• Bio Hi I'm a person with low self-esteem and nothing to live for

    Wattpad: @SuperBean24
    Showdown: *Same as username*
    Discord: Shiny Gallade#5027
    DeviantArt: SuperBean24
    Roblox: MrBobertson
    YouTube: * beans (

    Freshman in high school? Yes, hate me all you want

    Favorite Pokémon: Gallade, Dawn Wings, Zeraora, Gardevoir, Luxray, Lunala, Zoroark, Shedinja, Amped Toxtricity, Cramorant, Ultra Necrozma, etc..

    Favorite Mega Man characters: Axl and Copy X

    (Pfp made by me, but the model is from the 3ds games and slightly edited by me)
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