• I live in St.Louis in Da MidWest in Missouri
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Mentally fat but physically skinny
  • I am Im a beast, i have no gender...i just wreck you all

I got a shiny rayquaza on Pokèmon emerald on my 17 soft reset. I got a fully legit level 100 wobuffet. I did the Azure Flute hack,but I still got a legitimate shiny Arceus. I have the first 30 Pokèmon level 100 all legit. I have beaten the Elite Four in Pokèmon Emerald 183 times. I have beaten Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed 3 times. I have also beaten Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby 5 times. My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu because he is just plain awesome.

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