.gif
Wailmer 320.png Type Water.gif
Wailord 321.png Type Water.gif
Happiny 440.png Type Normal.gif
Tangrowth 465.png Type Grass.gif
Victini (Boss) 494.png Type Psychic.gifType Fire.gif

Pokémon Outbreak!


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Pick up 8 or more capsules.
  • Use a super-effective move.
  • Achieve a combo of 120 or more.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Kangaskhan 115.png Type Normal.gif
Sneasel 215.png Type Dark.gifType Ice.gif
Slugma 218.png Type Fire.gif
Magcargo 219.png Type Fire.gifType Rock.gif
Miltank 241.png Type Normal.gif
Poochyena 261.png Type Dark.gif
Mightyena 262.png Type Dark.gif
Spinda 327.png Type Normal.gif
Bidoof 399.png Type Normal.gif
Bibarel 400.png Type Normal.gifType Water.gif
Weavile 461.png Type Dark.gifType Ice.gif
Scraggy 559.png Type Dark.gifType Fighting.gif
Scrafty 560.png Type Dark.gifType Fighting.gif
Archen 566.png Type Rock.gifType Flying.gif
Archeops (Boss) 567.png Type Rock.gifType Flying.gif

Haunted Playland


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Use Touch Blast.
  • Use a super-effective Dark-type move.
  • Clear the battle within 120 seconds.
  • Collect 5 coins with the Touch Blast.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Misdreavus 200.png Type Ghost.gif
Shuppet 353.png Type Ghost.gif
Banette 354.png Type Ghost.gif
Drifloon 425.png Type Ghost.gifType Flying.gif
Drifblim 426.png Type Ghost.gifType Flying.gif
Mismagius 429.png Type Ghost.gif
Rotom 479.png Type Electric.gifType Ghost.gif
Litwick 607.png Type Ghost.gifType Fire.gif
Lampent 608.png Type Ghost.gifType Fire.gif
Chandelure (Boss) 609.png Type Ghost.gifType Fire.gif