This Sylveon, nicknamed Veevee, is a fairy-type Pokémon owned by Y.


When Veevee was first caught by Y, she seemed to dislike her trainer very much, and refused to react to Y's kissy faces. After playing mini-games with Y, she gradually began bonding with her. Because of this bond, she was able to evolve into a Sylveon and learn a new move when battling a Team Flare grunt. After evolving, Veevee became a loyal friend to Y and even let her trainer brush her fur.


Veevee is first seen as an Eevee. Y is trying to befriend her by making faces at it (one of them being a kissy-face). Veevee soon becomes bored and decides to sleep. Y is very frustrated. Later, Team Flare appears and traps Y with Sligoo. Veevee rushes to help her, but is losing. When Sligoo comes towards her, Veevee remembers the kissy-face Y made at her, and soon evolves into a Sylveon. She uses the kiss motion and learns Draining Kiss, ultimately finishing off Sligoo, as Dragon-types are weak against Fairy-types. After Team Flare leaves, Y and Veevee embrace.

Veevee was later used to battle Solsol, as Fairy types were strong against Dark types. However, since none of Y's Poké Balls were working, Veevee was sent back into her Poké Ball.

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Known moves

  • Using Baby-Doll Eyes

  • Using Draining Kiss

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