For the other variants of Raichu belonging to Volkner, see Volkner's Raichu.

This Raichu is a electric-type Pokémon owned by Volkner.


Raichu and Elekid were sent by Volkner in Sunyshore City's Gym, to battle the power plant worker. Since the latter wasn't a Gym challenger, Volkner became disappointed, but after receiving a call, he went with his two Pokémon to find a new challenger.[1] Hearing that he was there to train Maylene and Candice, Volkner sent Raichu to use Discharge. He lost interest in their training, but Platinum inspired him to have a battle, to show how strong the enemy was. After his Elekid was defeated, Volkner sent Raichu, while Platinum sent Empoleon. To show how Jupiter got the advantage with her defenses, Empoleon used Blizzard to freeze Raichu, who protected itself with Light Screen. Next, Raichu used Thunderbolt, which electrocuted Empoleon.[2] Platinum defeated Raichu and the rest of Volkner's Pokémon, thus earning the Beacon Badge.[3]

Volkner ignored the call of the Gym Leaders to fight Team Galactic at the Spear Pillar. He walked away with Raichu and Elekid, but stopped when he saw space being warped.[4] Volkner observed the hole with Raichu and Elekid, and noted it was a very strong enemy he could battle, which overjoyed him. It was why he wanted to team up with Volkner to investigate more.[5]

Known moves

  • Using Discharge
  • Using Light Screen
  • Using Thunderbolt

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