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The following is a list of Who's That Pokémon? segments from Pokémon Journeys: The Series.

Pokémon Journeys

Pokémon Episode Image (English) Image (Japanese)
Pichu PJ001: Enter Pikachu! PJ001 WTP after.png PJ001 Dare da after.png
Lugia PJ002: Legend? Go! Friends? Go! PJ002 WTP after.png PJ002 Dare da after.png
Ivysaur PJ003: Ivysaur's Mysterious Tower! PJ003 WTP after.png PJ003 Dare da after.png
Scorbunny PJ004: Settling the Scorbunny! PJ004 WTP after.png PJ004 Dare da after.png
Snorlax PJ005: Mind-Boggling Dynamax! PJ005 WTP after.png PJ005 Dare da after.png
Scyther PJ006: Working My Way Back to Mew! PJ006 WTP after.png PJ006 Dare da after.png
Mightyena PJ007: Serving Up the Flute Cup! PJ007 WTP after.png PJ007 Dare da after.png
Piplup PJ008: The Sinnoh Iceberg Race! PJ008 WTP after.png PJ008 Dare da after.png
Fearow PJ009: Finding a Legend! PJ009 WTP after.png PJ009 Dare da after.png
Dragonite PJ010: A Test in Paradise! PJ010 WTP after.png PJ010 Dare da after.png
Magnemite PJ011: Best Friend... Worst Nightmare! PJ011 WTP after.png PJ011 Dare da after.png
Charizard PJ012: Flash of the Titans! PJ012 WTP after.png PJ012 Dare da after.png
Drednaw PJ013: The Climb to Be the Very Best! PJ013 WTP after.png PJ013 Dare da after.png
Golurk PJ014: Raid Battle in the Ruins! PJ014 WTP after (New).png PJ014 Dare da after.png
Cubone PJ015: A Snow Day for Searching! PJ015 Dare da after.png
Gengar PJ016: A Chilling Curse! PJ016 Dare da after.png
Darmanitan (Standard Mode) PJ017: Kicking It From Here Into Tomorrow! PJ017 Dare da after.png
Raichu PJ018: Destination: Coronation! PJ018 Dare da after.png
Ditto PJ019: A Talent for Imitation! PJ019 Dare da after.png
Farfetch'd PJ020: Dreams Are Made of These! PJ020 Dare da after.png
Chansey PJ021: Caring for a Mystery! PJ021 Dare da after.png
Beautifly PJ022: Goodbye, Friend! PJ022 Dare da after.png
Skwovet PJ023: Panic in the Park! PJ023 Dare da after.png
Meowth PJ024: A Little Rocket R & R! PJ024 Dare da after.png
Binacle PJ025: A Festival Reunion! PJ025 Dare da after.png
Magikarp PJ026: Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown! / Slowking's Crowning! PJ026 Dare da after.png
Duraludon PJ027: Toughing It Out! PJ027 Dare da after.png
Sobble PJ028: Sobbing Sobble! PJ028 Dare da after.png
Pidove PJ029: There's a New Kid in Town! PJ029 Dare da after.png
Mr. Mime PJ030: Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered! PJ030 Dare da after.png
Feebas PJ031: The Cuteness Quotient! PJ031 Dare da after.png
Sunflora PJ032: Time After Time! PJ032 Dare da after.png
Heracross PJ033: Trade, Borrow, and Steal! PJ033 Dare da after.png
Riolu PJ034: Solitary and Menacing! PJ034 Dare da after.png
Pikachu (Female) PJ035: Gotta Catch a What?! PJ035 Dare da after.png
Trapinch PJ036: Making Battles in the Sand! PJ036 Dare da after.png
Alolan Dugtrio PJ037: That New Old Gang of Mine! PJ037 Dare da after.png
Kabutops PJ038: Restore and Renew! PJ038 Dare da after.png
Grapploct PJ039: Octo-Gridlock at the Gym! PJ039 Dare da after.png
Zapdos PJ040: A Crackling Raid Battle! PJ040 Dare da after.png
Marshtomp PJ041: Pikachu Translation Check... PJ041 Dare da after.png
None PJ042: Sword and Shield: Slumbering Weald! None
PJ043: Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!
PJ044: Sword and Shield: From Here to Eternatus!
PJ045: Sword and Shield: The Legends Awaken!
Gyarados PJ046: Getting More Than You Battled For! PJ046 Dare da after.png
Morpeko (Full Belly Mode) PJ047: Crowning the Chow Crusher! PJ047 Dare da after.png
Cinderace PJ048: A Close Call... Practically! PJ048 Dare da after.png
Eevee PJ049: To Train, or Not to Train! PJ049 Dare da after.png
Boldore PJ050: A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That! PJ050 Dare da after.png
Gurdurr PJ051: Trials of a Budding Master! PJ051 Dare da after.png
Dugtrio PJ052: How Are You Gonna Keep 'Em Off of the Farm? PJ052 Dare da after.png
Suicune PJ053: Healing the Healer! PJ053 Dare da after.png
Inteleon PJ054: Sobble Spies A Stealthy Strategy! PJ054 Dare da after.png
Ponyta (Galarian) PJ055: The Tale of You and Glimwood Tangle! PJ055 Dare da after.png
Aegislash PJ056: Searching for Chivalry! PJ056 Dare da after.png
Psyduck PJ057: Memories of A Warming Kindness! PJ057 Dare da after.png
Gulpin PJ058: A Rollicking Roll… / Eyes on the Goal!
Grookey PJ059: When a House is Not a Home! PJ059 WTP after.png
Gallade PJ060: Beyond Chivalry… Aiming to be a Leek Master! PJ060 WTP after.png
Minun PJ061: Searching for Service with a Smile!
Drizzile PJ062: Not Too Close for Comfort!
Vaporeon PJ063: On Land, In the Sea, and to the Future!
Absol PJ064: Absol Absolved!
Emolga PJ065: Thrash of the Titans!
Flabébé (White Flower) PJ066: Under Color of Darkness!
Growlithe PJ067: Sleuths for Truth!
Infernape PJ068: Advice to Goh!
Appletun PJ069: Errand Endurance!
Pidgeotto PJ070: Take My Thief! Please!
PJ071: Leaping Toward the Dream!
Seismitoad PJ072: Everybody's Doing the Underground Shuffle!
Eiscue (Ice Face) PJ073: Grabbing the Brass Ring!
PJ074: Nightfall? Nightmares!
Cresselia PJ074: Nightfall? Nightmares!
Darkrai PJ075: A Midsummer Night's Light!
Kommo-o PJ076: All Out, All of the Time!
None PJ077: Excitement From the Ultra-Shocking Start! None
Kecleon PJ078: Detective Drizzile!
Espeon PJ079: Night and Day, You are the Ones!
None PJ080 None
Dewott PJ081
Alcremie (Strawberry Vanilla Cream) PJ082
Unown PJ083
Lucario PJ084
None PJ085 None
Glaceon PJ087
None PJ088 None
Dialga PJ089
Palkia PJ090
Spiritomb PJ091
Drakloak PJ092
Magnemite PJ093 PJ093 Dare da after.png

Dub differences

  • In the dubbed version, the Pokémon's type isn't displayed.