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Wigglytuff Guild (プクリンギルド Pukurin Guild) is a Guild where Exploration Teams train to become first-rate. It is located in the northeast outskirts of Treasure Town. The guild's guildmaster is Wigglytuff. The entire guild is built into the side of a cliff.

During the story and epilogue, the player and their partner forms an exploration team and eventually graduates from the guild.



The entrance is a tent with Wigglytuff's head on top of it. There is a grate in front of the entrance, which visitors and guild members have to step on to have their footprint identified by the sentry before entering the guild.

Inside the tent is a small room that has a ladder extending to B1F. According to Bidoof's Yup Yup Journal, Chatot sleeps on the top rung of the ladder to prevent the guild members from leaving the guild at night.


This level has a Job Bulletin Board and an Outlaw Notice Board.


This level contains where the crew rooms, Guildmaster Wigglytuff's chamber, entrance to the sentry post, the Mess Hall and Croagunk's Swap Shop. In the post-game, Loudred can be spoken to to play the sentry duty mini-game.

Croagunk's Swap Shop

Artwork of Croagunk Swap Shop

The Croagunk's Swap Shop (グレッグルのトレードてん Guregguru's Trade Shop) is located west of the ladder, opened after clearing Apple Woods. Croagunk will trade exclusive items for rarer exclusive items.

Mess Hall

The Mess Hall is where the guild members have their meal, prepared by Chimecho.

Crew rooms

There are three crew rooms. The northern crew room is for Chimecho and Sunflora, the eastern crew room is for the player and their partner before graduation, and the southern crew room is for Loudred, Bidoof and Corphish. According to Bidoof's Yup Yup Journal, Croagunk often goes to sleep in their crew room.


  • Wigglytuff - Guildmaster
  • Chatot - Guildmaster's assistant and head of intelligence
  • Chimecho - Chef and head of Chimecho's Assembly
  • Croakgunk - Head of Croakgunk's Swap Shop
  • Dugtrio - Head of maintaining request boards
  • Loudred - Sentry
  • Diglett - Sentry
  • Sunflora - Guild apprentice
  • Corphish - Guild apprentice
  • Bidoof - New guild apprentice
  • The Player character - New guild apprentice (graduates)
  • The Partner - New guild apprentice (graduates)


  • It is revealed in the diaries of Bidoof and Sunflora that the player and his/her partner were considered to be "missing Pokémon" for the time the latter two, along with Grovyle, spent in the future in Chapter 14 and Chpater 15. Bidoof's 13th diary entry titled "Very Sad" suggests that an "awful long time" has passed since the player's team "disappeared," while Sunflora's 13th diary entry specifically uses the word "missing" rather than "disappeared."
  • All ten members of the guild are of species that are unavailable as clients in job missions. This is very likely intentional, given as other members of their evolutionary lines, such as Whismur and Bibarel, are available for job missions.