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This walkthrough will guide you from the beginning of your adventure to the end - the Pokémon League. There will be also bonus maps, such as the Battle Tower. This walkthrough does not include the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl's information (including Pokémon Appearances, Trainers), but this walkthrough have some use to this version.

Detailed Walkthrough


Welcome to Pokémon Platinum Walkthrough! This walkthrough will guide you to the rest of your journey!

Platinum - Intro 1.png

You will meet Prof. Rowan at the intro. He can explain for you about the Controls and Adventure info. Click the third options if you do not need any information.

Platinum - Intro 2.png

He will explain about the world of Pokémon. Then he will tell you to press the button on the Poké Ball on the touch screen of your DS. Press it, and a Buneary will come out. Then he will further explain about the Pokémon world. Then, you have to choose a gender - Male or Female. Then, name your character. For reference, I will call my character Lucas.

Platinum - Intro 3.png

After that, you will have to name your friend, which is also your rival. I shall call him 'Barry', since his name is 'Barry' in the Anime.

Platinum - Intro 4.png

After that, you will shrink until you are at home. Your journey starts now!