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Veilstone City Department Store.

The Veilstone Department Store is located at the heart of Veilstone City. It is one of the main attractions of the city together with the game corner, Team Galactic's HQ, and the Galactic Warehouse. Like the other Department Stores from other regions, it sells a wide variety of items for the trainers' convenience. Below is a complete list of items that the Veilstone City Department Store offers:

Department Store Items


Dept. Store 1F.

Counter One Counter Two
Item Price Item Price
PokéBall 200 Potion 300
Great Ball 600 Super Potion 700
Ultra Ball 1200 Hyper Potion 1200
Escape Rope 550 Max Potion 2500
Pokedoll 100 Revive 1500
Repel 350 Antidote 100
Super Repel 500 Paralyz Heal 200
Max Repel 700 Awakening 250
Grass Mail 50 Burn Heal 250
Flame Mail 50 Ice Heal 250
Bubble Mail 50 Full Heal 600
Space Mail 50


Dept. Store 2F.

Counter One Counter Two
Item Price Item Price
Protein 9800 X Speed 350
Iron 9800 X Attack 500
Calcium 9800 X Defend 550
Zinc 9800 Guard Spec. 700
Carbos 9800 Dire Hit 650
HP Up 9800 X Accuracy 950
X Special 350
X Sp. Def 350