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Type Water

Water-type Pokémon live in and around water, and their powers are directly related to their habitat system. They have a disadvantage against Electric-types (because water conducts electricity) and Grass-types (because grass absorbs water) attacks. They are advantageous against types such as Fire(Because water puts out flames),Rock(Because water degrades rocks) and Ground(Because water turns dirt into mud) . Water is the type with the most Pokémon, with over a hundred Pokémon in that type altogether.

Water type Pokémon have a massive bio-diversity, possibly because they have the largest and most varied habitat e.g. seas, lakes, rivers and ponds. Most water type Pokémon seem to be based on fish, aquatic mammals, and crustaceans.

Abilities of Water Pokémon



Known Water Pokémon Trainers

MistyB2W2 WallaceB2W2sprite JuanB2W2sprite Crasher WakeB2W2 CressBWsprite Siebold Motochika Inahime
Kanto Gym Leader Misty Hoenn Gym Leader/Champion Wallace Hoenn Gym Leader Juan Sinnoh Gym Leader Crasher Wake Unova Gym Leader Cress Kalos Elite Four Siebold Fontaine Warlord Motochika Warlord Servant Ina

Water Pokémon Families

Basic First evolution Second evolution Other type and info
007 Squirtle 008 Wartortle 009009M Blastoise
054 Psyduck 055 Golduck
060 Poliwag 061 Poliwhirl 062 Poliwrath Only Poliwrath is Fighting
186 Politoed
072 Tentacool 073 Tentacruel Poison
079 Slowpoke 080 Slowbro Psychic
199 Slowking Psychic
086 Seel 087 Dewgong Only Dewgong is Ice
090 Shellder 091 Cloyster Only Cloyster is Ice
098 Krabby 099 Kingler
116 Horsea 117 Seadra 230 Kingdra Only Kingdra is Dragon
118 Goldeen 119 Seaking
120 Staryu 121 Starmie Only Starmie is Psychic
129 Magikarp 130130M Gyarados Only Gyarados is Flying
131 Lapras Ice
Template:Not from type 134 Vaporeon Only Vaporeon is Water
138 Omanyte 139 Omastar Rock
140 Kabuto 141 Kabutops Rock
158 Totodile 159 Croconaw 160 Feraligatr
170 Chinchou 171 Lanturn Electric
Template:Not from type 183 Marill 184 Azumarill Normal; Azurill is Normal, not Water
194 Wooper 195 Quagsire Ground
211 Qwilfish Poison
222 Corsola Rock
223 Remoraid 224 Octillery
458 Mantyke 226 Mantine Flying
245 Suicune
258 Mudkip 259 Marshtomp 260 Swampert Only Mudkip isn't Ground
270 Lotad 271 Lombre 272 Ludicolo Grass
278 Wingull 279 Pelipper Flying
283 Surskit Template:Not from type Bug; Only Masquerain is Flying
318 Carvanha 319 Sharpedo Dark
320 Wailmer 321 Wailord
339 Barboach 340 Whiscash Ground
341 Corphish 342 Crawdaunt Only Crawdaunt is Dark
349 Feebas 350 Milotic
351C Castform Rainy Form
363 Spheal 364 Sealeo 365 Walrein Ice
366 Clamperl 367 Huntail
368 Gorebyss
369 Relicanth Rock
370 Luvdisc
382 Kyogre
393 Piplup 394 Prinplup 395 Empoleon Only Empoleon is Steel
Template:Not from type 400 Bibarel Normal; Only Bibarel is Water
418 Buizel 419 Floatzel
422422B Shellos 423423B Gastrodon Only Gastrodon is Ground
456 Finneon 457 Lumineon
479C Rotom Electric; Wash Form
484 Palkia Dragon
489 Phione
490 Manaphy
493 Arceus Splash Plate
501 Oshawott 502 Dewott 503 Samurott
515 Panpour 516 Simipour
535 Tympole 536 Palpitoad 537 Seismitoad Ground; Only Tympole isn't Ground
550550B Basculin
564 Tirtouga 565 Carracosta Rock
580 Ducklett 581 Swanna Flying
592592A Frillish 593593A Jellicent Ghost
594 Alomomola
647647A Keldeo Fighting
File:656 (1).pngFroakie File:657 (1).pngFrogadier File:658 (1).pngGreninja Dark; Only Greninja is part Dark
688Binacle 689Barbaracle Rock
692Clauncher 693Clawitzer
690Skrelp Template:Not from type Poison; Only Skrelp is part Water
Volcanion Fire


Delta Species Water Pokémon

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