The Wild Area is a wide land located in the middle of the Galar region, where numerous kinds of Pokémon reside wildly and freely.

Not only is it linked with some of the urban areas, but the Pokémon that appear in it also vary according to the changes in time, specific locations and weather.

As an example, you can find Steenee during sunny days, while you can meet Electrike in thunderstorms. Another example is you can find Butterfree in the day and Golurk at night. In grasslands, Bewear lurk around, whereas Rhydon are more prevalent in the deserts.

Through adjusting the camera angle, players can scour for items and search for wild Pokémon they aim to get.

There will be various Pokémon with different level ranges, and players might encounter strong ones early on in the game. Be careful on not to get too close to them.

Known locations


  • Wild Areas are 3D open world areas that draw similarity to various role-playing games, for example The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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