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This Feraligatr, nicknamed Wani-Wani, is a Water-type Pokémon owned by Marina. It is her Starter Pokémon.


As Totodile

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As Croconaw

During her battle against Jimmy, Marina sent her Croconaw, Wani-Wani, against his Typhlosion. The latter endured Wani-Wani's Water Gun. As Typhlosion went to retalaite with Quick Attack, a lighting stroke. Looking at the clouds, Jimmy and Marina noted that was no ordinary storm, and called their Pokémon back to postpone the battle.[1]

As Feraligatr

Marina was featured in advertisement for Hearthome City's Contest, in which Trainers had to make a performance with two of her Pokémon. She used her Jigglypuff and Feraligatr to make a dazzling performance.[2]

Known moves