Valor Lakefront

Valor Lakefront Grass

Valor Lakefront is one of Sinnoh's lakefronts. During the first visit, a Team Galactic Grunt will battle the player. Then, nearby the entrance to the Lake Valor area, the player will meet Cynthia again. She is worried about the group of Psyduck on Route 210. She gives the player SecretPotion to cure the Psyduck of their headaches. In the Hotel Area, you will meet a rich girl trying to get in her villa. So the player uses the dowsing machine right outside of the hotel and talks to her again and she gives you the lava cookie, and goes in her house. The southern portion of Valor Lakefront is part of Hotel Grand Lake, a resort comprising several small bungalows. And at Seven Stars Restaurant, five of nine possible pairs of guests appear in the restaurant, randomly selected each day. Each pair can be fought in a double battle once per day.

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