This Xatu is a psychic/flying-type Pokémon owned by Will.


As Natu

Will had a Natu, when he was training with the Masked Man's subordinates.[1] Green and Silver escaped from the base and Will had Natu use Psychic to prevent them from escaping, but it failed.[2]

As Xatu

Karen and Will faced Green in Ilex Forest. There, Xatu used Psychic to attack Green, who couldn't retaliate, as she was afraid of birds like Xatu.[3] Silver, standing on Lugia, faced Will and sent Sneasel to combat his Xatu. Hearing Will and Karen joined the Masked Man on their own to train, Silver tackled Will and they both were falling down. Will had Xatu save him from falling, but Sneasel used Beat Up, which made it and Silver's Pokémon hit Xatu. Xatu tried to retaliate with Psychic, but was restrained by Silver's Feraligatr and was defeated by its Return attack.[4]

Known moves

  • Using Psychic

  • Using Psychic


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