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A version mascot is a Pokémon that appears on the boxart of a Pokémon video game. In games after Pokémon Red and Blue Version, version mascots usually play a featured role in their respective game.

List of version mascots

Main series

Generation I

Red Blue Green Yellow
Pokemon Red.jpg Pokemon Blue.jpg GreenBox(J).jpg Pokemon Yellow.jpg
Charizard Blastoise Venusaur Pikachu

Generation II

Gold Silver Crystal
Pokemon gold.jpg Pokemon silver.jpg Pokemon crystal.png
Ho-Oh Lugia Suicune

Generation III

Ruby Sapphire FireRed LeafGreen Emerald
Ruby boxart.jpg Sapphire boxart.jpg FireRed boxart.jpg LeafGreen boxart.jpg Pokémon Emerald boxart EN-US.jpg
Groudon Kyogre Charizard Venusaur Rayquaza

Generation IV

Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver
DiamondUS.jpg PearlUS.jpg PokPlatinumBoxArt.jpg HeartGoldUS.jpg SoulSilverUS.jpg
Dialga Palkia Origin Forme Giratina Ho-Oh Lugia

Generation V

Black White Black 2 White 2
Black boxart.png White boxart.png Black 2 English Boxart.png White 2 English Boxart.png
Reshiram Zekrom Black Kyurem White Kyurem

Generation VI

X Y Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon X Version Boxart.png Pokemon Y Version Boxart.png OmegaRuby-EN.png AlphaSapphire-EN.png
Xerneas Yveltal Primal Groudon Primal Kyogre

Generation VII

Sun Moon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Let's Go, Pikachu! Let's Go, Eevee!
Sun English Boxart.png Moon English Boxart.png Ultra Sun boxart.jpg UM.jpg Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu.png Pokémon Let's Go Eevee Box Art.png
Solgaleo Lunala Dusk Mane Necrozma Dawn Wings Necrozma Partner Pikachu Partner Eevee
  • If the boxes of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are placed side by side, a silhouette resembling Ultra Necrozma can be seen.

Generation VIII

Sword Shield The Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl
Pokémon Sword Boxart.png Pokémon Shield Boxart.png Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Boxart.png Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Boxart.png Pokémon Shining Pearl Boxart.png
Zacian Zamazenta Urshifu and Calyrex Dialga Palkia

Side Games

Stadium Stadium 2 Colosseum XD: Gale of Darkness
Pokémon Stadium Cover.jpg Pokémon Stadium 2 Cover.jpg Pokemon Colosseum.png Pokémon XD.jpg
Charizard and Blastoise (Venusaur and Pikachu also on cover in Japanese) Ho-Oh and Lugia Groudon, Kyogre, Entei, Suicune and Raikou Shadow Lugia


  • Lugia holds the record for most boxart appearances (including its Shadow form).