This Clefairy was a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Whitney, who was often seen out of its Poké Ball.


Ash and co. first met Whitney when Ash's Pikachu bumped into her Clefairy. Whitney and Clefairy showed the heroes around town, which nearly got Clefairy to a hairdresser. It later became a target of Team Rocket and was almost captured, along with Pikachu. However, using its Metronome move, it was able to whip up a strong Gust attack to blow away Team Rocket. Clefairy was used in Ash's Gym Battle against Whitney and was the second Pokémon she used. Luck, however, was not on Clefairy's side after it used Metronome and it came up with a measly Splash attack, and forfeited after getting scared from an intense Flamethrower attack from Ash's Cyndaquil.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Metronome

  • Using Gust
  • Using Splash


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