The Vertress Conference is the championship competition in the Unova League, which is held in Vertress City.

Opening ceremonies

This League starts when Freddy O'Martian makes an entrance by coming in by helicopter and Officer Jenny lights up the Pokémon League torch to start the conference.



The scoreboard for the single matches.

Preliminary round

All participating Trainers battle in single matches. Only 64 Trainers move on to the Qualifying round.

Qualifying rounds

All 64 remaining Trainers battle in three on three matches. Losing Trainers are out of the tournament when all three of their Pokémon are unable to battle and the winning Trainer moves on to the final round.

Final rounds

The final round are full six on six battles which the 8 remaining Trainers participate in. Losing Trainers are out of the conferences and the winning Trainers moves on. After winning all the rounds the Trainer is declared the winner of the League.

Trainers who competed in the Vertress Conference

Unova League Trophy

Virgil, the winner, with the Unova League Championship Trophy.


  • This is the only Pokémon League Conference where:
    • Ash regresses in his placement through the anime, placing in the Top 8 after having previously placed in the Top 4.
    • The Team Rocket trio is not featured, due to them having returned to Kanto at the time of the Conference.
  • This is the shortest Pokémon League Conference to date, lasting only six episodes.
  • This is the first League Conference in which Charles Goodshow does not appear.
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