White Forest is an area exclusive to Pokémon White and Pokémon White 2. Unlike its Black counterpart, Black City, the area focuses on nature and wild Pokémon, although there are a couple of trainers to battle. It's a tranquil woodland filled with ivy, flowers and cobblestones. Pokémon from regions outside of Unova can be found here.


White Forest BW

White Forest in Pokémon Black and White.

The population plays an important part in the growth of the forest, the Pokémon residing within it, and items dropped. In order to expand the forest and get more Pokémon and items, you'll need to use the Entralink to visit another player's Black City or White Forest (depending on which version you're playing) and invite characters over. At maximum population (ten characters), White Forest has lush tall trees, abundant grassland, and gleaming water surfaces. When very few people are around, the grassland is sparse, there are fewer, smaller trees and fewer or no water surfaces. The Mayor's house is here, no matter what the population is. If you visit the Mayor, he'll ask to see a certain Pokémon and hand over a Berry when you show it to him.


The Pokémon available to catch varies depending on which characters are currently in the forest. To catch the Pokémon you want, make sure to invite the right people through the Entralink. All wild Pokémon in the White Forest are at level five.

Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Character How
016 Pidgey Leo Grass
029 Nidoran♀ Jacques Grass
032 Nidoran♂ Ken Grass
043 Oddish Lynette Grass
063 Abra Collin Grass
066 Machop Ryder Grass
069 Bellsprout Piper Grass
081 Magnemite Marie Grass
092 Gastly Dave Grass
111 Rhyhorn Shane Grass
137 Porygon Herman Grass
175 Togepi Miki Grass
179 Mareep Pierce Grass
187 Hoppip Britney Grass
194 Wooper Frederic, Herman, Grace Water
239 Elekid Robbie Grass
240 Magby Vincent Grass
265 Wurmple Silvia Grass
270 Lotad Various Grass, water
273 Seedot Miho Grass
280 Ralts Lena Grass
283 Surskit Various Water
287 Slakoth Karenna Grass
293 Whismur Rosa Grass
298 Azurill Molly Grass
304 Aron Gene Grass
328 Trapinch Eliza Grass
341 Corphish Various Water
371 Bagon Grace Grass
396 Starly Carlos Grass
403 Shinx Doug Grass
406 Budew Frederic Grass
440 Happiny Emi Grass


Characters also have an impact on the dropped items you could find; it's important to note that these items are not guaranteed to be dropped, just that there is a chance of finding them when a certain character is in the forest.

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