{{PokéBox| |backcolor=7DD3E8| |name=Vanillish| |jname=(ハニリッチ Baniricchi)| |image=[[Baniricchi.png| |ndex=583| |evofrom=Vanillite| |evointo=Vanilluxe| |gen=Generation V| |pronun=$ BAN-ee-ree-CHI $| |hp=51| |atk=65| |def=65| |satk=80| |sdef=75| |spd=59| |total=395| |species=Ice And Snow Pokemon| |type=Ice| |height=1.1m| |weight=41.0kg| |ability=Ice Body| |color= White| |gender=Unconfirmed| }}Vanillish is a Generation V Ice-Pokemon that appears in Pokemon Black and White. It is the evolved form of Vanillite. It evolves at level 47. It is used by Leader Hachiku.


  • Vanillish's appearance is based of a single scoop ice cream cone.
  • Vanillish's actual name is based of of a flavor of ice cream, vanilla.
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