This walkthrough will guide you from the beginning of your adventure to the end - the Pokémon League. There will also be bonus maps, such as the Battle Tower. This walkthrough does not include Pokémon Platinum's information (including Pokémon Appearances, Trainers), but this walkthrough has some use to this version.

Detailed Walkthrough

This walkthrough has more details with pictures, tips and how to get certain items.

Quick Walkthrough

This walkthrough just briefly state what you need to do until you reach the Elite Four.

  1. Twinleaf Town - Head downstairs to talk to your Mom.
  2. Twinleaf Town - Head to your friend's house.
  3. Twinleaf Town - Meet your friend near Route 201.
  4. Route 201 - Walk to Lake Verity.
  5. Lake Verity - Open briefcase and choose a starter to fight wild Starly.
  6. Verity Lakefront - Meet Prof. Rowan and Lucas/Dawn (Depends on what gender you chose)
  7. Twinleaf Town - Talk to Mom and get Running Shoes.
  8. Route 201Sandgem Town - Meet Prof. Rowan at lab, and tour around.
  9. Route 201Twinleaf Town - Inform Mom and take the Parcel for your friend.
  10. Route 202 - Prof. Rowan's kid show you how to catch Pokémon.
  11. Jubilife City - Find your friend at Pokémon Trainer School.
  12. Jubilife City - Talk to President of Pokétch Company, find the clowns, then return to get Pokétch.
  13. Route 203 - Rival Battle #1
  14. Oreburgh Gate - Get HM06 Rock Smash.
  15. Oreburgh CityOreburgh Mine - Meet Roark.
  16. Oreburgh City - Defeat Gym Leader Roark.
  17. Oreburgh GateRoute 203Jubilife City - Fight Team Galactic.
  18. Route 204Ravaged PathRoute 204Floaroma TownRoute 205Valley Windworks - Battle Team Galactic by the door.
  19. Route 205Floaroma TownFloaroma Meadow - Fight 2 Galactic grunts.
  20. Floaroma TownRoute 205Valley Windworks - Open the door, fight Galactic grunts, and battle Mars.
  21. Route 205Eterna Forest - Partner with Cheryl, escort her out of the forest.
  22. Route 205Eterna City - Battle Gym Leader Gardenia.
  23. Eterna City - Meet Cynthia and get HM01 Cut.
  24. Eterna City - Enter Eterna Galactic building and battle Galactics and save a man.
  25. Eterna City - Meet the man in the bicycle shop, get Bicycle.
  26. Eterna City - Get Explorer Kit in the house next to the Pokémon Center.
  27. Route 206Route 207 - Get Dowsing Machine app and VS Seeker from Dawn/Lucas.
  28. Route 207Mt. Coronet - Meet Cyrus for the first time.
  29. Route 208Hearthome City - Meet Keira, contest judge.
  30. Hearthome City - Go Contest Hall, meet Fantina, meet Mum, receive Tuxedo/Dress and accessory.
  31. Hearthome City - Rival Battle #2
  32. Route 209 - Head to the top floor of Lost Tower to get HM04 Strength.
  33. Solaceon TownRoute 210Route 215Veilstone City - Battle Gym Leader Maylene.
  34. Veilstone City - Help Dawn/Lucas retrieve their Pokédex from Team Galactic at warehouse. Take HM02 Fly in the warehouse.
  35. Route 214Valor LakefrontRoute 213Pastoria City - Battle Gym Leader Crasher Wake.
  36. Great Marsh - Get HM05 Defog from a man near the entrance.
  37. Pastoria City - Talk to the Galactic Grunt, and keep chasing him until your rival bumps into you.
  38. Pastoria City - Rival Battle #3.
  39. Route 213Valor Lakefront - Chase Team Galactic until he engage you into a battle.
  40. Valor Lakefront - Meet Cynthia and get SecretPotion.
  41. Solaceon Town (Fly) → Route 210 - Use the SecretPotion on Psyduck.
  42. Route 210Celestic Town - Battle Galactic and get HM03 Surf from the old woman.
  43. Celestic TownHearthome City (Fly) - Battle Gym Leader Fantina.
  44. Hearthome CityJubilife City (Fly) → Route 218Canalave City - Rival Battle #4
  45. Canalave City - Battle with Gym Leader Byron.
  46. Canalave City - Meet Prof. Rowan at Canalave Library.
  47. Veilstone City (Fly) → Route 214Valor LakefrontLake Valor - Battle Galactics and Saturn.
  48. Twinleaf Town (Fly) → Verity LakefrontLake Verity - Battle Galactic and Commander Mars
  49. Celestic Town (Fly) → Route 211Mt. Coronet (Use Strength and head north) → Route 216Route 217 - Find HM08 Rock Climb in the snow near a house.
  50. Acuity LakefrontSnowpoint City - Battle Gym Leader Candice.
  51. Acuity LakefrontLake Acuity - Head there and watch the scene.
  52. Veilstone City (Fly) - Talk to the Galactic grunt near the large building, and take the Storage Key he dropped.
  53. Veilstone City - Head to the warehouse and open the gate with the Storage Key.
  54. Veilstone City - Locate the Galactic Key inside and leave the place when you retrieve it.
  55. Veilstone City - Head to the main Galactic building and use the key to unlock the shutter.
  56. Veilstone City - Fight Cyrus and Saturn, then free Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie and leave.
  57. Oreburgh City (Fly) → Route 207Mt. Coronet - Battle many Grunts and head deeper.
  58. Mt. CoronetSpear Pillar - Battle Mars and Jupiter with your rival (Tag).
  59. Spear Pillar - Battle Cyrus.
  60. Spear Pillar - Battle or catch Dialga (Diamond) or Palkia (Pearl).
  61. Spear PillarMt. Coronet - Leave Mt. Coronet.
  62. Veilstone City (Fly) → Route 214Valor LakefrontRoute 222Sunyshore City - Find Volkner in the lighthouse.
  63. Sunyshore City - Battle Gym Leader Volkner.
  64. Sunyshore City - Head north and get HM07 Waterfall from Jasmine.
  65. Route 223Victory RoadPokémon League - Rival Battle #5.
  66. Pokémon League - Battle Elite Four and Cynthia.
  67. Pokémon League - Credits Role, Hall of Fame.
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