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A patch of grass present in the background.

Wild Battle Items is a feature exclusive to Pokémon X and Y.

Some places have a platform behind the wild Pokémon during a battle. There is a chance that the platform have an object on it. Certain moves can destroy the object, and after the player wins the battle, an item is obtained in the aftermath. These items can sometimes be otherwise hard to find or unavailable.


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Object Locations Moves Items
Green Berry tree Route 5
Route 6 (two sides)
Route 7
Route 10
Route 11
Route 18 (west side)
Route 19 (west side)
Pokémon Village (land)
Route 21 (land)
Route 22 (land)
Air Cutter
Aguav Berry.png Aguav Berry
Babiri Berry.png Babiri Berry
Kebia Berry.png Kebia Berry
Lum Berry.png Lum Berry
Rawst Berry Sprite.png Rawst Berry
Rindo Berry.png Rindo Berry
Tanga Berry.png Tanga Berry
Purple Berry tree Chesto Berry.png Chesto Berry
Colbur Berry Sprite.png Colbur Berry
Kasib Berry Sprite.png Kasib Berry
Payapa Berry.png Payapa Berry
Wiki Berry.png Wiki Berry
Patch of grass Petal Blizzard
Razor Leaf
Mental Herb Sprite.png Mental Herb
Power Herb Sprite.png Power Herb
White Herb Sprite.png White Herb
Brown boulder Connecting Cave
Sea Spirit's Den
Terminus Cave
Victory Road (cave; land)
Unknown Dungeon
Hyper Voice
Rock Slide
Float Stone Sprite.png Float Stone
Hard Stone Sprite.png Hard Stone
Gray stalagmite Muddy Water
Water Spout
Damp Rock Sprite.png Damp Rock
Icy Rock Sprite.png Icy Rock
Smooth Rock Sprite.png Smooth Rock
Yellow Berry tree Route 8 (cliff)
Route 9
Route 13
Route 18 (east side)
Route 19 (east side)
Air Cutter
Aspear Berry.png Aspear Berry
Charti Berry.png Charti Berry
Chilan Berry.png Chilan Berry
Iapapa Berry.png Iapapa Berry
Shuca Berry.png Shuca Berry
Sitrus Berry.png Sitrus Berry
Wacan Berry.png Wacan Berry
Red boulder Hyper Voice
Rock Slide
Bag Fire Stone Sprite.png Fire Stone
Bag Leaf Stone Sprite.png Leaf Stone
Bag Thunderstone Sprite.png Thunder Stone
Bag Water Stone Sprite.png Water Stone
Yellow boulder Eruption
Heat Wave
Lava Plume
Heat Rock Sprite.png Heat Rock
Mossy boulder Glittering Cave Hyper Voice
Rock Slide
Bag Luminous Moss Sprite.png Luminous Moss
Red Berry tree Route 8 (beach)
Ambrette Town (beach)
Cyllage City (beach)
Shalour City (beach)
Route 12 (beach)
Azure Bay (land)
Air Cutter
Cheri Berry.png Cheri Berry
Chople Berry.png Chople Berry
Figy Berry.png Figy Berry
Haban Berry.png Haban Berry
Leppa Berry.png Leppa Berry
Occa Berry.png Occa Berry
Pink Berry tree Mago Berry.png Mago Berry
Pecha Berry.png Pecha Berry
Persim Berry.png Persim Berry
Pile of sand Hyper Voice
Rock Slide
Soft Sand.png Soft Sand
Stardust.png Stardust
Blue Berry tree Frost Cavern (outside)
Route 17
Air Cutter
Coba Berry.png Coba Berry
Oran Berry.png Oran Berry
Passho Berry.png Passho Berry
Yache Berry.png Yache Berry
Iceberg Hyper Voice
Rock Slide
Nevermeltice.png Never-Melt Ice
Pile of snow Snowball Sprite.png Snowball