Wendy is a member of Team Rocket who only made an appearance in Dues and Don'ts.


Wendy works in the human resources department for Team Rocket, and sees herself as a rival to Jessie because of something that happened years earlier: one day, she and Jessie got two smoothies to drink at the Rocket Café, and Jessie left Wendy to pay for both of them, while promising to pay Wendy back. While Jessie easily forgot this over time, Wendy never did, and still holds a grudge against her. She finally got her revenge by adding the cost of the smoothie to the trio's monthly bill. Unbeknownst to Wendy, however, Jessie didn't pay any attention to it, even remarking she didn't like fruit smoothies, and instead preferred a mocha with whipped cream.

Wendy also keeps in direct contact with Giovanni, whom she strangely refers to as "master".

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