This Swellow is a shiny Swellow that was the last Pokémon she used during her Gym battle with Ash.


RS085 13

Ash's Swellow battles against Winona's Swellow.

Once her Pelipper got defeated, Winona sent her shiny Swellow in the battle against Ash and Grovyle. Grovyle managed to inflict some damage with Leaf Blade on Swellow. Grovyle tried to repeat the attack, but failed and Swellow managed to defeat it with one move, Aerial Ace. Ash sent his own Swellow in the battle, though Winona and Ash used their elevators to rise up, to have their Pokémon battle in the sky. Ash's Swellow started with Wing Attack, but due to the wind, it missed Winona's Swellow. Before Ash's Swellow regained its balance, Winona's Swellow started using Peck on it. Winona's Swellow launched Hyper Beam, which wounded Ash's Swellow. As Winona's Swellow repeated its attack, Ash's Swellow attempted to use Wing Attack, but Winona's Swellow's Aerial Ace allowed it to dodge the attack and hurt Ash's Swellow even more. Just as Winona's Swellow used Hyper Beam to finish the battle, Ash's Swellow used Quick Attack to evade the attack. Winona's Swellow used Aerial Ace, though Ash's Swellow used Wing Attack on the ground, causing dust to spread around. This allowed Ash's Swellow to see where Winona's Swellow was, as well as to defeat it with another Wing Attack.[1]

Before arriving to Slateport City for May's Grand Festival, she and Ash remembered their past adventures so far. Ash recalled facing Winona and her shiny Swellow in an aerial battle. Winona's Swellow launched Hyper Beam, but got hit by Ash's Swellow's Wing Attack.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Aerial Ace
  • Using Hyper Beam
  • Using Peck

Voice actors


  • Winona's Swellow is a shade of dark blue where a regular Swellow is blue, while in the games, this area on a shiny Swellow is green.


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