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Will is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is a member of the Elite Four and was an executive of Team Rocket in the Johto region.


Will is identical in appearance to his game counterpart. When he becomes a member of the Johto Elite Four, Will's appearance is rectified to match his revamped game outfit. He also wears one of the masks shared by all of the Masked Man's subordinates.


Will has a peculiar personality, as he was inducted into the Masked Man's criminal organisation of his own free will alongside Karen. He is also shown to be inherently cruel to Green, victimizing her due to her ornithophobia. Usually, Will makes silly expressions, which is reflected onto his battling style, believing battles should be for one own's fun.


Will was willingly recruited alongside Karen into the Masked Man's service.[1] All of Masked Man's children were chosen, based on their gender, age, talents and birth place.[2] Together, along with Sham and Carl, watched as Ho-Oh took Green to the Masked Man, who placed the mask on her and took Green in his group by force.[3] Will and Karen trained together, per the Masked Man's proposal, and all were to wear masks.[4]

Later, when Silver and Green attempted to escape from the base, Will and the other Masked Man's associates intercepted their movements in the air duct. He attacked with his Natu, as Green severed a cooling vent, to obscure their escape. Will pursued them through the mist, but found himself faced with Green's expanding Jigglypuff.[5]

Crystal arc

Will confronted Green at the Ilex Forest alongside Karen. Though they never saw each other's faces, as they all wore masks, Karen and Will tracked Green by her smell. Will explained he and Karen were ordered by the Masked Man to protect the shrine and to find the two feathers Green stole from the Masked Man, as she could ruin his plan. Will claimed the Masked Man would control time and had to capture Lugia and Ho-Oh, just to take the two feathers. Green replied she did not have any feathers with her; Karen and Will laughed, for even if she was correct, they could still battle her. Thus, Will summoned Ho-Oh and, along with Karen, tried to subdue Green, as she was afraid of it, due to an incident in the past.[6]

Karen knocked her to the ground, as Will was glad they managed to break Green by using her bird phobia. He thought Green should've been captured at an earlier age, so she wouldn't remember her past, just like Silver didn't. Green was thankful she didn't involve Silver in this, but Will informed that Silver was no match for them. As if on cue, Silver's unconscious body collapsed to the ground, as Will watched Green run towards him. When Silver fell into unconsciousness once more, Will comments that he was bored, prompting Green to get angry at him. Will wondered whether she was still suffering from her phobia of birds, summoning Ho-Oh on the scene. However, Green stood her ground, much to Will and Karen's surprise, as Green overcame her fears. Enraged, Will and Karen order Ho-Oh to attack her, but she counters the attack by summoning Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. Will instantly took to Lugia's back, as Karen did the same with Ho-Oh, as both factions engaged in battle with one another. However, as Will attempted to attack Green on Moltres' back, Silver appeared behind him. Will is surprised by Silver's sudden appearance, as the giant birds fly above Ilex Forest's shrine.[3]

Later, when Red and Blue arrive on the scene, Silver managed to scale up to face against Will. Will then sent his Xatu hurtling at Silver, who managed to block with his Sneasel. Will was surprised Silver had so much strength to fight back and taunted Silver he was "too serious" and had to loosen up a little. Silver was surprised, since he had a rough life and thought Will should feel the same. He mocked Silver, stating that both he and Karen entered the Masked Man's service of their own free will, to become his disciples and even managed to become strong trainers. Thus, he thought a battle should be fun, including this one. Hearing this, Silver became aware that Karen and Will were definitively his enemies and shouldn't hold back in his attacks. Enraged, Silver tackled Will off Lugia's back, as his Xatu stopped his descent. However, Will is taken off guard by Silver's Ursaring, Feraligatr, Kingdra and Murkrow, who proceed to attack him simultaneously. This sent Will hurtling to the ground below, as he manages to stumble up afterwards. Will ordered his Xatu to attack Silver, but was surprised when his Feraligatr subdued it, throwing it into a nearby wall. He called out in protest at his unconscious Xatu, whimpering to himself. Seeing Silver and his Pokémon were quite determined to win, Will decided to flee and abandon the Masked Man.[7]

Later, the Masked Man berated Will for letting the Pokédex Holders get near to the Ilex Forest's shrine. Will identified Pryce as the Masked Man, who simply trampled over him.[8] After the battle, both he and Karen were approached by Koga and Bruno, who invited them to join their newly formed organisation.[9]

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

Will reappears alongside his teammates at Johto's Pokéathlon Dome, announcing the reformation of the Johto Elite Four.

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