This Eevee is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Virgil.


While Virgil's other Eevee evolved into each of the seven different forms of Eevee, she was actually a little bit more spoiled than the others and was behind in training. While the other members of the squad rest in Poké Balls, Eevee spends more of her time on Virgil's shoulder and not in a Poké Ball, and she did not want to evolve, either. During the rescue mission, Virgil's Eevee powered Flareon's Flamethrower with Helping Hand, and used Protect to deflect Cryogonal's attacks. In the middle of the battle, Eevee dug a tunnel for Davy to escape, who freed a Cryogonal, who was stuck between pipes at the dam. Virgil was glad and thanked Eevee for her work.[1]

Davy took Virgil and Eevee to Vertress City with a helicopter, where the Unova League was held.[2] After Virgil had battled in the second round of the Unova League, he and Eevee met up with Bianca. Bianca did not know what to do with the Casteliacone and gave one to Eevee, who really liked the ice cream.[3] Virgil and Eevee watched the following battles before their battle for the Top 8.[4] While watching Ash battling Cameron, Virgil and Eevee feared if Ash were to lose, they'd had to face against Cameron's Hydreigon.[5] Eevee also battled against Russet and Cameron, but off-screen. She was also seen battling Dino's Druddigon in the final round of the Unova League. Eevee dodged Dragon Rage with Dig, hit Druddigon with Iron Tail, and finished the Final Round with her Trump Card, making Virgil the Champion of the Unova League.[6]

Virgil and Eevee were seen in Best Wishes! ending theme. Virgil continued to travel with Eevee by his side.

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