Villain Groups are led by the main antagonist of a following game other than your rival and going after a Legendary Pokémon.

List of Villain Groups and their Leaders

  • Team Rocket (Leader: Giovanni) - Their goal is world domination with an army of Pokémon including Legendary Pokémon. they operate on the continent composed of Kanto and Johto, and they have a base in Sevii Islands. The legendary Pokémon they created is Mewtwo.
  • Team Aqua (Leader: Archie) - Their goal is to cover the earth with water to create more life. They operate in Hoenn. The legendary Pokémon they are after is Kyogre.
  • Team Magma (Leader: Maxie) - Their goal is to expand the continents to create more land for life to dwell on. They operate in Hoenn. The legendary Pokémon they are after is Groudon.
  • Team Galactic (Leader: Cyrus) - The goal of the leaders is to re-create the universe in Cyrus's image. They operate in Sinnoh. The legendary Pokémon they are after are Lake Guardians & Creation Trio
  • Team Plasma (Leader: Ghetsis) - Their goal is to stop people from "enslaving" Pokémon, and incorporate Pokémon justice in the world, though this is merely a cover so they can use the power of the Tao Trio to the become the only owners of Pokémon in the world. They operate in the Unova region.
  • Team Flare (Leader: Lysandre) - Their goal is to create a beautiful world, which involved making money, stealing Mega Stones, and using the Ultimate Weapon powered by Aura Trio to eliminate anyone in their path. Their operation is in the Kalos region.
  • Team Rainbow Rocket is led by Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket. With his new Team Rainbow Rocket Grunts, he traveled through different worlds gathering all of the leaders of evil organizations from worlds where they succeeded in their goals:Take control over Festival Plaza & Take over different worlds using an army of Ultra Beasts.
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