Walker is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


Crystal arc

Walker encountered Chuck when he was battling against Suicune and he thanked Chuck for distracted Suicune, so he could get away with his Skarmory. Chuck was concerned about him when he saw his jacket on the ground and thought he was dead but Walker blamed Suicune for it. Walker and Chuck then teamed up to capture Suicune but Chuck was blown away with his Poliwrath by Suicune's Gust attack. Walker mentioned that Suicune is able to use water and flying-type moves and that they should be more careful. Walker then ordered his Skarmory to use Swift and damaged Suicune. He then tried to catch Suicune, but failed, as the Poké Ball bounced off. Suicune escaped and Chuck mentioned that they have lost the battle. Both Walker and Chuck sat down and had a small chat with each other.


On hand

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