This Persian is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Vivica.


Vivica's Persian battled against Tyson's Meowth in the preliminaries of the Ever Grande Conference. Before the battle started, Meowth showed much dislike to Persian and almost ran up to it even before the referee had announced the start of the battle. Meowth used Slash, but Persian dodged it and used Fury Swipes, landing a direct hit on Meowth. Meowth then used Double Team, confusing Persian. However, Persian used Water Pulse, hitting Meowth. Persian then used Shadow Ball, landing a hit on Meowth, knocking it right into the wall. Meowth rebounded with Iron Tail, scoring a hit on Persian, which then quickly used Dig. However, Meowth followed up with a Thunderbolt, hitting Persian even while it was underground. Persian fainted when it was hit, giving Tyson the win. Suddenly, after Persian had fainted, Meowth tried to hurt it even more, but it was stopped by Tyson.

Known moves

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