This Flareon is a Fire-type Pokémon owned by Virgil.


After the heroes came to Virgil's house, Virgil sent his Pokémon, including Flareon, who was a part of his team. Once Virgil and the heroes arrived at the dam, Virgil had Flareon use Flamethrower to melt the ice on a door, which led to the generator room. Once Virgil was attacked by Cryogonal, he sent Flareon, who, after being powered up by Eevee's Helping Hand, launched Flamethrower to burn Cryogonal. After the Cryogonal dispersed, Flareon used Flamethrower to melt the ice at the dam.[1]

Flareon was also used off-screen in the battle against Russet. During his battle against Cameron, Virgil swapped his Espeon with Flareon. Cameron's Lucario attacked with Force Palm, but Flareon used Double Team and evaded the attack, then retaliated with Flamethrower. Lucario tried to use Aura Sphere, but Flareon's Fire Blast defeated it. Flareon was also used off-screen in the final fight at the Unova League. [2]

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