Pallet Town

Shades of your journey await!
Map of Pallet Town

Pallet Town.

After the introduction, you will start in Pallet Town in your home. Pallet Town counts only 3 houses. On the right side: Your Rival's house and Professor Oak's lab and on the left side: Your home. Pallet Town counts 10 peoples in total including you and your rival.

  • The D-Pad will move the character around the game. They are very useful and most needed in the game. In can also move your cursor around in the menus.
  • The A button is more to do things such as: talking to peoples in different town's, caves or routes or grabbing an item or selecting a item in your menu.
  • The B button is more of canceling a subject. You can talk with B when you hit it with the A button to start the conversation but afterwards it cancels you to talk with the person when the conversation is finished.
  • The Start button opens the game menu which the sections of:
    • Pokédex — It is a major device in each Pokémon games. It can registered the Pokémon that you've seen or caught in battles. Unfortunately, if you've seen a Pokémon, the data about the whole Pokémon isn't known, only his image appearance and where is mostly seen.
    • Pokémon — Is a section where you can see your Pokémon that you have captures. You can check their stats and attack etc.
    • Item — Is a section where you can see which Items you've bought, found or has been given to you. Also you can see which TM's and HM's you've got obtained which can be given to your Pokémon.
    • (Your name) — It is a trainer pass + It shows how many badges you have and how much you must gonna get.
    • Save — It saves your game where you are currently. If you don't save the game and you are going over your limit to charge the battery or replace them in your game system, the data will be lost and will take you back to the last time that you've saved in the game.
    • Option — It can choose you on various options in the game, such as "Speed Text", "Battle Animation", and "Battle Style".
    • Exit — It will make you close the menu.

If you go outside to Professor Oak's lab, you will see your rival telling that Professor Oak isn't here. When you are talking with people around town they will tell things that are needed to know if you're just a starter. When you start walking to Route 1 (north of Pallet Town), then Professor Oak suddenly comes to you telling that it is dangerous to walk on those grass because wild Pokémon are living there and that you must need one for your own protection. Professor Oak then takes you to his lab which makes you choose first for your own Pokémon to begin with, do remember that you cannot choose wisely because your Rival will pick up a Pokémon much stronger then you:

RB 004 front RB 007 front RB 001 front
Level. 5
Level. 5
Level. 5
Fire Water Grass/Poison

You can choose three starter Pokémon which has been on the upper part of this text. The three starter Pokemon contains:

  • Bulbasaur is a grass and poison type Pokémon. If you pick up this Pokémon then you should have no worries on your traveling at the start of the game because Bulbasaur can defeat the first two gym leaders, Rock and Water, with no problem because of the type advantage. It may have some trouble later in the game, but you should have caught some Pokemon by then.
  • Charmander is the worst possible Pokémon you can choose. It will have major troubles by the second badge which maybe you can succeed the first badge with luck. Anyways only on the later part the Pokémon becomes useful in Gym battles which can defeat the Celadon Gym leader Erika with ease.
  • Squirtle is also a good choice. This Pokémon can already defeat the first gym leader and can surpass the second with ease if you train him well. Trouble is that he might get some issues with the Vermilion Gym leader Lt. Surge by his use of electric type Pokémon, also the same for the Celadon Gym leader Erika who uses grass type Pokémon.
File:Battle with your Rival.PNG

After you've picked up your own Pokémon and you're about to leave, you're rival want to challenge you with his starter Pokémon. It will become your first Pokémon battle in the Pokémon game. A Pokémon Battle is also done through sections, which contains these:

  • Fight — If you choose this section then you will see four moves, depends on how many moves your Pokémon have learned. Maximum a Pokémon can only choose up to 4 moves, if he learns a new one, then you may ask if there must be a move a Pokémon have learned to be gone to make room for the new one.
  • Pokémon — This section can bring you to your Pokémon that you've caught during your travels. You can switch a Pokémon during a Pokémon Battle.
  • Item — This section can make you use different kinds of Items, only healing items and capturing items. You must throw a Poké Ball or any capturing ball to a Pokémon from a Pokémon Trainer.
  • Run — This will make you fled immediately from battle, depends on your Pokémon level compared to the wil Pokémon which they then are blocking your way to escape. Do note that it not helps in Trainer battles.

Your Rival
Poke-dollar 175
RB 004 front
Level. 5

Your Rival
Poke-dollar 175
RB 007 front
Level. 5
Tail Whip

Your Rival
Poke-dollar 175
RB 001 front
Level. 5

After that your rival has been gone, you can make your way to adventure if you go to Viridian City. To get there you must walk on the same route where Professor Oak stopped you to walk, and that is Route 1.

Wild Pokémon

Pallet Town is a town that can make you connected with Cinnabar Island when your Pokémon learn the HM surf. If you have some Rods you can also fish for wild Pokémon.

Old Rod

Min Level Max Level
5 5

Good Rod

060 118
Poliwag Goldeen
Min Level Min Level Max Level Max Level
10 10 10 10
Water Water

Super Rod

060 072
Poliwag Tentacool
Min Level Min Level Max Level Max Level
15 15 15 15
Water Water/Poison

Route 1

Map of Roue 1

Map of Route 1.

When you are in Route 1, talk to the first person you see on your way to Viridian City. He will tell you that he works at a Poké Mart and will give you a free Potion. Evenly that you are making your way to Viridian City, you can already train your Pokémon to make him much more stronger for future battles.

Note: If you run out of Potions, then you can go to your mom in Pallet Town which heals your Pokémon when you talk to her.

Wild Pokémon

Route 1 has a lot of grass which cannot be avoided when you're coming from Pallet Town, only if you come back from Pallet Town except for the last piece. It is also avoidable if you got any repels, which only happens later in the game.

016 019
Pidgey Rattata
Min Level Min Level Max Level Max Level
2 5 2 4
Normal/Flying Normal

Viridian City

The Eternally Green Paradise

You've reached Viridian City, a place where you should be in fact to pick something up for Professor Oak. If you're Starter Pokémon is weak of the training that you gave it at Route 1, then you have to heal them at the local Pokémon Center. A Pokémon Center has been located where you entering Viridian City. Once you get inside of the Pokémon Center, you must talk with a Nurce behind the desk. She greets you for coming to the Pokémon Center and tells you who they are and that they can heal your Pokémon back to perfect health. You can choose one of the two options: HEAL and CANCEL. If you really need your Pokémon to get healed, then you should click on HEAL, but if you're not and thinks that your Pokémon can go a lot longer then you choose CANCEL.

If you go outside the Pokémon Center on the left side and then up, you will see a Pokémon School, which teaches students that wants to become a Pokémon Trainer, certain things about Pokémon and mostly Pokémon Battles. On the blackboard there are 5 important things a trainer needs to know and it goes about the status of a Pokémon:

  • SLP (Sleep) – The Pokémon cannot attack when he is asleep by a Pokémon uses techniques such as: Hypnosis, Sleep Powder or Yawn. The Pokémon will stay asleep evenly after Pokémon Battles if you mostly switch him. The best way to cure a Pokémon who has been fallen asleep is to give him Awakening which make him awake.
  • PSN (Poison) – The Pokémon Health Points will drops steadily after he got infected by a Pokémon who uses Poison Powder or attacks which makes the Pokémon poisoned. The effect of the poison will continue evenly after the battle and evenly you have defeated the trainer. To heal your Pokémon from poison, you can give him Antidote.
  • PAR (Paralyzed) – It prevents the Pokémon from moving during most of the turns. It is mostly used by electric type Pokémon or some grass type Pokémon throughout the technique: Stun Spore. The Pokémon evenly also get paralyzed after the Pokémon Battle. To cure that, you must use Paralyz Heal.
  • BRN (Burned) – If a Pokémon gets burned, it can cause ongoing damage. Also if your Pokémon got burned, it reduces the power and speed of a Pokémon. It also continues after Pokémon Battles. To heal the Pokémon if they are burned, you can use Burn Heal.
  • FRZ (Freeze) – If a Pokémon got freezed by a Ice attack from a Water Pokémon, it is completely immobile to attack and evenly will stay like that after the battle. To unfreeze your Pokémon, you must use Ice Heal.

Note that there is a gym in this town, but it can't be entered at this time.

Back to Pallet Town

When you get to Viridian City the first thing you should do is head to the pokemart. once you're there you will be greeted by the shopkeep and will give you a parcel to give to Prof. Oak. then you head back down to Route One and towards Pallet Town. Getting there should be really easy because you can jump off ledges and get to Pallet Town without battling pokemon. Once you're there, go to the lab and talk to Prof. Oak and you will be thanked for giving him the parcel. After that your rival comes in and Oak gives you and your rival the Pokedex . Oak says that it was his dream to complete the Pokedex, but he is too old to do so. so it is up to you and your rival to complete it. your rival storms off and that leads you to go to Viridian City again.

Also, it's a good idea to go to your rival's house and talk to his sister so that she can give you the TOWN MAP.

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