This Ampharos is an electric-type Pokémon owned by Watt.


Watt sent Ampharos, who used Iron Tail to cut off Team Rocket's net, freeing the heroes' Pokémon, who were captured. Using Thunder Shock, along with Ash's Pikachu's Thunder and Wattson's Electrike's Thunder Wave, Ampharos blasted Team Rocket off. Once Watt requested a battle with May, inside Mauville City's Gym, Watt sent Ampharos against May's Skitty. Skitty managed to damage Ampharos with Tackle and Double Slap. Ampharos retaliated with Thunder Shock and navigated the attack, managing to electrocute Skitty, who was trying to evade the attack, followed up with Iron Tail. Ampharos fired Thunder Shock, but Skitty used Assist, which turned into Quick Attack. This allowed Skitty to avoid the attack and wound Ampharos, as well as to defeat it with Double Slap.

Known moves

  • Using Iron Tail
  • Using Thunder Shock
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