This Manectric is an electric-type Pokémon owned by Wattson.


As Electrike

Before going to New Mauville, Wattson was challenged by some children for a battle. His Electrike and Magnemite easily defeated the children's Pokémon. As they entered New Mauville, Wattson slipped away and sent his Electrike, who showed Sapphire and the Trick Master the generator where Wattson was binded to.[1] Sapphire had Electrike charge at the generator and store the electrical energy, while the Donphan used Rollout and disabled the generator.[2]

As Manectric

Eventually, Wattson's Electrike evolved into a Manectric. Being called to Fortree City for the Gym Leaders' meeting, Wattson rode on Manectric towards that place.[3]

Wattson and Flannery went with Manectric and Magcargo to face Kyogre.[4][5] Manectric used Charge, followed by Thunder Wave, which hit Kyogre. However, Kyogre simply summoned a wave and blew them away.[6] Manectric continued battling Kyogre, while Wattson and Flannery were joined by Winona, who fought against Team Aqua.[7] Amber showed up and faced Wattson. His Pelipper used Stockpile, Swallow and Spit Up, which hit Manectric. Amber swapped Pelipper for Nincada, who continued taking damage from Manectric. Nincada resisted Manectric's Roar, since Amber had no other Pokémon available to him at that moment. Still, Nincada evolved into a Ninjask, and, unknown to Wattson, into a Shedinja as well. Just as Ninjask went to use Double Team, it got slammed to the ground and electrocuted by Manectric's Thunder. However, Manectric fainted as well. However, Amber's Shedinja, who also evolved from Nincada, attacked Wattson and Manectric.[8] Manectric and Wattson fell in the ocean and started drowning.[9] Fortunately, Sapphire's Wailord found both of them and saved them from drowning.[10]

Known moves

  • Using Thunder



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