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Venom Drench
Venom Drench VII.png
Venom Trap
Generation: VI
Battle Data
Type: Type Poison.gif
Category Status
Power: 0
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20, max: ?
Affects: Selected target
Secondary Effect:
Priority: 0
Contact: No
Affected by
Magic Coat: Yes
Magic Bounce: Yes
Bright Powder: No
Protect/Detect: Yes
Snatch: No
Mirror Move: No
King's Rock: No
Contest Data
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Type: Clever

Venom Drench (ベノムトラップ, Venom Trap) is a Poison-type move introduced in Generation VI.


Venom Drench lowers the targeted Pokémon's Attack, Special Attack and Speed. This move only works if the opponent is poisoned.


Games Description
Opposing Pokémon are drenched in an odd poisonous liquid. This lowers the Attack, Sp. Atk, and Speed stats of a poisoned target.


By leveling up

Pokémon Type Egg groups Level
089.png Muk poison Amorphous 38ORAS 1, Evo.
089A.png Muk poison/dark Amorphous 1, Evo.
168.png Ariados bug/poison Bug 1 1
317.png Swalot poison Amorphous 1
336.png Seviper poison Field/Dragon 28XY
407.png Roserade grass/poison Fairy/Grass 1 1 1
434.png Stunky poison/dark Field 37 42
435.png Skuntank poison/dark Field 37 48
543.png Venipede bug/poison Bug 38USUM 40
544.png Whirlipede bug/poison Bug 43 43 50
545.png Scolipede bug/poison Bug 47 47 58
747.png Mareanie poison/water Water 1 41 40
748.png Toxapex poison/water Water 1 44 42
757.png Salandit poison/fire Monster/Dragon 45 45
758.png Salazzle poison/fire Monster/Dragon 51 51
793.png Nihilego rock/poison Undiscovered 53 45
803.png Poipole poison Undiscovered 23USUM 35
804.png Naganadel poison/dragon Undiscovered 23USUM 35
849A.png Toxtricity electric/poison Human-Like 20
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


Pokémon Type Egg groups Machine
029.png Nidoran♀ poison Monster/Field TR91
030.png Nidorina poison Undiscovered TR91
031.png Nidoqueen poison/ground Undiscovered TR91
032.png Nidoran♂ poison Monster/Field TR91
033.png Nidorino poison Monster/Field TR91
034.png Nidoking poison/ground Monster/Field TR91
041.png Zubat poison/flying Flying TR91
042.png Golbat poison/flying Flying TR91
073.png Tentacruel water/poison Water 3 TR91
109.png Koffing poison Amorphous TR91
110.png Weezing poison Amorphous TR91
110A.png Weezing poison/fairy Amorphous TR91
151.png Mew psychic Undiscovered TR91
169.png Crobat poison/flying Flying TR91
199A.png Slowking poison/psychic Monster/Water 1 TR91
211.png Qwilfish water/poison Water 2 TR91
407.png Roserade grass/poison Fairy/Grass TR91
434.png Stunky poison/dark Field TR91
435.png Skuntank poison/dark Field TR91
452.png Drapion poison/dark Bug/Water 3 TR91
453.png Croagunk poison/fighting Human-Like TR91
454.png Toxicroak poison/fighting Human-Like TR91
527.png Woobat psychic/flying Field/Flying TR91
528.png Swoobat psychic/flying Field/Flying TR91
535.png Tympole water Water 1 TR91
536.png Palpitoad water/ground Water 1 TR91
537.png Seismitoad water/ground Water 1 TR91
543.png Venipede bug/poison Bug TR91
544.png Whirlipede bug/poison Bug TR91
545.png Scolipede bug/poison Bug TR91
568.png Trubbish poison Mineral TR91
569.png Garbodor poison Mineral TR91
617.png Accelgor bug Bug TR91
690.png Skrelp poison/water Water 1/Dragon TR91
691.png Dragalge poison/dragon Water 1/Dragon TR91
708.png Phantump ghost/grass Grass/Amorphous TR91
709.png Trevenant ghost/grass Grass/Amorphous TR91
747.png Mareanie poison/water Water 1 TR91
748.png Toxapex poison/water Water 1 TR91
757.png Salandit poison/fire Monster/Dragon TR91
758.png Salazzle poison/fire Monster/Dragon TR91
771.png Pyukumuku water Water 1 TR91
793.png Nihilego rock/poison Undiscovered TR91
803.png Poipole poison Undiscovered TR91
804.png Naganadel poison/dragon Undiscovered TR91
849A.png Toxtricity electric/poison Human-Like TR91
871.png Pincurchin electric Water 1/Amorphous TR91
890.png Eternatus poison/dragon Undiscovered TR91
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

By breeding