Venus is a Cipher Admin in Pokémon Colosseum.


Venus is a tall woman that wears a large, pink dress adorned with crystals. She carries a crescent moon on her back and wears layers of pink silk.


Venus is very self-centered and thinks highly of herself. This was explained when she took over The Under and broadcasted herself throughout the area.


Venus controlled The Under and gave out Shadow Pokémon as prizes to people who won at the the Under Colosseum. When Wes and Rui first come to town, Venus makes a T.V. appearance saying that there are spies in The Under and tells everyone to catch them. Wes and Rui soon discover that she works for Cipher and invade her T.V. studio using the R-disk on the UFO and go to the T.V studio to battle her, capturing her Shadow Suicune and defeating her on live T.V. Venus then escapes to the Shadow Pokémon Lab and the player doesn't see her again until he/she go to the Realgam Tower and the Deep Colosseum.


It should be noted in battle that Venus likes to use Attract to her advantage.

The Under

Realgam Tower

Note: If Wes hasn't snagged Venus' Suicune from earlier, Venus will have it during this battle.

Deep Colosseum

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