This Kecleon is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Wally.


With Ruby's help, Wally faced a Kecleon, who used its tongue to wrap Ruby's Mudkip. Kecleon tried to flee, but Wally and Ruby found it a moment later. Ruby lent Ralts to Wally, who had her use Confusion on Kecleon. Wally threw a Poké Ball and despite Kecleon using its tongue to negate the Ball, Wally still enjoyed the moment. Kecleon camouflaged itself, but since Wally was able to see its zigzag, he threw the Poké Ball. Kecleon was caught, which made Wally happy he obtained his first Pokémon.[1] Eventually, Wally visited his cousine, Wanda, and showed her Kecleon he caught and Ralts he took care of.[2]

Wally went to Pacifidlog Town with Pops. Just as they had to evacuate, Pops nearly fell down a tower, though Wally's Kecleon extended its tongue and pull him away, thus saving him. Just as they were sailing off, they found a bag containing Treecko and a Pokédex. Wally's Cacturne binded the bag to a rock, allowing Kecleon to stretch its tongue to take Treecko and the device to Wally.[3] Norman appeared and decided to grant Wally's wish, to train him. Wally looked at his Pokémon, who were also for the special training. Inside the Sky Pillar, Wally's Kecleon battled a wild Claydol.[4] On the top of the Sky Pillar, Kecleon and Flygon were sent out to battle Norman's Slaking and Spinda. Kecleon used Astonish, which hit Spinda. However, Slaking froze Kecleon and Flygon with Blizzard, while Spinda confused them with Teeter Dance.[5]

Known moves

  • Using Astonish


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