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Veilstone City is located in eastern part of Sinnoh region. Trainers who beat the city's Gym (a Fighting-type Gym) are awarded the Cobble Badge. Also located in Veilstone City is the Game Corner and the Veilstone Department Store.

This quaint city also includes a Pokémon Center, Team Galactic's HQ, the Galactic Warehouse, Meteorites that will change the form of Deoxys, and the Prize Exchange. The prizes include Silk Scarf, Wide Lens, Zoom Lens, Metronome, and the TM68 and more TMs.

Veilstone Pokémon Gym

The road to get to the Gym Leader is not direct and there are several punching bags that the player character has to strategically push until the road is open to reach the Gym Leader.

Veilstone Galactic Building

Team Galactic's main base. The player must infiltrate it to rescue the three captured Lake Pokémon.



Paul (Ash Ketchum's primary Sinnoh rival) and Reggie (Paul's older brother) live in this city.

In Enter Galactic!, several of the Meteorites from the park were stolen by Team Galactic.


  • In Pokémon Platinum version, Veilstone City's design differs markedly to that of its predecessor games; namely, the Galactic Headquarters has been completely redesigned.