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Victor is a new Pokémon Trainer and the male protagonist in Pokémon Sword and Shield. He is one of the two main protagonists of the game, alongside with the female Trainer, Gloria.


Concept artwork of Victor and Gloria.

Victor is a short young boy with fair skin, short brown hair, and similar shades of brown eyes. He wears a gray beanie, a red T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and blue jeans with a tartan green pattern for the pockets, along with brown running shoes. He also carries around a huge brown suitcase on his back to store his items. He has a checkered pattern on his pockets of his jeans.

During official matches, Victor wears a standard numbered Gym Challenger uniform. The initial one is a white striped collared shirt, which bears many logos. He also wears long white socks, as well as white shoes with red outlines, and striped shorts with logos. On his right arm, he wears a thumbless glove next to his Dynamax Band.

Victor's appearance can be customized during the game.


Victor's personality is largely unknown as he is a silent protagonist. Like most residents of the Galar region, he seems to be a competitive person and big fan of the Pokémon League. However, he also doesn't show any ill will towards his enemies, as he had no trouble working with Team Yell during his visit to Wyndon, despite their multiple attempts to boycott his Gym Challenge, previously. Victor has a friendly rivalry with his childhood friend and neighbor, Hop. Victor has a habit of frequently adjusting his hair when he is under pressure, or before walking into the Stadium Fields. While seen as a shy guy, in the face of battle, he can prove to be a worthy competitor, who can't be looked down at.


Victor begins his adventure in the small farming town of Postwick. From there, Victor acquires a Starter Pokémon, battles Hop and the troublemaking Team Yell, gets through many adventures, conquers the Gym Challenge, defeats Leon, and eventually stops Chairman Rose from unleashing another reign of the Darkest Day.

Other appearances


  • In the Pre-release media from E3 2019, he is referred to as Victor, Tom and "Sword".
  • His name represents "Victory", while his counterpart, Gloria, means "Glory"