Oh, and yeah, as for the anime page for Kiawe's Marowak, I was unaware that what I was moving it to wasn't a redirect and was assuming that's what it was. That's why I restored the previous revisions that accidentally got deleted in the move so it can be recreated by reusing content from those revisions. PokémonGamer* 23:42, July 22, 2017 (UTC)


Hello Energy X, I'm a new user there on Fandom, I just saw many things going on fandom and Seriously, I never saw a community like Pokemon one. Things going qrong there. Leave it. I'm a user there so, I can't help you. By the way, Nice to meet you, Energy X! —Preceding unsigned comment added by X Assassin King 1 (talkcontribs)

Postponed episodes

I think the episode Fishing Sommelier - Dent Appears! should be moved to BW037: A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!. I have reasons for why this should be moved and not move XY024 (The Castle Beneath the Sea! Kuzumo and Dramidoro!!) to XY050: An Undersea Place to Call Home!. Unlike XY024, this episode is being presented in the storyline as an entirely different episode that does not fall between BW025 and the (as we currently call it) BW027, and we should not be basing episode orders on when they were first announced or intended, or logically we would be moving BW003 to BW001 for being announced first (which is not what I support), we base this on the place it takes in the plot. This episode was aired and presented as an edited episode BW037, and the BW026 version was not how it was presented in canon when it aired. In XY024, they presented it untouched when airing it apart from the opening, ending, and post-episode segment due to the time at which it aired, so that's the difference. We shouldn't consider the postponed and eventually aired episodes as specials though, because it was not advertised as such. The Japanese version advertised Rougela's Christmas and The Iwark Bivouac as specials or 番外編 (meaning other/special programming series), even if the dub considers it a normal season 1 episode. They didn't advertise these as specials, so that's the difference as well. "Serebii says so" doesn't count because like Bulbapedia and Wikipedia which can be edited by anyone, even Serebii is not an official 100% reliable source like many people assume and has been debunked on several factual errors, even having the same factual and translation-related errors as Bulbapedia on TCG cards coming from fans sending stolen content to the webmaster of that site. So I think the fishing episode should be moved to BW037 for those reasons. Bulb's Japanese wiki lists the Kuzumo and Dramidoro episode as XY050 or XY編第50話 (meaning XY series episode #50) because they go by when it airs, but here, we go by how the story presents it. In other words, XY024 just aired later but the "BW026" at the time aired as BW037 being edited to fit the story. TV Tokyo also claims nothing about it being a previous episode, but it wasn't even officially announced to begin with which could've also been it - by officially announced, I mean by TV Tokyo online, not the magazine which is 100% reliable though not considered a TV Tokyo announcement and TV Tokyo's TV guide is 8 days ahead. I do hold this belief though:

  • If BW023 and BW024 ever air (which I am more confident in than AG101 airing due to the Japanese version preview remaining intact on cable channel reruns such as BS Japan and Kids Station and TV Tokyo stating they'll certainly air it while saying nothing about airing AG101), we should keep the numbering as is because the preview's existence with sponsor tag footage and the plot presents it as canon. If it airs advertised as a special, we'll move it, but I'm confident that if it ever does air, it'll keep all content intact including opening, ending and previews due to reruns showing the preview for BW023 at the end of BW022 and the original Japanese version DVD putting it on even after being replaced with BW025's preview in the initial DVD version, in which case it's best to leave it as is. This explains the alleged struggle to air these episodes, but it's also likely they are repeatedly reissuing the "it will air" statement in negligence when responding to email queries. It should be also noted that TPC and TV Tokyo (at least TPC) have notices in Japanese and English stating they are unable to read and respond to inquiries in other languages than Japanese. It is likely that this "official statement" is not properly translated by anyone who knows Japanese is being Google Translated between English and Japanese and thus there may be a distortion presented here. I tried contacting TPC (knowing that I can properly write the email in Japanese from personal knowledge and not Google Translate, and given they said they can't offer support in English) and TV Tokyo after they referred me there, linking me to TV Tokyo's contact page - to no surprise, as TV Tokyo, being followed in suit of by its affiliate broadcasters around the country (i.e., TV Osaka/7 TVO, TV Hokkaido/tvh, etc.), has the broadcasting rights to the anime. TPC responded to me and said to forward the anime programming scheduling question to TV Tokyo. I tried contacting TV Tokyo but I doubt there's anywhere I can list an email address to ensure it's being sent and replied to - I got a confirmation email from TPC but not TV Tokyo so they likely don't have my email address there. According to that talk page message on Bulb, if correct, the transition from BW to XY to SM is not an issue and being not taken into account in later Team Plasma encounter episodes years into the future is not an issue either. If these air, that's my standing on that. For now, they aren't aired but they're to be treated as canon due to the previous episode remaining unedited in Japanese reruns and being presented as if they exist but are not available in their full episode form even on DVD due to being unaired and we only have knowledge from promo footage and magazine pics. It's also easy to believe that this synopsis can be faked by someone who is just trying to incorporate promo and preview scenes into the plot and trying to fake details, rather than someone who legitimately leaked and stole the episodes for themselves or anyone related to the companies who's seen it. And also, if that user on Bulb is right, then this means they need to air these incredibly outdated 2 part episodes in the normal time slot without interrupting the current series schedule. Like the second BW post series special, which was aired during the XY run (which would be viewed as presumably too late in BW023/BW024's case, as well as that being considered as a special and normal episode per the opening and ending), this could maybe air untouched simply being numbered differently in the airing order and on TV guides but that's not needed now, because there's still doubts on it airing any time soon especially since it has been 6 years ever since, and it could be they're not actively planning on or thinking of these episodes as they may have been back then and they're issuing that statement carelessly just to maintain official word that the episodes are to be viewed as canon. The only way we can view it as that the most official thing is that the episodes are being postponed, not canceled entirely unlike AG101, but at the same time they're not really thinking about or nearly concerned about these episodes as they were back then, so it's a total surprise if they do actually air it. If TPC was a broadcasting channel, they'd maybe have released it by now, but TV Tokyo is in charge here.

Also, it's okay to respond to this now and when I get back home or when I'm able to use the limited internet I have here, I'll receive it. I can view my talk page signed out on my phone, so that works as well and I have internet anywhere on there, but the issue is my login details are long, extremely complicated, to be nearly impossible to hack, so I need to copy and paste it on computer.

Edit: And it seems that back when Hulu's Japanese service had these episodes before losing the rights when the anime first reached there, the preview at the end of BW022 showed BW023's, but I can't check Amazon Prime's version because I don't have it, I only pay for Japanese Hulu and Netflix services monthly. The numbering though apparently doesn't affect that it shows the preview for the unaired BW023, and episodes we view as specials are numbered as if they were normal episodes on there. Also despite there being no notice on BW037's postponement back when it was BW026 (it could've been because an old version of the page displayed the notice), there is still a notice on BW024 being moved on the episode in place of its original air date, and it's possible TV Tokyo is going by the info they sent to magazine providers, so they'll likely remove that notice if they air it. If it was canceled after the BW025 airing, it would have likely also been removed, the text on BW025's first airing said, 「つごうにより、番組内容変更しておおくりしてます、」「今日放送予定だった『ロケットVSプラズマ!』は、またあらためて放送します」 as I've typed this out for convenience. So I'm confident it will air someday, but they're just not actively thinking about it and it's probably not relevant to them today. So going by official sources (in other words, not the many fans being not confident about it airing), they will air it in the future but it's taking an incredibly long time. If they do air it, though, I don't know how the banned episodes page would go, I think we'd remove it from there because XY024 was originally a "banned episode" before finally airing. The struggle explained by that Bulbapedia user is likely correct, being an episode that is supposed to have a cliffhanger on one week and the rest being aired the next week, but even without that Bulb user's comment, I'm confident the episodes are still slated to air and that AG101's ban is permanent, they're just maintaining the official statement as a cover for now to hide that they're really not actively concerning about airing it any time soon. Moving BW023 and BW024 to the OVA code that we gave to the Christmas specials is also an option if it's aired later and advertised as a special in the original Japanese version, because it was also promoted via next episode preview I believe the same way.

Sorry if this was too long, just felt the need to thoroughly explain all the info for BW023 and BW024 should it ever be necessary to look back at in the future. Although I want to ask whether we should move BW026 to BW037 given the reasoning I explained above and being reasons that are highly specific to the Fishing Sommelier - Dent Appears! episode and not applicable to XY024.

PokémonGamer* 03:31, July 23, 2017 (UTC)

And another thing (please keep the question in mind that I mentioned above about renaming BW026 to BW037 and renaming the other pages around), I think it should also be necessary to list every skipped or postponed episode's originally intended air date. I don't know if we would put it in release dates (maybe not) and say in a hover text notice that it was the originally intended one, actually aired on, or in the trivia section, but it should be absolutely necessary to make mention of that somewhere for every such episode. Another question, just like how we have release dates for the Watch Disney XD app/site on SM001 and SM002, I think we should also mention release dates with hover text for those that are released on iTunes and Amazon Video in the US before the airing on TV. PokémonGamer* 05:23, July 23, 2017 (UTC)

(Energy can I be a mod I know it is not easy but I can handle it Can you please make me Mod) Respected Energy X

Vedant bhoj (talk) 05:26, July 23, 2017 (UTC)Energy can I be a mod I know that it is hard But I will handle Please make me modVedant bhoj (talk) 05:26, July 23, 2017 (UTC)

Please keep in mind the section above I made asking some questions after you respond to Vedant bhoj's question. I'm just mentioning this because I don't want that to end up missed due to not being the section at the bottom of the page. PokémonGamer* 05:30, July 23, 2017 (UTC)

Mod request

05:42, July 23, 2017 (UTC)please please make me a admin please request05:42, July 23, 2017 (UTC)

Question #3 to add to the ones I asked above: I think if the gap between the episode and its English-language dub airing are exactly one year apart, then this is because the anime is consistently going by the new-episode-per-week scenario applying consistently to every such episode that is consistently airing week by week in Japan and the United States. Thus, I don't find it notable enough to include individually on every single episode's page that this applies to. I think this should be noted on the series or the season page's trivia section if episodes are being aired exactly one year apart. PokémonGamer* 06:06, July 23, 2017 (UTC)
A fourth question to add: I think we should limit the dub differences/dub edits section on each episode's article to edits that apply specifically to the English language or other language dub, and not overly define it to include edits made to digital releases of the Japanese version such as on Hulu, DVD, Netflix, reruns, and Amazon Prime. I think edits done to the digital and non-over-the-air releases of the original Japanese version should be mentioned in trivia. I moved the XY126 info about the Hulu Japan version (and maybe the Japanese rental DVD version, but I've only checked Hulu Japan's version, and DVD is known to fix errors) fixing Tierno's Raichu tail to the female one from dub edits to the trivia section, because by definition, something that is only modified in the digital releases of the Japanese version, and not carried into the dub in its broadcast and accompanied digitally released forms, should not even fall under dub edits in the first place. PokémonGamer* 06:11, July 23, 2017 (UTC) FortifiendWolf (talk) 07:58, July 23, 2017 (UTC)

Any way to edit FatboySlim2005 bio? He made a stupids list there that is insulting lower-skilled members of our wiki. i wanna edit it out until it creates too much trouble. I will try to make him delete it, if it stays here for more than one day from now on, this message is considered a ban report. FortifiendWolf (talk) 11:03, July 23, 2017 (UTC)


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Keeping it BW023 and BW024 is fine either way. The preview for the episode is still shown after BW022 on modern day reruns and on DVD, and it's still within the story of the show at the end of BW022. If released, it will likely only exist in the original Japanese version, the dub already skipped it over.

As for the kanji on his shirt thing, the first kanji at the top looks like or (most likely the latter). It's definitely not 大試練 (daishiren; meaning Grand Trial) or I would've been able to pick up on it, being able to read such things better than the rest of the users on this wiki and all. None of the kanji lists I've scrolled through showed it, it may be an uncommon kanji that is not regularly used (in other words, non-joyo kanji). It's not like children know how to read all these characters. The government in Japan has standards regarding the kanji children are to have learned by which grade, as there's over 2,000 regular use kanji, and even native speakers fail to identify them all sometimes. It's not even close to as basic as the 26-letter alphabet that we use in English, and Japanese websites/magazines and all are full of kanji (and wikis and Wikipedia use them all the time, they don't care if you don't know how to read them all, you need to look each kanji up to know how to read the ones you don't know, while learning how to actually write them does help me remember), but they're all usually regular use kanji, something I'm able to look up by drawing it by mouse cursor online and find the reading to type them out by keyboard by myself as usable computer text for the wiki. Even I haven't learned all of the kanji, I usually recognize the kanji and words I know (such as how I know the kanji at the top of his shirt, uniform or whatever), given that it's how kanji is supposed to be read. In Chinese, they're used everywhere though given only one reading, making them easier to learn, but in Japanese, you have to read it by the word in Japanese that corresponds with the meaning of the kanji, unlike the syllable based hiragana and katakana systems (which at least me and Misch60) know how to read, such as how I know 一体何か。 is read as いったいなにか.

In other words, those kanji might not even be the common use kanji I'm more used to being able to come up with the computer text to use on this wiki. It's not as easy to look up as much as it is to know that this and this say 危険 and 通行止メ respectively the latter of which is using the katakana character for め as in 通行止め, but if someone manages to find which kanji they're using (again, not ones I'm aware of), then I can translate it. I tried looking up on the Japanese fan sites I go to, and have found nothing mentioning it. PokémonGamer* 06:00, July 24, 2017 (UTC)


I think my userpage's second box is broken. Do you know how to fix this?

SuperMario43 24 July 2017 13:27 UTC


Check my user page. The pre-existing box I edited was ok at first but now the second box is long...

24 July 2017 13:37 UTC SuperMario43

I left in the fishing episode as BW040 as a temporary number so we can move things starting from BW027 to BW026, BW028 to BW027, etc. so it doesn't get confusing. At the end, the fishing episode will be listed as BW039. And added the plot line with the Plasma Gang encounter to the BW022 page, because it is kept canon in the Japanese version despite BW023 and BW024 being unaired, regardless of what narrative the dub tries to push. PokémonGamer* 23:26, July 24, 2017 (UTC)


This user is a vandal who is adding false information to articles, and I have even warned them before, so I'm leaving this report here for when you're active in your timezone. Can you check this out? PokémonGamer* 00:51, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

Also, I'm going to keep the episode guide page editable though (rather than locking for 3 days) even though it's been vandalized twice recently because it's just that it's coincidental there are users who sign up in a short time frame and do different types of vandalism. If it happens to be a problem where multiple users are actively vandalizing that page, then yeah it'll be best to protect it, but I'll leave it alone for now because there isn't anything sufficient enough to protect it for if it's just two users a month apart vandalizing. If it's sockpuppets rapidly targeting the page as multiple users, it would maybe be needed, but protecting it now is way, way too early. PokémonGamer* 01:55, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

Official capitalization

Maybe we should base capitalization of words in English dubbed episode titles based on how it is capitalized on the page on the TPCi US version site of Pokémon? For example, naming that episode A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness! (as we have it) would be considered correct here and A Gaggle Of Gadget Greatness! would be the wrong capitalization. And I mean the episode pages themselves on that site, as the full Watch Pokémon TV guide navigation lists them with all the first letters of words capitalized. The reason we would need to have consistency in such formatting is because the episodes capitalization matters when it comes to naming the page, and it's specific when trying to link it from another page, so if we go by the "official" capitalization on the site, it would be less confusing and more consistent. PokémonGamer* 09:26, July 27, 2017 (UTC)


Depends on what the logo is. If it's a Cartoon Network tag, then maybe not unless the background is the same color throughout that the logo is on. The TV Tokyo logo (I know those don't need to be edited, though this is example) can easily be edited out - in fact the latest torrents people upload use a common trick with people who upload torrents of the anime and they blur out the logo so it's not always showing for nearly 100% of the episode in the release. Of course, there are times where you'll briefly notice the logo a bit due to working in with the colors of the background, but that's how they do it. That guy with Korean letters in his username (I have no knowledge of Korean, so I don't know what it says to be honest) uses that trick on all his torrent releases. If it's a logo that cannot be edited out and it's from an anime episode, I can just recapture the screenshot. I know where to find Japanese episodes without any logos onscreen. PokémonGamer* 19:51, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

Done. PokémonGamer* 20:18, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

Move confirmations

I'm just going to mention first of all that I'm going to stay entirely impartial to what Serebii says - his site listing a certain move means nothing to this (they've posted unconfirmed information in the past, some of it which later gets debunked and no I'm not a "Serebii hater", I just do not wish for this wiki to have information that could be wrong), someone on the forums commenting it also means nothing because they can easily confuse it with a move that has a similar animation. I'm just going to say we shouldn't list moves with vague animations such as Flamethrower and Hydro Pump that can easily be the same animation of another move unless they were explicitly stated or in the Japanese closed captioning of the episode (dub captioning doesn't count because they change several things from the Japanese version we base it on), although I only have access to the closed captioning for the Sekiei League episodes as the Japanese Netflix service I subscribe to has it, and neither Japanese Netflix, Hulu (which doesn't have closed captions, even for Sekiei League), nor Amazon Prime Video has any closed captions for modern episodes because unlike Japan, I believe the US has closed captioning laws making it mandatory. Bulb users have managed to find distortions in the confirmation of the other moves except for Flame Wheel - note that the move confirmation thing is a common reason behind most edit wars that occur there on Bulbapedia. I think we shouldn't consider Shadow Bone confirmed, because it is a newly introduced move without basis for comparison with others because it could be a move with a similar animation and we could be wrong (it could just be a move that the anime is trying to show that isn't Shadow Bone, so we cannot jump to random assumptions, as it is a new move) - unless it was actually stated, I doubt we can consider it confirmed, and it's best to hide it until there's an episode released in which it is shown using it in the dialogue or closed captioning (again, by this I mean Japanese closed captioning [字幕]), and Blazingfist on there explains why Bulb uses these strict confirmation requirements to be as factual as possible (i.e., headbutting does not mean the move Headbutt is being used). We here only go by animation if the move has a unique animation, but it's not confirmed whether Shadow Bone has a unique animation, being a recent move with nothing to compare with. The alleged use of Bonemerang could easily be a fancy animation of Bone Club and/or with it throwing its bone (doesn't mean it absolutely has to be Bonemerang, this is the same thing as with how the "Mooland in SM021 died" thing is not official), to the point where Flame Wheel might be the only one confirmed (again, Serebii saying something doesn't confirm a single thing, as they can and have been wrong in the past including episode titles that lacked confirmation and others, and I don't trust Bulb either unless I get what they're saying, in this case though, I get what they're saying).

Although just like genders, if there's anything dub only confirmed (there have been moves called out as different ones between the Japanese version and dub), that can be noted (but like calling it "dub only", not just treat it as if existent in the original Japanese version).

If the claim that MS015's Keldeo is male (and that it is referred to as male in the dub) is correct, and if someone on this wiki can confirm it (in other words, impartial to what Bulbapedia states), then we can maybe consider an anime =/= games distinction for those and not list every legendary Pokémon in the anime as genderless unless it was confirmed. Even if it was mentioned in the dub, that would still be good enough to make a distinction on and not state that every legendary Pokémon is right off the bat genderless, because the English language Pokémon games also have the legendary Pokémon genderless. That's why I'm always hesitant to list genderless for every legendary Pokémon anime article when making them (which is why I generally stay away from making them because I don't know which is correct, if the MS015 Keldeo is male which again we need to be able to confirm, then this wiki is just assuming by listing every legendary Pokémon as being right-off-the-bat genderless). But then again going by Pokémon being 100%/other % a gender in the games has never failed us, and it's been shown to be reliable in the anime, the only thing I'm taking about is the legendary Pokémon being genderless in the games, whether that means they're genderless in the anime, as said discrepancy has been shown before for that case, another example is if a Pokémon's gender differences haven't yet been showcased in the anime (which you've already approved as being considered a distortion, since we have the Tierno's Raichu case with its tail, and even if it's using Bulb policies, it's still something that is of concern for information to be 100% correct).

But I'll say for Headbutt, the move is definitely not confirmed for the new Pokémon in SM034, because the move could easily be any move that involves ramming themselves into their opponent, such as Tackle or Slam (which I agree with, took some time to actually rewatch the episode so I'm not blindly taking Bulb's word as fact without checking first).

As for the use of Shell Trap by Bakugames, the Bulb comment here is an outdated comment from months ago, and Lordranged7 uploaded a picture of it being used in SM034, so I think the move's usage is possible to be true, but I can't confirm it myself (because Bulbapedia is a fansite that anyone can edit, not one with an extremely high or 100% track record of accuracy either), so I have no opinion on whether it's confirmed or not. But I do believe that only Flame Wheel is [officially] confirmed and we should hide all the others until they are stated in an episode with the info I've already provided. And I think we should use this rule: a move must be stated explicitly, in closed captioning, or have animation that is unique and can be viewed as obviously being that move (such as a move a Pokémon's used many times in the past recently that it's obvious it's just reusing it, or otherwise) without distortions that are probable. Therefore, I think we can hide the moves other than Flame Wheel until an episode airs to state that it's that move either in dialogue or closed caption subtitles (known as 字幕 in Japan). Again, I'm not some insane person who hates Serebii but loves Bulbapedia so much (because objectively, both have been wrong about things in the past, both are the type of sites that are mostly correct, but they're unofficial fansites hosted on the web, so they're prone to being wrong on some things, such as Serebii reporting an anti-piracy feature for the experience points for the tutorial rival battles in the ROM of the Gen V games and reporting them on his site as if they were normal not realizing it) nor am I trying to be "disrupting the flow of information" as ShallowShaddoll on Bulbapedia calls it, I just don't want us to run into a case where we're maybe wrong on some things and it comes back to haunt us later, and it's just that as a wiki, Bulb cracks down on speculation like this even if Serebii has info that it doesn't (such as with that Raichu gender thing, where it turned out it's female later on which would be confusing to have to list as female while ignoring the male tail, which is one of the reasons why Bulb waits until gender differences have been showcased in the anime for a Pokémon before using it to determine gender). Best to err on the side of caution with the moves Shadow Bone and Bonemerang because with the former, the move's never been called out for comparison to other Pokémon using it so it's hard to tell if the animators are trying to animate Shadow Bone, and with the latter, it could just be a special animation effect for Bone Club as it was never called out, and Bulbapedia staff member Tiddlywinks has stated that some of the moves Bulbapedia lists can be reviewed and removed/discussed if they're unconfirmed, as there are many that are listed that don't follow the confirmation rule they have there that were listed before Bulb started cracking down on move confirmations (they also listed many fake ep titles that even Serebii's been fooled by before them and us have started cracking down on whether episode titles are confirmed, to wait for a picture to be released before listing titles that could be fake for all we know).

I also broke those into sections that I had already prepared here so you can see the various stances I have on things one by one relating to this without being confused by a huge wall of text so that you don't miss any details. PokémonGamer* 08:59, July 28, 2017 (UTC)

As for the logos onscreen thing (this isn't something needing a reply, just to let you know what I have for me to use to get images), I know where to obtain Japanese episodes without the onscreen seizure warning telling viewers to watch in a brightly lit room far away from the screen (and without any logo at all, as it's from on demand video services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime and Netflix too, not TV broadcasts on Japanese television), so if there are any images with the seizure warning or some other intrusive onscreen text such as notices telling viewers that there will be a one week break or data broadcast notices onscreen, I have episode videos without those. PokémonGamer* 09:15, July 28, 2017 (UTC)
I was just saying I'm not against Serebii, but it's just a problem with some of whether the moves are confirmed and whether it's best to wait until later episodes, just so it doesn't sound like I'm biasing against them, as I know Bulbapedia is more unreliable given that anyone can edit it because it's a wiki and they can add anything that's already on it like we can, and yeah I have seen that term used on 4chan or Reddit (forgot which site that is, maybe the latter), not much of a big deal though. PokémonGamer* 19:31, July 28, 2017 (UTC)
And in case you realized this user - it's a sockpuppet, I've contacted Wikia Support as it's obvious they're evading a global block. PokémonGamer* 20:06, July 28, 2017 (UTC)
Oh, and yeah, I did see the message on Lordranged7's talk page and I was suspecting that might've been a bad username right from the start. That reason works too though. If it comes to the point where that user starts harassing us like that across other wikis, then yeah, we might need to request a global block against that account. PokémonGamer* 20:26, July 28, 2017 (UTC)


I plan on uploading the preview to YouTube myself, because the version aired on TV is higher quality and also includes a sponsor tag, which includes more footage from the episode. PokémonGamer* 14:28, August 3, 2017 (UTC)

Hey, User:Sameer Ramnath keeps posting off-topic comments and hasn't stopped. Could you take a look at it?--Toothless_Glasses.gif Annabeth and Percy🎵You're scared, I'm nervous, but I guess that we did it on purpose.🎵 Toothless_Glasses.gif 12:51, August 4, 2017 (UTC)

Hey Energy X can you check out

My talk page it seems Utkar22 has spotted a spammer named The Phonix Gaurdian=Zach Utkar has informed me that Phonix spammed on Clash of Clans wikis can you block this user for spamming.

The link's on my talk page at the bottom so you notice as such...Trainer Micah (talk) 21:22, August 4, 2017 (UTC)

I also have things to say here. First, Kittystyler's still making edits to the pages in the Ash's Pokémon category that are adding giant, unnecessary broken additional move tables with tons of content tossed around randomly (such as the partial kana name for Satoshi's Luchabull and random contents already on the page).
Second, maybe we should add the lyrics themselves to OP/ED songs of the anime? Not just the romanization, but the original language text? I can type them up into the wiki editor from the lyrics seen on the animation because Bulbapedia isn't exactly a trustworthy source due to anyone being able to edit it. Same goes for the title of the song, not just the translation. This is the same as how we have the original Japanese language text on other pages we have translations or romanizations for, and it's best to have the text they are from, not just English understandings of the text, as well.
Third, the Korean dub of the anime is based on the original Japanese version (so it keeps all episode segments, including the eyecatches, Who's that Pokémon, and the preview for the next episode), but unlike the Chinese dub for some of the songs (like the opening of Best Wishes!), which is also another Asian dub based from the Japanese version, it makes its own opening and ending songs. There are also other dubs that do this. Bulb prefers creating separate pages for them, but rather than go through that, I think it's best to list in the trivia of the song that "[song name] is the [language] dub equivalent of this song for that dub." and link to the page on that language wiki. If we ever need English translations of those songs (such as if the dub of that version has any lyrics that spoil upcoming episodes in the Japanese version, not a real instance that's happened but just an example), I can't help with those, because I don't have any knowledge of other languages. I mostly know how to read Japanese script and I have the knowledge to decipher it all myself, which is why I can easily handle that language well. Having trivia points mentioning the song's equivalent in another language dub and linking to the page on that language version of this wiki cancels out the hassle of going overboard and having to find a way to mention all of them on this English wiki as with what Bulb does.
Fourth, apart from our rule to list it as "dub only" if a gender is confirmed by dialogue that exists only in the English dub, we should I think refrain from listing anime Pokémon in a gender category unless the original Japanese version mentions it, and I think we should refrain from mentioning Pokémon genders on the Trainer's page if the original Japanese version doesn't mention it, as genders are only taken as officially confirmed if what confirms it is in the original Japanese version, which overrules over any and every other language dub (including the English dub, the language of this wiki), as it's likely TPCi is not aware of their actual genders, and that the gender confirmation is just a dub edit. For example, Satoshi's Keromatsu could easily be female in the original and it could be that Froakie is male only in the dub due to it being more masculine, and TPCi might not be aware of that and might be making up the gender from scratch just for the English dub. This will apply even more so due to Bashou being changed to female in the dub as the dub's Hun character. Whatever the dub's genders are, if they aren't even mentioned in the original Japanese version, they are not canon at all, and we shouldn't be listing both male *and* female characters for characters that are female in the original and male in the dub and vice versa, because the one that's only for the dub is not canon, it is just meant that way for English localization, we should only add a trivia point for it or something in the template such as saying it's "dub only", I'm saying we shouldn't treat it as the overall main important gender by listing it as a category and on the Trainer's page, and the only times when we rely on the English dub as being the primary source is for English names and terms.

PokémonGamer* 22:19, August 4, 2017 (UTC)


The gender difference error has been fixed. So sorry for the inconvenience. Didn't know I could add a new feature. I'll keep working on it.—Preceding unsigned comment added by TheWikiOddish (talkcontribs)

The Korean wiki is very popular too, with over 10,000 pages on it, and for example, there's a Bulbapedia user from an English speaking country who speaks a native level of Korean, so it's not like you have to live in Korea natively to contribute to that wiki, it only requires using a fluent level of Korean on the pages (I think I can maybe only handle doing the Japanese wiki, because unlike Korean, I actually have knowledge of that language). I think external sources such as magazine bits can be used (Bulb even used them for the Keldeo in MS015 being male). If any of the writers say it's a certain gender (or any other official source, including magazine bits), that may be used if it's from Japanese (TPC Japan/or any other companies affiliated with it) sources. If it's from English language TPCi sources, then we can say "dub only" in the template. That could be put in the "reference", but yeah I think there can be a hover over or similar method of explaining the gender (because you said those would be better than putting the reference tag after the gender listing in the template). And yeah, the Japanese wiki is one of those that are lacking on pages. All I can do is maybe put up the episode pages and Pokémon pages on there, but it's not something that can easily be done in one day and is easier said than done (in fact, anything is). PokémonGamer* 08:43, August 7, 2017 (UTC)
As for this section, Ellis99 has made an edit to the Johto Route 47 page just now. PokémonGamer* 10:13, August 7, 2017 (UTC)
And yeah, as for the Japanese wiki, the only thing is that the administration there is essentially dead, and the only administrator has last edited in 2011 and last signed in in 2012. The only thing close to administration related activity is that an administrator from the Japanese wiki affiliated with Bulb (as Bulb does have foreign language affiliates), has also made 23 edits there, and 2nd-player is known as 2P (that's what his username stands for), he's an admin on Bulb's Japanese wiki which I also contribute to.
I will try to add the links to any episode or Pokémon pages I've created there and those that already exist there (same goes for any other pages we have English language equivalents for here). However, I won't list the full Japanese subtitle (サブタイトル is what I've seen them call it for episode names in the lists there) of the episode in the page name on the Japanese language wiki, because they're incredibly long (I'll just use for example for XY001, just call it "XY hen dai ichi(1) hanashi") and there's also the matter of half width and full width punctuation. On Bulb's Japanese wiki, they use half width punctuation for things such as the exclamation marks on the page itself, with full width commas. They do use all full width punctuation for the episode list, and that's just their format style. (and yeah, I do always make sure when referring to location names in the real world, even on a wiki for a language that is usually popularly spoken in only one country, or for a wiki on a language that is generally natively spoken outside of the country such as English, to be neutral on location, I either don't refer to Japan as "there", "overseas", "foreign", "international" if I don't refer to my country that way, because this wiki is for users who can speak English fluently, not just those who don't live in Japan, and I don't use language on articles that implies that the reader is someone who does or doesn't live in that country (such as referring to the United States as "our country" or any other country as "our country", and I don't use language like "over in Japan or (this country)" because that definitely implies it's a country the reader doesn't live in), because the wiki is intended to be read by anyone who can fluently speak that language good enough, regardless of their geographical location)
I do think however we should use full width punctuation on this wiki in all instances because it distinguishes it from the half-width English that we use here. There are also full width English characters in unicode such as these ones I can type from my Japanese keyboard setting, but at least always using half width in English and always using full width in Japanese here is always consistent format for articles, similar to how there's half width Japanese katakana characters such as ポケットモンスター.
For example, I think that カロス地方にやてっきた!夢と冒険のはじまり!! should be preferred over カロス地方にやてっきた! 夢と冒険のはじまり!! in every reference it is referred to here or any half width version of the katakana.
I think we can refer to the earthquake and tsunami that caused the postponement of the fishing sommelier episode and the Rocket and Plasma gang episodes not being aired to this day as the Touhoku earthquake and tsunami and link to its Wikipedia page, instead of referring to it as the Great East Japan Earthquake in bold, mainly because it also involved a tsunami and that is just another name for the earthquake and it is not the main subject of the article (whereas we usually always bold the name of the subject of the article in the opening to give a name for it), another reason because is that putting it in bold unnecessarily emphasizes it in a tone that implies that whoever is reading the article does not live in Japan and has no awareness of the earthquake happening in their country. We should also be neutral when mentioning geographical locations per neutral point of view because the wiki is readable for anyone who can use English fluently, not just those who do not live in a country where the native popularly spoken language is not English - we should also refer to Japan neutrally as we do any other country in the world it should be no different, as there are also people born natively in Japan who read English language wikis, and the Japanese Wikipedia also has a Wikipedia namespace page asking that its natively Japanese users only use tone and language in articles that takes everything from a global perspective, not just implying a Japan perspective, so do all the other Wikipedias for languages that are generally only dominantly spoken in one country.
Basically, what I'm talking about is neutral point of view. Nothing on an article should be there to imply that no one reading the article lives in that country, according to which I've removed the second reference in the same sentence on the Kanto page of Tokyo being a Japanese capital as it said something like "Kanto is named after a location in Japan known as Tokyo which is the Japanese capital of the country" or something along those words because it makes an (although somewhat) minor implication that whoever reads the article does not live in Japan by specifying that it's in Japan for a second time in the same sentence.
Another thing, I wouldn't consider this name calling. While that user's grammar is not that highly understandable, he's essentially saying "We're shutdown (as in inactive) due to [the] Energy X moderator (as in admin) [blocking us]. But I'm currently editing other wikis."

PokémonGamer* 11:29, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

As for consistency, I think we should use American English spellings of words in articles (in other words, color, honor, behavior, rather than colour, honour, or behaviour) due to the Pocket Monsters franchise being translated into English within the United States, and the English version of the games, anime, etc. all use American English grammar as such. I'm a native of the country, so it's not really difficult to remember to use, and it's not like they would feel the need to actually go through the script of the games and change every reference to "color" as "colour" or "canceled" to "cancelled", because if we're going to be consistent, it's best to use the grammar style of the native country of whatever language it is (in other words, the English translated versions of Pokémon such as in the United Kingdom and Canada are based on those in the United States).
Edit: And another thing, I don't think we should have different listings for Spanish and Italian Pokémon names because they are always the same as the English names. If they were to ever start to break that tradition and make up new names, then I guess we may be able to add those, but they always use the same names as the English names and never make up new ones for those languages. PokémonGamer* 11:47, August 7, 2017 (UTC)
Yes, I think just covering those languages under that group would get the word across better than listing them separately. As for the punctuation, I'm saying it should maybe be full width punctuation for the exclamation marks, question marks, commas and periods in all cases of Japanese where it appears such as episode titles (i.e. !?。、, not !?.,), that's so we're going by a consistent format in episode titles. It also looks better when comparing it to the English text on the articles, just like how Bulbapedia and Bulb's Japanese wiki have a consistent formatting that is preferred for cases of it appearing. Bulb uses full width in all cases, and the Japanese wiki they have use half width on the episode pages themselves and full width on the episode lists. I think we should use full width in all cases because it looks better when compared to the half width English text on the page and gives it a consistent format. PokémonGamer* 12:53, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

(reset indent) I think we can translate 海底の in BW098's title as either "undersea" or "abyssal". This isn't entirely nitpicking, because it would make it true if we put a trivia mention there of the English title being an exact translation of the Japanese title, us translating it as "undersea" instead of "underwater" would make it true. XY024's English title shows that TPCi generally translates 海底の as "undersea" but at the same time, 海底 and 遺跡 are officially translated as "abyssal" and "ruins" in the English name for Abyssal Ruins respectively, so it's hard to tell whether we should have it as abyssal or undersea. I don't think we should put it as "Meloetta and the Undersea Temple! (メロエッタと海底の神殿!)" because that would imply that the episode was not dubbed, I think we could list it both in the translation and the English title with the translation the same as the English title ("Meloetta and the Undersea Temple! (メロエッタと海底の神殿! Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!)"). It could maybe be translated as "Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!" because it's meant to be taken as if the English dub title is an exact translation of the Japanese one and 海底の is translated by TPCi as "undersea", after all the Abyssal Ruins is not called 海底の遺跡, it's called 海底遺跡. calls the episode "Meloetta and the Abyssal Temple!" for the Japanese title because they use official English names for minor things such as moves and locations, though based on the dub title being an exact translation of the Japanese one, it may be best for us to translate it the same as the English title. PokémonGamer* 13:12, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

Actually, I have Japanese as a keyboard option, so I can just go in and type them out without needing to copy and paste them in, I don't need to copy and paste the full title in just for a few characters, I can just type them in there. PokémonGamer* 13:19, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

The dub's 16th season

Should we refer to it as "Pokémon: Adventures in Unova" for content in episodes before the name change and "Pokémon: Adventures in Unova and Beyond" for content in episodes after the name change? This is due to episodes before the 125th episode of the series, titled "Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!" in the dub, not being called "in Beyond" in the season name and this is mainly supported by how the logo in the WTP segment is the one without "[...] and Beyond" and that's the official name that goes for episodes before BW125 and for episodes BW125 and later, "and Beyond" is inserted at the end. It can work like this: [[Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond|Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova]]. We aren't going to restart from one at BW126 and consider it a new season, we can just continue picking up with the current one's order. We always go by the DVD's for which episodes fall under a season (apparently that's the case, otherwise we'd by calling the latter episodes of the "Pokémon: Indigo League" series as season 2 episodes, because that's how it is on the television seasons, due to the networks considering their seasons not to go beyond 52 episodes), also according to which episodes before BW125 are considered without the "and Beyond" thing at the end, and that DVD was released in 2014 according to the listings for it which I found, as we go by the DVD seasons (which go by the season titles specifically), not the seasons in which it aired on TV that the official English-language Pokémon site and iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Video go by. PokémonGamer* 19:18, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, best to just have it noted that it was that before then, but that DVD releases have it as it was before the change for episodes that came before it, besides "Adventures in Unova and Beyond" can be used to refer to an overall description of the series than just the episodes before it. And Wikia staff got my username display customization to work. PokémonGamer* 19:31, August 7, 2017 (UTC)
It had to use the encoded form of the character and then it would work and there was a comma missing after Ellis99's username. PokémonGamer* 19:42, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

Hey, The Claws of Santa is constantly swearing in his comments, after being told more than once to stop.--User:Annabeth and Percy/Sig


In DP082, the character Hiroki/Takuya was originally Hiroki for original airings and Takuya in later airings. Should we maybe list an image (Hamilton.png) for the design of the character in the later airings (i.e., the design that is generally accepted as the updated main design, and was used in the dub) and put a picture of the original design (Hamilton original design.png) in the trivia section? As a small thumbnailed image for example? I can get a picture of the original design from the "next episode preview" segment that's shown in DP081 because even later airings or DVD releases did not include the updated design in the preview segment that's shown at the end of the episode. PokémonGamer* 14:41, August 8, 2017 (UTC)

Yes, it's a single character for a single episode. It was updated for rereleases of the Japanese-language version and in the dubbed English releases. That's what I was saying (and the Japanese versions of episodes are not exclusive to first airings on TV Tokyo, to torrents that come from the first airing and the first airings on its affiliated networks contrary to popular belief, it is also rereleased on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the rental DVD's, where the updated design is included, and channels such as Kids Station and BS Japan air reruns of the episodes too). Although I don't know how we could do a single image gallery on the character page for the old design in the original airing. Would it be more logically best to just list the old design to the right as a thumbnailed image? PokémonGamer* 15:00, August 8, 2017 (UTC)

Hey Underaged users on Discussion post

Might need to be blocked off thought i'd report my finds to you once i have a under aged user confirmed i'll let you know below okay. Regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 17:35, August 9, 2017 (UTC)

Nervermind...Trainer Micah (talk) 18:02, August 9, 2017 (UTC)

"Magician Berry"

Just to let you know for SM035, "Magician Berry" is a horribly flawed translation of マゴのみ made by those highly inaccurate subs that are released within hours to a day of the episode's airing. The real translation of it is "Mago Berry" and that is the official English term of the word. PokémonGamer* 23:00, August 9, 2017 (UTC)

And when you get around to writing SM036, I've noticed that those subs also mistranslate Kapu Tetefu's nickname as the "God of Life", it's really the "Ruins of Life Guardian Deity". PokémonGamer* 23:03, August 9, 2017 (UTC)
Also, since those early subs tend to be likely to mistranslate words (as they did with SM033 and SM035), I just want to keep this known that "tasogare no sugata" translates to "Dusk Form" in English, because they will likely come up with a mistranslation of it when those early subs release. PokémonGamer* 14:22, August 10, 2017 (UTC)

Opening songs

If we're not going to use videos on the Japanese song pages, should we just not use them on the English song pages as well? And just specifically use them for the page of the dub season? And should we do full character lists for the Japanese songs as well? Also, I think the page Pokémon - Theme Songs should be renamed Opening and ending songs because it's obvious which franchise it is and the dash is not something that we regularly use in page titles. The least I've done is put the ending songs category under the theme songs category because they are officially termed as "themes" (テーマ) on screen in the episodes themselves during the credits and on the TV Tokyo website. I think we can do the dub theme videos on the main page though because they're English but they're still up to date, for example, at least as of XY/SM, the first two episodes appear to air as previews of the unfinished dubs of the episodes just days later than the original airing which I believe they include the upcoming dub theme for those episodes as well. After all, the reason why the Japanese songs are slightly underrepresented is because of the common misconception that a.) no one ever watches the original Japanese versions of any original series or AG episodes, and the only way such episodes are obtained is through the pocketmonsters group, and that they magically appear to have what no one else does (again, false, because they actually have sources they use, without which they wouldn't be able to put up the subs, I know the sources though, but I won't disclose them because they're pirated and illegal), but then again the only versions pocketmonsters offers for their older encodes is the built-in-stone subs, b.) that everyone watches the English dubs of such episodes only and that the Japanese songs are just out there to build pages on them and they're just a "YouTube only" thing, and c.) that there's only original Japanese versions of the modern episodes, banned episodes, and ones that pocketmonsters have released subbed. The truth is that the English dubs tend to be more accessible but the Japanese versions (old and new episodes alike) are provided via Japanese video on demand services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime (the former two, I actually pay for monthly, the latter of which someone else who pays for it yearly gives me videos of them, but the only reason no one else seems to be able to access them except for me, is because they're region locked to only be accessible in Japan, but they base it on IP address, which means that I can access them even though I don't live in Japan), and I know where to find downloadable videos of the Japanese episodes from reruns on Kids Station and BS Japan, all being methods that no one else on this wiki have in mind. The only Japanese episodes everyone else here obtains are ones pocketmonsters provides subbed, including the banned ones, and the torrents of the newer episodes that are bootlegged and ripped from TV airings, with all the logos and text onscreen and everything. The reason I've been able to provide the wiki with images of the ending themes of older episodes is because while they usually have no videos online to take them from, I know where to find all the older Japanese episodes and they're not through methods usually used by anyone else on this wiki - the ones used by other users are usually from torrents of recent episodes or through someone uploading it on YouTube, and I can even put up images for the Japanese songs in episodes that haven't been subbed yet as I know where to find the original, undubbed, unsubbed episodes myself.

So maybe we can expand on the Japanese songs the same way as for the English songs? (including that page rename for the song list page?) This is because the current definition of "theme songs" on that page appears to apply to opening songs only, but the ending themes are officially considered theme songs, and the templates on pages we've recently updated have also made it clear that "theme songs" is also applicable to original version endings as well.

PokémonGamer* 10:22, August 11, 2017 (UTC)

Can you please look into Fatboyslim2005? He's been making rude comments towards other users, and I really don't like it.--Toothless_Glasses.gif Annabeth and Percy🎵You're scared, I'm nervous, but I guess that we did it on purpose.🎵 Toothless_Glasses.gif 00:47, August 12, 2017 (UTC)

Good. Thank you!--User:Annabeth and Percy/Sig

Message from Orange Mo

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Keep a eye on my report on discussion post

It seems Pandurang Pantakar & FatboySlim2005 are kinda causing problems follow user Maaz Ghani i reported to watch them.

So you notice if they don't stop after i return tomorrow night can you block whoever for two weekends thanks. Sorry i can't link but yeah these two wow. So you notice...Trainer Micah (talk) 00:18, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

And now Rabbital is swearing and generally being rude.--Toothless_Glasses.gif Annabeth and Percy🎵You're scared, I'm nervous, but I guess that we did it on purpose.🎵 Toothless_Glasses.gif 16:38, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

The few I've reported to you recently are not new users. They've been here for a while. They know better, and they're just choosing not to follow the rules.--Toothless_Glasses.gif Annabeth and Percy🎵You're scared, I'm nervous, but I guess that we did it on purpose.🎵 Toothless_Glasses.gif 16:40, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

"Puppet" series

It's this thing on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. Although I do agree, it may be a candidate for deletion, I don't know enough about the subject to know whether it should be deleted or not (it's not the type of thing we usually cover). All I know is what the content means in English translation. PokémonGamer* 19:08, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

Either delete or consider it a shorts series? There are English dubs of Pikachu and other shorts that we have articles on that are "aired" through the official USA localized English website or YouTube channel for the English localized Pokémon channel. If we ever need them, here are the titles and my translations of them (my god, what a pain it is working with pure hiragana for many of these, I need to actually watch them to get context):
  • Short 1: しんか (Evolution)
  • Short 2: 理想のトレーナー (The Ideal Trainer)
  • Short 3: ひんし (Fainting)
  • Short 4: ふゆのなやみ (Winter Troubles)
  • Short 5: あたらしい ともだち (New Friends)
  • Short 6: マイペース (At My Own Pace)
  • Short 7: バレンタイン (Valentine)
  • Short 8: たきび (Bonfire)
  • Short 9: ポケモンセンター (Pokémon Center)
  • Short 10: なみのり (Surfing)
  • Short 11: アローラのニャース (Alolan Meowth)
  • Short 12: あまいゆうわく (Sweet Temptations)
  • Short 13: しりとり (Shiritori)
  • Short 14: ごちそう (Feast)
  • Short 15: おんがえし (Returning the Favor)
  • Short 16: ニャース商店~Pikachu in the forest編~ (Meowth Business ~Pikachu in the forest edition~)
  • Short 17: ピクニック (Picnic)
  • Short 18: ビートボックス (Beatboxing)
  • Short 19: こわいはなし (Scary Stories)
  • Short 20: バトル (Battle)

And short 20 hasn't released yet, the title was instead revealed onscreen at the end of short 19 on the see you next time thingy. So we don't know anything about it other than of course, vaguely the title. PokémonGamer* 19:54, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

As for those images, there doesn't appear to be many where I can edit them without there being a noticeable edit (that's why I just clean images from the start without using the dub's garbage with the Cartoon Network logo). Usually for anime images, I always obtain them from logoless sources because that's my style of uploading anime images, I'm not saying it's required. Maybe it's best to check to see if there are other sources where they can be obtained without said logo, watermark or whatever. PokémonGamer* 19:58, August 13, 2017 (UTC)
Nah, I think it's possible to edit those with the English translation over the Japanese text box. Bulbapedia prefers to edit out and blank the text box if it's not an official translation or use the Japanese ones as temporaries. I can't exactly do this without messing up the look of the image, and that's that - it's nothing to do with willing to do it - it's about being able to do it without messing up the image, and that's not possible. The reason I was able to easily edit out the logo out of those images on that other wiki is because it's a small logo over a background that still looks fairly legitimate without messing it up when editing it. If you can give me any Japanese sources and if I can find the font used in the textboxes, I can try typing them in and photoshopping the image to remove the logo that way. I don't see why it would be preferred to noticeably screw up the image in favor of not having the logo - it's best to photoshop the English text over a Japanese image if indeed that is possible, which I don't know yet. Like, I can do it without messing up the whole image, it's just that the bottom right will look awkward. Maybe I can upload an example of that to show? PokémonGamer* 20:26, August 13, 2017 (UTC)
This is my best attempt at removing the logo text out of one of them. Unlike anime episodes which I can access clean textless and logoless videos of, I cannot get textless images of that because I'm not an expert at finding manga sources. I had to use the Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool. The possibility of editing an image to remove text without noticeably screwing it up is based on what the specific logo is and what's supposed to be behind it. PokémonGamer* 20:49, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

Excuse me, but can you help me with something please?

Please help!!!! Stop this madness!!! (This is actually quite serious)

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For the opening in the American season episodes (due to us going by the US seasons), once we get up to SM053, should we stop listing Under The Alolan Sun as the opening theme? The reason is because all seasons produced under the TPCi dub have only gone up to 52 episodes, unlike the original ones done by 4Kids where the production seasons and the DVD seasons (the latter of which we go by) were inconsistent due to limitations of American television networks - they aren't given free will to choose an amount of episodes that goes past 52, so they considered all episodes that share a common title (Pokémon: Indigo League, for example) season 1 on the dub DVD's (the US dub DVD's being the ones we go by for our season listings here) but season 1 production-wise ends with the episode titled The Breeding Center Secret in English (which is not an error on the English site's part, they are intentionally going by the production order that TV networks allow up to). In the earlier 4Kids ones for seasons 1-5 and the beginning one with season 6 which was also dubbed by 4Kids, the season numbering in the production order and the season numbering on the DVD's (which goes by the "common title" of the arc) was inconsistent. With the DVD's, they are not held with the episode time and number restriction the networks restrict them to. The TV guides do consider "Pokémon: Indigo League" a one-season series (i.e., arc), but that does not mean the production season is the whole arc, that's just the season title arc (the version of the term "season 1" that we go by). However, let's get to the point:

The current ones, all the ones that are being produced by The Pokémon Company International (TPCi), have the same amount of episodes per season as the DVD's - any expectation to go beyond that fails to understand how seasons work in television production. Because the American networks restrict them to 52 episodes per season (production-wise) and that's how much they expect to be produced for the dub, they also consider the TPCi-produced episodes in the production season and the DVD season titles to be the same to fall within that restriction, unlike the 4Kids-dubbed episodes where we stick with the "common title" of the arc to refer to a season (i.e., the DVD seasons), not the season of the dub's production on the network that only goes up to 52. So, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon (season) (the 20th season of the English US dub) is definitely going to be over, and whatever episode is announced to be SM053 or any later episode number for that matter is definitely not going to be season 20, and is definitely not going to have the Under The Alolan Sun theme. It might be split up into part 1 and 2 like XY was with XYZ following it or have different season titles created like Best Wishes was, but anything SM053 or later is definitely not going to be season 20 and is thus definitely not going to have the Under The Alolan Sun theme, if you think carefully with an understanding of TPCi and TV network restrictions (it might even be some episodes before SM053 that will fall under season 21, but all I know is that anything past SM052 (SM053 and later) will definitely not be season 20).

So when we get towards SM053 and later episodes without the season 21 title announced by then (and the seasons thing not being applicable to the Japanese version or Japan in general), how should we do this? Should we create another table and split it on the season 20 as a temporary listing until we get any announcement on what season 21 of the English dub will be? It's not like it's guaranteed that it'll be announced alongside the Japanese run, and The Pokémon Company International advertising it as "a dub of a[n American] season" as though those exist in the Japanese version (they do not) is actually a misnomer - they are not separated that way in the original version. Bulb's German wiki separates these by seasons too so we shouldn't break apart from the dub season organizing that we're currently using (as Germany is located outside of Asia, and thus TPCi exists in Germany, and the dubbing staff makes the German version a dub over the English dub, including the USA English dub's season separation), we should just find a way to recognize that whatever episodes are SM053 or later are definitely not going to be season 20 episodes - all I know we can do is not list the Under The Alolan Sun opening in the template for those episodes, because it is definitely not going to be that when any episodes SM053 or later get around to dubbing. There's no early insight with public knowledge with TPCi - for all we know, they could've already dubbed several episodes that have not yet been announced in the Japanese version, as we know they dub episodes around (at least) 3 months or earlier prior to airing in the US (including before the Japanese airing) according to info we've had leaked before (including XY135's dub title, Rocking Kalos Defenses! leaking out to the public by some Cartoon Network fan named nhjm449 (who according to him, knows little about the anime) just days before the Japanese title was revealed), also according to the English voice of Meowth in the dub back when 4Kids was still dubbing it and Kids WB was still airing the English dub.

Finally, should we stop considering Pokémon Anime a proper noun (as in capitalizing Anime in the page title and on the page itself)? It's nowhere towards "special" just because it's made in Japan and just because the majority of users on this wiki do not live in Japan at all and have never been in Japan their whole life. (If it was the latter reason, then we're basing it on systemic bias in terms of global perspective, which we shouldn't have on an English wiki that assumes that the user or reader is fluent in English - not that the user lives or doesn't in a certain country - which is the reason why I removed the wording on Porygon-Z's article about the "stereotyping of how the Japanese pronounce their [L and R syllables]", because it takes it from an exclusively third person viewpoint assuming that the reader is not natively Japanese.) Whatever the reason is for why we're (somehow) capitalizing it, it's not a proper noun, and anime is just one of those shortened katakana words from animation and then considered in English as anime based on the shortened form in katakana to refer to Japanese animation, and I support lowercasing it when using the word anime on this wiki to refer to the whole series. PokémonGamer* 23:34, August 14, 2017 (UTC)

Another question: I think we should also only consider an episode "banned" if it was removed from the English dub due to being age-inappropriate or controversial, therefore I don't think we should consider clip show episodes such as DP120 as banned ones because there was nothing wrong with them - it's just that the dub doesn't consider them relevant. The word banned also implies that it was removed for a controversy-related reason. The episodes being Japanese clip shows with Japanese text on almost every shot and the episode meant to promote the series as an overview or as a whole in the Japanese version specifically is why the English dub wouldn't include it - it's not removed from the dub for being inappropriate. This can also be put up against any other episode, such as this one that we don't consider banned - I think we should only consider an episode banned if it was banned for inappropriateness or controversy such as the Porygon one for example, or the Ice Cave one, not just because the English dub decided to pass up on it due to finding it irrelevant. PokémonGamer* 00:19, August 15, 2017 (UTC)

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Okay, we can maybe wait until there's any confirmation on a season 21 and list all of them as season 20 episodes until then? Because while season 20 of the dub is certainly not going to go beyond 52 episodes due to the TV company's expectations for seasons, there can be some episodes before SM052 that will fall under whatever season 21 is so we can wait for any announcement or until anyone can access information on it through any official or reliable sources. Of course, they may do the same as 4Kids did and consider DVD seasons separate from TV seasons at some point too, that's the only other expectation that can be true if they were to consider season titles apart from the production seasons. All I know is that the production seasons are certainly never going to go past 52 episodes due to network broadcast restrictions that the network companies have, they may do the same as Indigo League and consider it a full "series" though, but the way I see it, they may likely split Sun & Moon into two or three as they did with XY, while doing the same as usual by restricting them to 52 episodes per season (the reason why the older seasons were going past 52 episodes is because the DVD did not restrict them to 52 episodes at most while the production organizing and the production codes restrict them to 52 episodes each season, TPCi is currently going up to 52 episodes per season on both DVD and production, and we go by the DVD's season title formatting, not the production formatting).
So all we can do is maybe just not list Under The Alolan Sun as the opening theme at a certain point where it is certain that it would not be the opening theme due to the episode count, as there is someone who has access to some internal info that hasn't been released otherwise on a Toonzone forum that was correct that Rival Destinies can only go up to 52 episodes and they don't know anything about the show, and they've also said they got it from a "source", indicating that it's likely someone from the Cartoon Network company who told them all that when CN was still airing the dub, but they don't want to give that out because it's a privacy issue. All we can do to stay consistent is to list them all as season 20 episodes until a season 21 named is out and released.
(Edit to the second comment that was here: nevermind, read below). PokémonGamer* 12:58, August 15, 2017 (UTC)
Oh, I see what you mean. Maybe "Skipped episodes" is better, because that would include any episode that was undubbed, not just banned for controversy, as well as episodes that were skipped in the original version such as AG101. Of course this would include episodes they were too lazy to dub, such as the post-series specials and the second one of those for XY, and specials they didn't dub, because it's unknown which ones would be considered normal and special by the dub. And we might also be able to list a section for episodes that are banned from rerunning such as IL038 and the temporarily rerun-banned episodes in the US of the Sekiei League (known as Indigo League in the English dub) that were temporarily pulled from air due to the 9/11 attacks. PokémonGamer* 13:01, August 15, 2017 (UTC)
I said "not" there as an incomplete sentence. I don't want to cause any confusion. I was meaning to write something there, not as in saying I did not understand it. PokémonGamer* 13:12, August 15, 2017 (UTC)


Energy X, a user "The Claws Of Santa" is insulting and swearing others even after a warning. One of the evidences are here:

Check out this Discussion post on Fandom Kindly ban him. Regards. Piyush shakya1 (talk) 14:47, August 15, 2017 (UTC)

(I'm editing out these large blocks of text to make them shorter) And as said, I understand the first part - it is rash and speculative nonetheless no matter how we're doing it, whether it's the way we're doing it now (by guessing that it will all be the same season) or whether we do it subjectively based on the episode number - SM041 might easily be a season 21 episode if they announce it as such when it gets dubbed - we don't know yet. American television has restrictions that Japanese television does not - that is the part you're not understanding - the only speculation lies with whether they'll have less episodes, whether they'll show episodes out of order as they did with the Pikachu movie episode of XY, and whether they'll not dub certain episodes, but most of it is showing the episode out of order - but it is confirmed fact that the television seasons only go up to 52 episodes (can be less, but certainly not more), and the 4Kids produced and DVD seasons would be longer than that such as Indigo League, which was around 80 episodes, so they had to split them in their production season format - the 52 episode rule isn't speculation, the other distortions I mentioned are.
The only thing that's an issue is that we're posting episodes just because they are confirmed in the Japanese version and we are guessing that they will be categorized under the latest announced season of the dub with no word on it at all. The only way we can put just episodes that are confirmed to fall under the season are to put episodes that are only announced in the Japanese version in a split table and only add them to the main table when they are announced in the dub or announced that they won't be dubbed and that certain ones will be banned - by the end of the dub season, we'll have only one table and that's the only way to do it without speculating - don't presume that I'm not against speculation, it is annoying whenever people post speculation in articles because it is subjective and is likely to be false.

PokémonGamer* 15:24, August 15, 2017 (UTC)

Another thing, if they were ever going to do another mini series as with how the Mega Evolution Acts were, would it be best to guess the titles if they appear to follow the same format, or wait until each title gets confirmed individually? I still think the fact that we were guessing English titles for those specials based on the format of the previous episode titles and the previous ones all following the same format and that it was speculation, but we don't have to worry about that specific scenario because the Mega Evolution special mini series is over by now. If they were to ever do anything like that again, I think we shouldn't guess the English titles based on the previous ones and wait for them to get confirmed one-by-one individually. Bulbapedia waited for the Mega Evolution Special dub titles to get confirmed individually, but that's a different matter - they could've easily named Mega Evolution Special IV differently for the dub (like Mega Evolution - The Finale for example) and advertise it as that in the English version - so if they were to ever do that, we shouldn't speculate what the English titles "might" be just because the others have had a format like that - and we should wait until they are individually confirmed as official. It's just like the policy not to add dub air dates until they are confirmed - we do not assume that the dubbed episodes are going to air in the United States weekly because an episode might get postponed to air after a one week break or have multiple episodes on the same day, both have occurred before. I also think we shouldn't guess the title of an episode that comes after part 1 by just changing the title to part 2, because while it's obvious the next title is going to be part 2 if part 1 is revealed, as a wiki, we must wait for things to be confirmed rather than just guess and assume.
On the topic of speculation, if we ever have a case where someone leaks a bunch of dub titles like it has happened in the past - should we wait until they're official (in other words, wait until they are on Zap2it in order or wait until a TV guide or schedule reveals it)? That's because these titles can be working temporary titles (meaning they are tentative, in other words the companies can change them at any time and redub the title card for example), even if they have 95% of the time turned out to be the official ones in the end. If they are scheduled, this means that the dub titles are certain, and we do use unofficial sources as long as they are real and the piece of information itself is official - for example, we use Zap2it, it isn't official, but it's owned by a huge company and uses Gracenote data to provide listings for the next month of a show, so it's reliable and the information is real even if it isn't an official source. We posted XY001 and XY002's dub titles and air dates because the user who revealed them before their official announcement is trustworthy and have turned out to have all their information correct in the past - but if they're leaking tons of titles that are not yet certain supported by how they don't yet have air dates, maybe it's best to wait until they are officially confirmed as final to start moving the pages? If anything, it's best to state tentative titles on a forum or blog posts, but we shouldn't be adding them to the pages until they are confirmed to be final. While not necessarily fake, they are unconfirmed as the final titles no matter how trustworthy the person is because they are unofficial leaks of tentative internal data - for example, they changed an episode's title from To Catch a Pokémon Monster! to To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! and we should not assume that a tentative English title is final and official, if it is in the works of production. If the unofficial source is reliable (like how Zap2it works) and it's scheduled according to the reliable source, then at least the info is official even if the source is not - as we base it on whether the info is real, confirmed, and comes from a reliable source, regardless of the official or unofficial status of the source. PokémonGamer* 15:54, August 15, 2017 (UTC)
I edited this whole post to make it shorter - the thing with the seasons is, it's not that I prefer to go rashly ahead of things and speculate things, it's just that I don't think we should outright assume things with episode details such as guessing titles based on their similarities with other episode titles and other things. PokémonGamer* 18:04, August 15, 2017 (UTC)
Maybe put * next to the "TBA" thing on the air date on the episode list until the title gets revealed? To say that it's not yet confirmed to be in that season when it gets around to dubbing, while at the same time listing the episode? The volume 3 on iTunes for the English dub's 20th season, its description (viewable here) mentions that "the class takes a trip to Akala Island—where Lana and Ash encounter a new and fearsome Totem Pokémon" which mentions SM031-SM033, confirming that SM032/SM033 will be season 20 (and that was put up on July 16, 2017, back when SM033 was the latest episode in Japan), however I think that as a principle, we should base that on whether the English dub's *title* is released. Even with TPCi's 52 episode at most per produced season restriction, episodes are sometimes shown out of order in the dub and we can't assume based on the Japanese order.
Also, if we were to ever run into an instance where an episode has an English title due to a dub being produced before the Japanese airing, and those titles end up getting released somehow (like how Turner Broadcasting, the owner of Cartoon Network, accidentally leaked XY024's dub title on May 20th in 2014 on its online scheduling (with the air date listed as July 5, 2014 and it being listed as a Pokémon the Series: XY season 17 episode) due to the scheduling being outdated from before the announcement of the Japanese version postponing the episode, and then pulling it down and changing it with XY025's dub title, Climbing the Walls! on May 21st, the next day later), can that be used as an English title if there's no better source giving a different title? (because titles like those are titles that were at one point official when it was dubbed, and if it ever actually airs or releases in any other way and gets dubbed like XY024 did, it is likely that they will use that as the dub title as with how XY024 got its dub title 6 months before its actual Japanese airing and therefore around 10 months prior to its actual dub airing), and I know that the unaired Plasma Gang episodes were not dubbed at all, as someone from TPCi's dub team has confirmed that those episodes specifically were sent to the US and he's seen them but TPCi chose not to dub them. We know AG101 wasn't dubbed at all because Maddie Blaustein has said in Q&A they are dubbed two to three months prior to airing in the US (as while as other things such as that the "Team Rocket is blasting off again!" phrase is recorded separately) at least with 4Kids and it usually takes them a week to finish dubbing it so there is no way it would've been dubbed if they were not going to air it, because its originally intended Japanese air date and the US air date if it was to have aired is months longer than that. So the thing is, there's no episode that has actually been fully canceled or not aired as promised in a long time as of yet, where an English title was made for it, only XY024 where it was temporarily canceled and aired later, but this could in theory work if something like this comes up where it was dubbed before the Japanese version skipped it and the title gets released somehow for the produced dub of it, just like how we did when Turner Broadcasting accidentally leaked XY024's dub title and Turner had it up there for a day on their press site, and I doubt they actually dubbed BW039's initial BW026 cut if it falls outside of their dubbing time period when compared as being prior to the airing of the dub, if they didn't get around to dubbing the Plasma Gang ones - they might have received them, but by no means would they have dubbed them, seeing as how Maddie Blaustein isn't the dub actor of IL018's 2000 dub because 4Kids skipped over it in 1998.
If AG101, and the Plasma Gang episodes ever actually air, and they have a different opening and ending theme to match with the current opening and ending theme, I think we can list the opening and ending theme for the final cut that actually aired, but if they don't air, we can just list the opening theme and ending theme as what they were originally intended if they would've aired. (AG101 has only been recognized in the fact that no earthquake-like moves have been used in the anime since the earthquake that caused its postponement, and IL038 has only been recognized in the dub by how it screwed up the Poké Rap order for the days of the week because the editor or whoever is responsible for managing that apparently used the originally intended Japanese order that it would've been if that incident hadn't occurred, making me wonder if 4Kids actually received the original 1997 cuts - they could've dubbed IL038 and then when having to send in the non-original cut to the network, there was none as the Japanese companies had banned the episode and they moved on from it, never looking back - but I don't know for sure, that's the only thing that would actually legitimately fall within line with the evidence we have of what is actually confirmed and not speculated - but the only other thing that's a bit odd about this is that if it was dubbed, someone would've probably leaked it and/or sold it online by now, and Veronica Taylor had said they didn't dub it and will never be dubbing it in the future.)

PokémonGamer* 20:16, August 15, 2017 (UTC)

Actually, I've changed my mind on the suggestion, because we could just list it next to the episode code in the table to mean that the episode has been confirmed in the Japanese version, but that doesn't mean that it is guaranteed to air in that season in non-Asian dubbing. PokémonGamer* 21:09, August 15, 2017 (UTC)
Also, I think waiting for confirmation on the 20th anniversary opening theme and the Alola!! theme used in episodes should be necessary, because it is unknown when they'll stop using it and switch back to the Alola!! theme. The rumor that I have now states that they will continue to use it for now and switch back at SM041, the other rumor I have is that they'll stop using them in the SM050's numbers and switch back next year in 2018, however that is speculation for now, nothing has been confirmed yet. I think we should wait until the TV Tokyo TV guide has a page for the episode that lists the opening theme as such which happens 8 days ahead of the airing - because no, contrary to popular belief, is not the primary source that has exclusive access to cast lists before the episodes air and they are not the primary source that releases them contrary to the beliefs of the majority of the English-speaking Japanese version fandom - they are just translating what they read from TV Tokyo's TV guide page for the episode but no one on the wiki except for me ever uses the listings on the TV Tokyo site and they copy the voice actor info from Bulbapedia without checking it themselves. I'm just stating this to see if you believe anything about this to the contrary. They are likely going to change to Alola!! at any time now, so I think assuming it's the 20th anniversary theme is merely speculation.
As for anime episodes, I am currently working on storing them elsewhere so as to save space on my hard drive - I download my episode videos from someone who has the Japanese Amazon Prime service, as I only have the Japanese Hulu and Netflix services and the HD episodes that Amazon Prime has for DP, BW, XY, and SM are of the best quality yet (their 480p episodes of the older ones they have are a bit iffy on quality, but I know a group of users who distributes Pokémon episodes over an IRC storage server), but they're far better than pocketmonsters fansubs quality whereas pocketmonsters copies off TV broadcasts and Amazon Prime does not have the logos or any other TV broadcasting garbage such as the highly intrusive and distracting seizure warning and data broadcast notice at the start, and they do not have onscreen text on the next episode previews for episodes that are going to air after a one week break that state a notice as such - they still have the 次回予告 thing with the furigana letters じかいよこく written on top of it as that is normal episode content (except for at least in the Korean dub), but otherwise, there's no text or onscreen content on the episodes. So if there's any hiatus in any anime image tasks, don't be surprised. I'm trying to save them to have them personally stored away somewhere else to access them at any time.

PokémonGamer* 21:36, August 15, 2017 (UTC)

Mod Request

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I have no problem, Magic kaito. But, I know, you ain't an active user there. Second, I wanna become one of them Cuz, whenever, I see any kind of spam, I'll try to remove them (whenever)! Cuz, I'm confessing that I love Pokemon wiki, and I can do anything for this (Anything). So, Sir should try for once. Anyways, I ain't here for these things rn.. Sir, There's a user "username" "Ahnik sarkar". He's spamming there in wiki, he made a new account there "username" "Tony420". Kindly ban him. He's Insulting users like us. Ahnik sarkar's bio :- Check out Ahnik Sarkar on Pokemon. Tony's Bio :- Check out Tony420 on Pokemon. Please, try to check his all Replies and deleted replies too. He accepted that both accounts are same.

Maybe we can change the Pokédex links for the other sites as "see also" or "on other sites" or anything similar? "Sources" implies that those sites are the official, primary references of the information seen on the articles, which they are not except for the English site Poké, and is not the primary source of everything, they use datamined information such as encounter rates from people who know how to hack the game (for example, I know how to hack the game for Gens I-V), and they are not "primary" sources as in taking them from Nintendo. They are more like "see also" links, and they are not the primary sources of information seen on the article, so I think we should change the section names to match that. PokémonGamer* 19:28, August 17, 2017 (UTC)

I just checked out Discussion profile's

And Master Ketchum 02's reports right ^ Tony420 is Ahnik Sarkar as reported. Thought i'd let you know. Kind Regard's i'll check other reports as well....Trainer Micah (talk) 03:49, August 18, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you for the message and checking it's amazes me how users misbehave. So you notice i'll check the other reports out when i return. Amazingly Regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 14:11, August 18, 2017 (UTC)


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Post-episode segments

Those "gag" segments (Live Caster, Poké TV, Poké Question) only exist in the Japanese version, and the Asian dubs that base on the Japanese version (such as the Korean one, whereas the Korean version of the franchise is also based on the English version too, with some of the Pokémon names they have being transliterated from English localized ones, mixed with many of them that are based on the normal Japanese names), and they are cut from the dub - even the Japanese Netflix service that skips those along with the next episode previews, segments that are always left intact in other releases such as DVD's, Hulu, Amazon Prime, reruns, and original airings most of the time. The dub skipping them is just a dub edit (and I admit, one of the reasons why I primarily follow the Japanese version as I have for a while now, because it has more segments with cool stuff in them), and as most versions outside of Asia (such as dubs for Spanish and French, and others like German and Italian, where TPCi also exists) use the English dub as the basis for their own dub (therefore, you see tons of titles in those dubs that appear to be translated from the English ones, and the segments follow the English dub as such, excluding next episode preview, and those mini/side segments that are added to the episode), whereas the Asian ones almost always have the next episode preview in them because they are translating the narrations and onscreen content of the Japanese preview - which is actually a segment in the episode, contrary to the popular belief that it is just a thing shown on first airings and on TV Tokyo's YouTube channel just to promote the episode - and many anime have "next episode previews" that follow after the credits, not just this one, so it's normal for the original Japanese version of any anime to include such previews - whereas those Sunday morning ones (Pokénchi, Pokémon Sunday, generally referred to on YouTube as "second previews", which they're not actually called officially) are not episode segments - they are one time promotional teasers that are shown specifically for a Japan-based Sunday morning show on TV Tokyo, so it's not like it's something we should note in the trivia section of pages - that would be more "videos" suited for before the episode airs.

I don't think having it on all those pages is necessary - but it wasn't me who thought about making all those edits at first, it was Wikiamem. Saying on the anime page, something about a general dub differences section or something like that, that segments like side ones (Orchid-hakase ones, Poké TV, Trivia Quiz in some AG episodes I've noticed, and Poké Question), 5-second jikai otanoshimini tags (which appear to exist solely on Hulu and reruns in the Japanese version, and are thus not that popularly known to exist), and next episode previews are always excluded from every episode in the dub. We can also maybe mention a few times where it has conflicted with the main story line as examples and that they've been excluded in the dub as a result (for example, the Booster in XY095 using Flamethrower was removed from the English dub's canon), and just put it at "all of them are excluded in the dub" - that would be (likely) more notable on the page for the anime in general - just because one episode out of every single one of the hundreds and nearly thousand that exclude it, exclude the segment shouldn't be notable to put on every single page. PokémonGamer* 10:57, August 20, 2017 (UTC)


I just made a Quiz post on the forums, could you try answering it? I'm pretty sure it is tough

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Post series specials discussion

Just to let you know, Mega Evolution Special IV is a Pocket Monsters XY special that is considered the final episode of XY as a whole when put into listings such as the rental DVD's of the Japanese version, Amazon Prime's Japanese service, and I remember when Hulu Japan still had the streaming licensing rights to stream XY series episodes, they put it in the XY playlist, not the XY&Z playlist (and all the official listings scatter the specials with the main episodes, so it's officially XY), so it's an XY arc special, not an XY&Z arc special, regardless of if it aired alongside XY094 in the 1 hour special airing. Even the dub aired it as the last episode premiere of 2015 before going on a months break and returning with XY094 in February 2016. I don't want them to be incorrectly listed as Pocket Monsters XY&Z if we ever need to specify that in an article, it's really Pocket Monsters XY (I want to avoid confusion on which one it is so you're aware).

Also, I remember you said that it doesn't belong in a "specials" season - well, we have Rougela's Christmas and The Bivouac of Iwark - the two specials that aired later as lost episodes (the Rougela's Christmas one being shown in the next episode preview at the end of IL038, the episode that only aired once, due to that being its originally intended order).

As for post series specials (as we discussed earlier), I think now it may be best to number them as normal episodes (such as XY141 and XY142) and have the opening paragraph say that it is "the special 48th/49th episode of Pokémon the Series: XYZ" and apply this to every season. All official Japanese episode lists such as Amazon Prime, reruns on Kids Station, and Hulu scatter the specials (such as Mega Evolution) within the normal episodes, so that's not what we're working by. We should consider it this way because it is neither 100% regular or special, there is official confirmation that it is either - they are treated as "extra" (i.e., "special") episodes by the Japanese version - they are extras of the normal main series, not completely 100% "purely" specials - this is why the segments are the same as any other normal episode, such as the post episode segment, the WTP, and the opening and ending, and why the previews are not different - see here, the previews are different for "merely 100% specials", such as the preview for Mega Evolution Act IV shown after XY093 promoting it with a different title card and putting the logo to the side - that's because in the official lists, they are treating it as though the "special" which is scattered with the normal ones on sources like Amazon Prime fall next in the order (or in this case, the Amazon Prime playlist), and thus they make specially designed 30 second next episode previews for those (such as how they put the logo in the bottom right corner on Mega Evolution Act IV's preview), the preview for the post series specials indicates that it is the same as a regular episode - the promotion of them as "specials" is meant to indicate that they are normal episodes that are "extra" type specials - the dub considers them to be normal as you can see by the XYZ episode's dub - there are official sources that say it is both normal and special, the sources that say it is normal just don't mention its status as being "normal", the source is just that the segments are the same because it's obvious they're treating it as "normal" - they are just normal episodes with the only reason for them being treated as special is due to their post series inclusion as "extras" but they are also otherwise normal episodes - there is no objective proof that it is 100% of either - it is best to number them XY141 and XY142 and consider them "special [x number] episode of the season" and also list them on the Pokémon Special page, same goes with the other ones, because those are neutral towards either, and it's not like the mere 100% specials - see how Bulb's Japanese affiliate considers them both normal and special episodes, because they are officially both - of course, since you don't know Japanese, I'll translate to you what they're saying in the opening paragraph: "The Strongest Duo! Citron and Dent!! is the Pocket Monsters XY [series] 142nd episode. It is the 49th episode of XY&Z and is a special arc episode." They are officially both - I think we should make it more able to be found on episode lists and consider it both to be less confusing, because it is to be viewed as though it is a normal episode of the series while being an "extra" type special - so the dub knows what they're doing in considering it normal, it's not that surprising and it will help us add it to the XYZ episode list without confusion. But as with OI001 (which starts the Orange Islands adventure arc), the location of Satoshi in his journey is irrelevant to the status of an episode's series it belongs in officially.

Bulb's Japanese wiki also considers the Christmas episodes of Sekiei League with Satoshi's Lizardon still a Hitokage as special episodes and they name the page by their episode's title - they are following the same logic that I am suggesting here - in the official plot line of the series, they are airing as lost episodes as they were able to refresh from the IL038 incident with Pikachu's Forest newly created as the new IL039, so there's no telling whether Rougela's Christmas or Pikachu's Forest is, in continuity, first or second, because they are officially aired as lost episodes later on - that logic does not apply to later episodes like BW039, or XY024. Because these post series episodes are considered episodes of the normal series order as well as "extras" (i.e., "specials" in that case), it is better to name it under the normal episode numbering and consider it the "special [x number of episode in season] episode" as to avoid confusion and make things a lot, lot simpler - while using how it is officially intended in the Japanese version to refer to those types of episodes. The only reason I need to get admin approval of this is because this is something likely of a nature that would need to be discussed - the thing about XY024 being season 18 and not season 17 did not need to be discussed because there were objective, official sources that cleared up the situation - including dubbed DVD seasons, which is mainly what we go by here, regardless of the numbering.

Just because most of the English speaking Pokémon fan sites consider those post series episodes merely as specials with no recognition to the fact that they're also officially considered normal episodes on the other hand (just as "extras" specials of the main episode count), doesn't mean this is not manageable in any way. Considering them "special [x number episode] of the season" because they are formatted that way by the episode segments (such as the Japanese-only post episode segment and the others in the Japanese version and dub alike) - even to the point of being considered normal in the dub as recognized by TPCi - is more neutralized and centered on being formatted differently than other special episodes in being half counted as a normal episode, and half special. I see why the fan site wikis in non-English languages consider them as "special edition episodes of the normal episode count/normal series number" and I find their reasoning perfectly legitimate and reasonable. It's less confusing, more manageable (makes the episode page more able to find), and for one thing we're not going to have to worry about people moving it without a consensus, and the English dub considers it a normal episode because that's partially what it is (based on the format of the episode segments, as they want you to think of it as a "special episode of the main story canon" (i.e., applicable to the main episode count), so it's easier to just have it as the main episode number count while being considered "specials" in the sense that they are extra pairs of episodes to the main episode count of the pair of episodes that have nothing to do with the main journey.

It's also comparable to DP120 - it's a Japanese version only clip show but we don't consider it merely a special just because it's an overview - it's officially an episode, with the plot being an overview summary and therefore being irrelevant to the dub. These post series ones are special episodes of the main story plot of the season, and they are officially treated as such - we shouldn't treat them merely as specials, we should treat them as how it is considered to be both officially, and it's more (officially) accurate in the series count than calling it merely a special.

[I hope by this point, you can see why it is as I'm stating it is by how it is placed in the series officially in the original Japanese canon, sorry if that was too much to read but I wanted to explain the details of it clear enough.]

The reason why the Christmas specials of the Sekiei League are considered as specials is because they were able to fill the continuity gap by refreshing the anime's 1997 fans with the Pikachu's Forest episode after a 4 month break and there would be no way to put it within continuity sufficient enough. The best way to do it would be how we do it, make up the OVA episode code and put it under there, listing it over the originally intended numbered episodes as they were the originally intended order. But in the new continuity with the Pikachu episode, it was safe enough to therefore conclude that the episodes are being aired as lost episodes later and are included in a dub season - the same as how we consider IL018 a normal episode due to being as such in the Japanese version but the dub's seasons do not recognize it, it just aired as a standalone lost episode special that only aired twice on Kids WB and never being seen again in the US. That's why these post series specials, or even BW039 or XY024 to start off with, are not the same as Rougela's Christmas and Iwark Bivouac.

After all, this is not the only time that something would be considered 特別編 (tokubetsu-hen, special edition since I know you're not one of the few users here who can read Japanese) and be numbered the same way as a normal episode. We've already agreed that if BW023 and BW024 are ever aired or otherwise released, they are likely going to air them as special episodes (likely they would consider it BW material airing years overdue as with the second post series special, which aired months overdue during XY), but regardless we are going to keep the numbering as is but listing it on the Pokémon Special page would be sufficient...maybe. They could choose not to create any post series specific SM specials and air the Plasma Gang ones as SM or as years overdue BW specials or anything like that - after all, those episodes were intended to be aired on two separate weeks with the first part ending off on a cliffhanger until next week - heck, they can even choose to dub them as lost episodes and air them as specials in the English dub, just not under a dub season, or air them in English two days after Japan like they did with XY001/XY002 as Japan is in Thursdays time slot and the US is Saturdays, so Saturday is two days after Thursdays on a single week, and can fill in that time slot perfectly within a two day gap.

If we go by my suggestion, the numbering of the episodes in the infobox and the season pages would need to be updated to include 6 episodes (DP/BW/XY extra episode pairs) as being officially partially normal episodes but this is just the same as BW023/BW024 - either we do a consistent format with those (if they ever air, as we agreed), or we not - but on wikis, it's always the best to remain consistent with that kind of stuff. PokémonGamer* 00:42, August 21, 2017 (UTC)


That was actually a BW one - it was aired months in delay, but official episode lists such as on Amazon Prime consider it BW, and the opening, ending theme, and segments follow the BW theme. Airing during the XY series did not affect much - it was aired as a one hour special premiere with an XY episode - but the dragon master thing is a BW special. The preview for it wasn't shown after the Dent and Takeshi one because it was not immediately followed but the Amazon Prime release, which treats the anime previews as in episode segments (yes, they (usually) apply to anime in general), rather than promotional clips, shows the preview for it at the end of the Dent and Takeshi one - it was a post series BW episode and special, but aired months in delay, it is officially apart of the BW pair, not the XY pair (the ones after XYZ), it was just initially aired during XY, that's all. The reason why some official sites like TV Tokyo and Pokémon Company didn't include the dragon master episode is because they're based on the initial broadcasts, and they wouldn't put it under the archived Best Wishes section, and this episode is therefore not recognized on DVD, this episode hardly has recognition on rereleases, but the Amazon Prime library has it, and includes the preview for it at the end of the Dent and Takeshi one - so it's officially apart of the BW pair, as expected, just airing months in delay. If the Plasma Gang episodes air as specials, they would be considered BW ones here, just airing years in delay, that's all. Of course then they would have to edit the dragon master special to insert the preview for part 1, and put part 2 edited without the BW025 preview attached. But nonetheless, even if it aired during SM, we would consider them BW specials and keep them in their original storyline numbering due to how it would affect over a hundred page moves down the road.

The title for the 2nd BW post series episode special was notably accidentally leaked on the official website's section for BW when it was up for a very brief time frame when it was listed alongside the already aired episodes and was taken down just a short time after (like after being up for minutes), but there were people who visited that page and still saw it, so that's when Bulbapedia created it there, and that's when it originally got revealed. It was also so extremely obvious that it was real, because promotional first broadcast screening after a few of the episodes of the series that are not apart of the post series pair showed clips that indicated there would be an episode with that type of content in it. This also makes me wonder if that episode was ever rescheduled but it wasn't announced at first or whether they intended it to air later due to them having a certain deadline by which XY would start.

And even if Rougela's Christmas aired normally after IL038 if the IL038 incident never happened, we would've considered it IL039 - they only aired them as lost episode 1998 Christmas specials because they were rescheduled to approach the end of the next year as Christmas specials that are not relevant to the plot, as can be seen with how Satoshi's Lizardo/Lizardon (wherever it was evolved then) was seen as its Hitokage form, same goes with the Iwark Bivouac one - back when I don't remember how many years back it was when I started following the anime, that's what got me to go online and I realized the Cyber Soldier Porygon (IL038) thing was why Satoshi still had Hitokage unevolved in the plot during the original Japanese version of the anime, and subsequently the dub. Whatever version finally aired is what is considered canon here, such as how we named the fishing sommelier episode as BW039 instead of BW026, because that's its canon continuity in terms of how it finally aired in the end.

The Pikachu Forest episode was created to air in April after the Porygon incident was resolved - makes sense, as clearly, in Japan, scheduling is very delicate and things are planned several months in advance - which made the Christmas ones go out of continuity and air separately as lost episode Christmas specials for the next year during the Sekiei League's initial run. Nyarth's voice actor was asked if they would air Rougela's Christmas or the Porygon episode in edited form. They said that they want to treat "episode #38 as an illusion and as if it never existed, but we still plan on showing Rougela's Christmas" - and of course, the Christmas episodes were aired as off-to-the-side specials with no established continuity due to Pikachu's Forest and as can be seen by Satoshi's Hitokage being in its unevolved form.

I get my Amazon Prime versions by downloading them from another person who pays annually for the service (it's around $30/year in USD) - as it's easier given that I already pay for two Japanese services montly, the ones for Hulu and Netflix - and I also have to spend money on monthly fees paying for my American streaming services. I use the Amazon ones all the time for the widescreen episode image uploads, because their HD episodes are fully in 1080p and display well on my 1080p HD monitor screen (they are even better than ones like pocketmonsters fansubs and those other torrents online that use the TV airings), making it a good choice for images like BW022 (which I've started on getting bigger images for), and Dogasu describes Amazon Prime as the best way to watch Pocket Monsters in Japan. Best of all, they don't include the onscreen text (except for ones that are considered apart of the episode, like the onscreen text indicating that the Dent and Takeshi ones are special ones among the main episodes during their preview), but all text exclusive to television broadcasts - including removals of certain segments sometimes - isn't there because they use the unedited fully HD episode masters for them.

And as for that, yes, but even if it wasn't that way, the official episode listings take priority over how it is assumed to be that way based on the plot. That's why the dub aired it and XY094 months in delay - the original Japanese version one-hour'd it with XY094 (if you know what I mean) as to bridge over between the two as the next story of the anime, because regardless, that special is the final episode in the original Japanese lists for Pocket Monsters XY, which considered it the final XY episode as those official lists for other releases of the anime for on demand streaming services like Amazon Prime and Hulu also have the specials scattered in there (on Amazon, and I remember Hulu back when they still had the rights to air it, they have it with XY093 considered the 96th episode due to the other Mega Evolution specials being put in there too, with Mega Evolution Act IV put as episode 97).

Of course, I know you understand that part - I'm not saying you don't - I just want us to take what I mentioned in the above paragraph as the applied principle if anything like this comes in the future for future specials - to go by the official lists that scatter them within the normal episode listings, which make it easier to determine what it is in the series. PokémonGamer* 11:04, August 21, 2017 (UTC)

And as for that numbering (just want to make this a second comment so you can see it), due to it being a BW special (as it is officially named by the Amazon Prime playlist) airing months in delay (as seen by the segments in the episode considering at such), we would consider it BW146: Iris VS Clair! The Road to Dragon Master!! and say that it is "the special 47th episode of Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond." (the dub considers specials of the "end-of-series non-main adventure" nature as normal episodes per the dub of the XYZ legend special, because they use the same segments so that would be easier to manage and easier to find for those following by the dub seasons too, we would list them on the normal episode lists with the normal numbers while also listing them on the special episode lists, if we go by what I'm talking about here) It would be best to put into trivia that it aired as a one hour special in XY. It's the second apart of the BW pair airing months later around the XY020-XY029 numbers (I think it was XY021), so it wouldn't be confusing to consider it as such. PokémonGamer* 11:34, August 21, 2017 (UTC)
And another thing: should we consider it as Pokévision with the V lowercase? That's how it is on the official English website, and it makes it more consistent for the title. And yeah, re-releases (in other words, versions that use the normal standalone version of the episode instead of TV Tokyo's initial airing cut with the XY ending theme "X Strait Y Scenery" at the end of the second BW special on the first airing) consider that second special with the BW themes, it airing with the XY themes is just a result of airing during XY, but re-releases on other versions use the BW themes as they did with that Dent and Takeshi one. And in case it needs to be brought up, I think it's best to primarily name them under the normal numbers, not the SS numbers, because they're not purely specials, they're more main series episodes than specials, just that they are also on the other hand officially termed as "specials" among the normal episodes in terms of how they're not apart of the main journey, but they're still apart of the main series officially. PokémonGamer* 11:36, August 21, 2017 (UTC)


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@Energy X - I checked the deleted contributions log (as that is available to people with the delete right, such as Content Moderators), and none of my comments that existed prior to the apparent deletion were listed there, so I think the system may be storing them elsewhere. It may be best for him to contact Fandom Support and request explanation of the issue that's going on - none of us deleted anything from his blogs. PokémonGamer* 20:03, August 21, 2017 (UTC)
And as for the other thing with the post series episode pairs, should we start moving them now with the formatting I've suggested? We can list a separate section called episode pairs for the Pokémon Special page - because specials of this nature are normal episodes as well, per what the segments within them suggest, just that they have nothing to do with Satoshi's journey (which is why they're normal and special episodes under the definitions) - so much as to the point where the dub considers them normal episodes (per the XYZ episode's dub). Now with how much updating we'll have to do, I think we should do it this way:
  • Start with the DP ones: [red links removed] (DP192 and DP193), change the infobox episode numbers after that to be two numbers up, and then do the BW ones: [red links removed] (BW145 and BW146, with BW146 airing months overdue), change the infobox episode numbers after that to be two numbers up, and then do the XY ones: [red links removed] (XY141 and XY142), and change the infobox episode numbers after that to be two numbers up.

Now I also want to get another thing out of the way: the Mewtwo Saga thing is a three parter, with their own previews (which are different than the normal ones in using their own title cards and not putting a "jikai yokoku" screen because the individual parts have an eyecatch that says "MEWTWO LIVES" at the bottom right of the screen for the first and second parts surrounding the commercial break), the normal opening and ending during the Jouto region - but it is more of a special being scattered in with normal episodes with the official Japanese episode lists and it's more of a Mega Evolution Acts type thing and it was also aired on the final week of December of that year where it would normally be a Pokémon special and has no continuity that is meant to be taken as such in the main series. I know that it is normally to be taken as a full thing that is over 1 hour but this list has it as a 3 part special with the parts having the normal opening, ending, and previews.

But the difference with the Mewtwo Saga is that it is its own special divided into 3 parts (like the Mega Evolution ones) and episode lists like those mix in the special episodes with the main ones based on the order in which it aired - that's why we consider the Mewtwo Saga the same as the Mega Evolution ones for example.

I think that the only thing we can base it on really as an objective measure of whether they're regulars or specials is the Japanese version's "next episode preview" segments - as the ones for XY141 and XY142 (which our numbering implies them to be exclusively specials, even though they're not exclusively specials), those previews promote them as being "next time" (次回) on the main quest with usually the title card for the normal episode previews (saying "next time" [jikai], "[episode title]"), while they are accompanied by the advertising of them as "specials" (特別編) as well, which is what we can use as an objective measure in the future. We base it on what they are promoted as in the Japanese version and the next episode previews consider them both main series and special content as well. The ones that are merely special episodes that share nothing to do with the main plot do not have their previews explicitly mention that they are next up on the main arc.

The other holiday episodes, such as the ones for holidays that exist only in Japan and not foreign countries (such as children's day, which the episode for it is considered The Purr-fect Hero in the dub), were considered "extra edition" specials (番外編), but we have them under the normal numbering because they fit within the continuity enough to have an IL number on the wiki. The Christmas specials didn't fit within the continuity they would've been in if IL038 incident did not occur, so we number them as a made up code named OVA and list them in the Indigo League episode list because they were intended to air after IL038 as normal series episodes within the IL039/IL040 continuity, but although they're normal Indigo League episodes like the other holiday ones for the holidays that do not exist in foreign countries (such as Children's Day and the Hina Festival Day), the Christmas ones do not have a continuity that we can neutrally number them under with the IL code in the anime canon, due to the Pikachu Forest one (the one that ended up airing as IL039) taking over as the one that is placed after IL038 in the continuity, and nothing was retconned to the Christmas ones. For XY024, the episodes were moved upwards by one week, so we could neutrally place it as XY024 - but for the Rougela one, that was replaced altogether by the Pikachu forest one and although Rougela's episode (and the Iwark Bivouac one) aired later, it did not fall under the continuity in which it aired - so there is no way to legitimately and reasonably place this in the IL060-IL069 group that it actually aired in - and the only way to do this is to make up a separate episode code that applies only to those two and put them in the Indigo League episode list under those codes. They are normal episodes *and* holiday specials, just the same as the ones for the holidays that exist in Japan only and therefore do not exist in any foreign countries - just that they cannot be reasonably placed under the IL code because a new episode was created to fit into IL039 in continuity.

I am trying to just elaborate the above section for you just so we can be aware and not cause confusion - if the Christmas ones aired in their normal episode format that they would've been if IL038 incident did not occur, the format would remain undisturbed and we would consider the Christmas ones as IL039 and IL040 to this day, but because the IL038 incident occurred, the Christmas ones are no longer IL039 and IL040 as they were originally scheduled to be at first - they are just specials standing on their own merits of being lost episodes of Indigo League that aired later on with no IL### continuity that would be reasonable, unlike XY024, which can reasonably be numbered as XY024 due to how it remained in that continuity and the episodes were just aired out of order - heck, if IL039 did not have a new episode to create a new continuity, and they were the Christmas episodes airing in April, we would've numbered them as IL episodes - it's all because of that Pikachu episode taking over as IL039 that we cannot reasonably find a place to number it as an IL episode - that's why it's considered an episode under the OVA code here (despite being a regular Indigo League season episode), not because it's a holiday episode because there are other holiday specials we consider as IL code episodes. I'm also elaborating that based on the differences in the previews and the distinct aspects of the format that makes it different from the three parts of the Mewtwo Saga.

Another objective measure of being a normal episode is for it to have a post-episode segment inserted at the end as a mini segment eyecatch gag - those are the segments that are not dubbed in the English localization. There are episodes that do not have the post episode segment on their first airing but those are due to promotions such as the movie event, and that has nothing to do with the episode's status as a regular episode - as every normal episode has post episode segments, just that when they are aired on weeks with movie promotions, TV Tokyo cuts the segments out of the episode - that doesn't mean they don't exist in the episode. The usage of this as evidence of being a normal or special episode isn't however applicable evidence to episodes like the Sekiei League ones and the ones before post episode segments were introduced - the format of the preview would be the only evidence there of which ones are normal, but then again, they weren't intended to have any specials that would be previewed at the end of an episode - all of them were normal episodes back then. The three parts of the Mewtwo Saga as they are separated on Amazon Prime Japan do not have a post episode segment unlike the actual regular episodes.

I'm mainly stating this here as a final assurance before we move the end-of-series episode pairs to normal episode numbers while stating that they are both normal and special episodes - because while that's what they are, not just merely specials only, I'm just asking you for final confirmation if we should move it to the normal episode numbers now in case there's something else we'd have to do afterwards that I'm missing. This is not the first time I've changed around numberings for the overall series episodes, I did that before when placing XY024 as a season 18 episode and not a season 17 episode due to it being an episode of the 18th season of the dub, not the 17th dub season like it was originally intended, and I am aware that all we need to do is consider the XY ones for example as "the special 48th/49th episode of Pokémon the Series: XYZ" (and do the same for all the other ones that normal episodes, but are also "specials" at the same time that are meant to be thought of as bonus episode pairs that are considered under the normal series) and list them both on the normal episodes list and the specials list. PokémonGamer* 20:57, August 21, 2017 (UTC)

That's not what I was saying - I was saying we should decapitalize the V letter in the word Pokévision because that's how it is spelled on the official English website, which as you said is more trustworthy, but you also said "yeah" there, implying that you were agreeing with what I was saying. Did you actually mean keep it capitalized then, or to lowercase it (as with how the official English-language site does it)? PokémonGamer* 21:21, August 21, 2017 (UTC)
I also think it's a bit iffy on whether the Pokémon Ranger ep comes before or after the Shaymin one for DP. If the Shaymin one coming first in the hour special is just a thing exclusive to the first airings, then that shouldn't be how we base it on - because the first airings in the Japanese version have been known to alter the flow of the series - such as how the X Strait Y Scenery song was placed at the end of BW146, and there are segments that tend to be skipped on first airings - and on the one hour special airing with Mega Evolution Act IV and XY094, they treated it as though Mega Evolution Act IV is XY&Z and not XY and they advertised it as being a one hour airing on the site - and Pokémon Company's official site has it the way it originally airs because it follows by the original airings - but I don't think we should go by a certain numbering if it is just an edit made to the first airings that is inapplicable to the normal versions - just because the first airings are the ones most commonly pirated on the internet does not mean we should go by them 100%. The official English site places the Ranger one as DP168 and the Shaymin one as DP169 and the Japanese Amazon Prime service places the Ranger one first, so it's not like it's an edit made to the episode order in the dub. The Japanese rental DVD's for Diamond and Pearl skip the Ranger one altogether and put it on a different DVD set it appears.
I've heard in the US, Ranger was skipped and aired months later but the production code has it as 1311 with the Shaymin one as 1312, hence why the English site lists it as that.
If the Ranger one coming after the Shaymin one is an edit that only applies to the 1 hour premiere airing, then I do not think we should rely on that as the determiner. But the Ranger one is a normal episode nonetheless, supported by the same evidence that we use to support the episode pairs at the end of a series being mainly regular ones.
Again, it's a little unclear about this one - but if someone can check and verify the claim that the Ranger one coming after the Shaymin one is a thing exclusive to first airings - then we should change it around to the normal standalone one - the first airings are not what we consider priority for episode order - DP192 and DP193 were aired months overdue during the BW series, and BW146 were aired during the XY series - but that doesn't mean that they are apart of the next series at all, that just means the TV airings change it up to appear as though it is intended to be put in the next series, though it is clearly not.
Again, the Ranger one is put before the Shaymin one in the original Japanese version and dub. The original Japanese airings put the Ranger one after the Shaymin one. If someone can verify that it is a thing exclusive to the original airings of the Japanese version, then we should use the normal one with the Ranger one as DP168 and the Shaymin one as DP169 - because the original airings have been known to modify this kind of stuff a lot, that doesn't mean it's the normal version of the episode or that it's true to the normal episode itself. I think Hulu Japan and Amazon Video Prime Japan use the same lists, meaning Hulu had Ranger as DP168 and Shaymin as DP169, not the other way around (Shaymin being DP168 and Ranger being DP169), back when it was still licensed to show the Diamond and Pearl series on its streaming service. The dub list has Ranger as DP168 and Shaymin as DP169 (which is believed to normally be the case). And yes, I have the Amazon Prime version through rips provided by someone else I know, and the preview shown at the end of DP167 on there shows the one for the Ranger episode while the preview at the end of the Ranger episode shows the one for the Shaymin episode. I believe the original airings edited to match how it was organized in the original airings, and that the DP168-Shaymin/DP169-Ranger ordering might be a first airings only thing. American TV listings that had listed the Japanese title had listed one that was a straight through translation of the Ranger one's at first, so that's another reliable source that says that Ranger comes first and Shaymin comes second - the people who manage Disney XD's TV guides I've seen them list fan translations of Japanese titles that are stolen from Wikipedia on their reusable listings guide (as listings that are never used) and list them by the Japanese air dates. Again, if it's just the first Japanese airings, then it's not what we should go by because first airings have altered content like that in a way that is not the normal version of the episodes.

PokémonGamer* 01:39, August 22, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, I thought he was referring to the comments on the Sun & Moon predictions blog that were gone - yeah, I couldn't find those in the deleted contributions logs. PokémonGamer* 09:29, August 22, 2017 (UTC)

I see Thank you for deleting my blogs

Thank you i got your message and i'll say when i'll want them back so you notice as such, Can you delete the last blog the Code Lyoko Theme song one after you'll be done with my deletion's so you notice thanks...Trainer Micah (talk) 02:22, August 22, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, I was the one who suggested it to be decapitalized. Official English sources have it that way, so I've moved it already and that's where it is now (Pokévision), as that's the official one like you said, so that's the one we need to keep it as.
The amount of screen time on the main characters does not determine whether it is a normal or special episode - it's based on whether it was produced for the main series, which it is, and we base it on production continuity - it's best to have it as DP168 and have the Shaymin one as DP169 (because the other way around order is exclusive to first airings in the Japanese version), while mentioning that the episode is intended to promote the game, because for example XY078 is an episode promoting the "movie" concept and it aired in Japan somewhere just before MS018, also airing later in the US just before the American premiere of MS018.
We can't just move the pages out of the normal episode order though, because apart from being produced as a normal episode for the normal series but its production numberings in the continuity (regardless of the amount of screen time on the main characters) place it in the normal series - there are AG ones that are normal ones, because of how it was produced, and we can't possibly move them unless we were to also move the AG ones (and like you said, there's also red links pointing to the old page names after the AG101 move, which was already a pain as it was). Also, the next episode preview makes no mention of being a special one, it uses the normal title card like usual, and uses the post episode segment which the merely special ones don't use - that's the objective proof of being a normal episode. All I think we can do is just mention in the opening paragraph that it's intended to promote the Ranger games, but they're certainly normal episodes due to being formatted as such by the preview and in production, like the rationale is for how Satoshi's return to Masara Town's episode is OI001 and not IL081.
Again, the Christmas specials of Sekiei League arc are normal episodes but the only reason we number them differently was because they aired as though the IL039/IL040 continuity is not existent due to the Pikachu one being newly created to replace it. It's based on what it's officially labeled as, not based on fan assumptions based on where Satoshi is in the series or the amount of screen time given to characters - the reason we are numbering the episode pairs at the end of a series as normal episodes is because they are treated the same as normal episodes but they are also given the "special episode" label. If they aired as IL039 and IL040 as they were initially intended, we wouldn't be giving them the "OVA" labeling, we only do that because the Pikachu forest episode replaced its spot in the continuity. Otherwise, they're normal episodes *and* holiday specials, the same as IL052 and IL053 are - we are considering them special ones because the final episode that aired is taken in the current production format to be as though it is an episode airing outside of the IL codes - not because the Christmas holiday more "universal" in the sense that they exist in English speaking countries too. The IL052 and IL053 ones are normal episodes and holiday specials, because they are based on holidays (ones that only exist locally within Japan), it doesn't matter whether the holidays exist in the countries of the vast majority of users on this wiki. We also base it neutrally on the country the reader lives in, and we are not going to assume that no one on this wiki (readers and editors alike) live in Japan - I even know a user here who does live in Japan.
All we can do is just change the Ranger one to DP168 and the Shaymin one as DP169 because episodes of the Pokémon Ranger promotional nature are considered regular episodes officially, regardless of whether they take place within the series - just that first airings place the Ranger one as DP169 and Shaymin as DP168 - because the original airings are not required to leave the episode order untouched.
So we're still going to definitely need to name the Ranger one as a normal episode because it is officially produced and meant to be viewed as one, the amount of screen time given to main characters is irrelevant - which is already self evident by the normal format of it. Naming it as a special just because it doesn't take place on Satoshi's journey is just like naming DP120 as a special for the same reason - it was officially produced as a normal episode, we only consider clip shows and such things as specials if they were not produced as normal episodes - the end of series ones are normal episodes, but they are also specials at the same time.
I think just adding a note in the opening paragraph that is a normal episode meant to promote the Ranger games would be better, because they are normal episodes - the relevance of the main journey to the episode is irrelevant.
Also, there are two part Ranger ones in the DP070's so in total, it would require renumbering over a hundred episode page moves at least - all while they're still officially considered regular episodes in their entirety, just that they don't promote the main games. So considering them specials at this point would be worthless and inaccurate, as XY078 is meant to promote the movie concept and aired later in America just the same as with the Ranger one - the reason it's XY078 and not a special is because it is officially formatted as one by the next episode preview, and there is a post episode segment which special episodes do not include, even if it is intended to promote the whole "movie" concept that MS018 uses, which came soon after XY078 aired. XY078 aired in the US shortly before the US premiere of MS018, because it is intended to promote the movie concept - it doesn't make it a special episode.
Also, noting it on Pokémon Special as a regular episode that has evidence of also being a special too (the main DVD's not including it) as we do with the end-of-series pairs, is good enough. The fact that it aired in delay in the US isn't good enough evidence because XY078 works the same way (and it's meant to promote the movie with an episode about the subject of movie making, which is something other than the main journey too, us naming it as a normal episode has nothing to do with the screen time given to main characters, we base it on how it's produced for the main series as a normal episode), and the only evidence of being a special episode is the Japanese rental DVD's not including it in the main set. Everywhere else considers it a normal episode only, including the next episode preview and the inclusion of a post episode segment, so there is only one piece of evidence that it's a special (and it's not the one that we normally use to decide that kind of thing).
We only use the dub DVD's to determine the seasons because they use the "common title" format this wiki prefers - but we don't use the Japanese rental DVD's to determine it, as the Japanese rentals also list special episodes as being normal, while excluding this one normal episode for Pokémon Ranger and including it on another DVD set - so there is literally no proof that it is a special one, it is officially an episode produced for the normal series - it's best to have it as DP168 (its actual order) with the Shaymin one coming after it as DP169 - even if the Ranger one does not promote the main games. There's also the common matter of games =/= anime, so there is no official evidence that the Ranger one is a special, unlike the other specials we have here.

PokémonGamer* 20:06, August 22, 2017 (UTC)

(just wanted to write a second comment so you'll see it) Logically, if we were basing it on the amount of screen time given to the characters (which is a more subjective basis than how we usually do it), then we would be considering SM016 as a special too because the episode's plot and screen time focuses mainly on the heroes' Pokémon - that's not how we do it, it's based objectively on how it was produced, whether it was produced for the main series or a special. The series conclusion pairs and the Ranger ones are normally episodes because they are clearly produced as such, which is seen by how the segments, eyecatches, next episode previews, and post-episode segments treat them as normal episodes - the thing is with how the series conclusion pairs like DP192/DP193 for example are considered special episodes as well as normal ones is because the narration and summaries also refer to these normal episodes as "tokubetsu hen" or "bangai hen", which means special edition - but because they're produced as normal ones, the segments are the same. Because of how the Ranger ones are produced as normal ones and there's been no official statement on being special ones too, they're clearly just merely normal ones, just ones that do not promote the main games, following under the games =/= anime thing.
The difference with Mystery Dungeon is that they are not produced for the main series - the Ranger ones are produced and intended for the main series. That's why the Mystery Dungeon ones are specials and these Ranger ones are not. PokémonGamer* 20:43, August 22, 2017 (UTC)
Sorry, I added that second comment just mere seconds after you left that comment on my talk page. Also, I did leave a comment on the move galleries forum - and I was aware you had created that forum page - I just held off on adding a comment because I couldn't think of an opinion to put on the page comments until I saw what you and Lordranged7 commented - I did send the link to Kyurem147 though.
What I think we can do though is rename the Ranger episode as DP168 and the Shaymin one as DP169 because Amazon Japan's release as well as the dub listings both confirm that the Ranger one is normally DP168 and the Shaymin one is normally DP169, not the other way around. The first airings are not expected to keep the episode order as it is especially when it's a one hour one, so the order in which it aired in is not the same as where it is officially stated to belong in the series, and we can just say that the Shaymin one being DP168 and the Ranger one being DP169 is only a first airing edit - we do not base on the first airing edits, we base on the normal standalone episode versions. PokémonGamer* 20:58, August 22, 2017 (UTC)
That, and I'm also planning on doing the DP193 gallery as an image task, because you and Lordranged7 usually get these other images from the pocketmonsters subs, but it's preferred for us not to use them for these ones because they are hard coded to display on the video footage, they're not encoded to where you can turn them off - they're built in stone on the video footage. Luckily, I have every single episode of the anime in original, raw, undubbed Japanese without subs on them and the ones that are apart of the modern 16:9 era, I have them in full 1080p HD (which is incredibly rare for the quality, as the TV broadcast recordings such as pocketmonsters fansubs have them at usual 720p). So I'll do them at some point for DP193 as I'm the only one who can get clean images without the subs on the screen so it has to be me who does it - it's just that I'm not certain which day I'll do it - I just want to have you aware.
Also, as for the banned episodes question, Nectaria back when she was still active stated that just because an episode was undubbed due to the dub not finding it necessary to include doesn't mean it's banned - and that it just means that TPCi or 4Kids too lazy to dub it and did not find it relevant. I think we can make a section on the banned episodes article called Undubbed episodes, which would include episodes that were undubbed due to having no importance enough to include in the dub - but not categorize it under the banned episodes category specifically. PokémonGamer* 21:47, August 22, 2017 (UTC)

Movie gallery pages hm?

I wouldn't mind if we added this feature would look cool if we added this to the Bio pages and moves plus i've seen it once before how they have the automatic feature were they can flip through them with or without using the tabber's.

So you notice as for episodes we could go slowly adding them and delete the extra images as we go from each episode, What do you think? Regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 05:29, August 23, 2017 (UTC)
Also checked reports out in discussion and everything's true as reported, I'm checking user Claws of Santa's profile discussion bio out now to see if it's true So you notice as such reported & Regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 06:42, August 23, 2017 (UTC)
Checked and reported on Discussion thought i'd let you know from August 20th everything's true Amazingly Regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 07:43, August 23, 2017 (UTC)

isn't having SEO a good thing?--Kyurem147 (talk) 22:47, August 23, 2017 (UTC)

Alt accounts.

Sir, A username "Master of all Pokemons", Real Name "Shaurya" has created two accounts. I have his both Account's usernames so it'll be easy for you and check his bio. Check out Master of all pokemons on Pokemon. And Check out Champion X on Pokemon. Kindly ban his one account. Thanks! X Dragonlord (talk) 05:47, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

Checking these out depending on the brother's you know i'm alerting the staff about these three users tomorrow two i know this user i question? So you notice and Regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 03:28, August 25, 2017 (UTC)

Mewtwo special

  • a.) Should we consider the Mega Evolution specials as Mega Evolution Specials and not Mega Evolution Acts? That's because "Specials" is apart of the official English title of it.
  • b.) Should we add sections to the plot summary of this special for the 3 parts? While the original airing considered it a little-over-an-hour special, it is not exclusively spin-off special like the BW and XY movie spin-offs were, it's a series special too (sort of like how the Mega Evolution ones were, they were Pocket Monsters XY specials), and the places that consider it a series special have it split in three parts, and we know this because the Japanese episode list used by Hulu, cable channels like Kids Station that do reruns of the show, as well as Amazon Prime have it, and those versions put next episode previews at the end of them (JE062 shows the preview for part 1 of the Mewtwo special, Mewtwo special part 1 shows the preview for part 2, and Mewtwo special part 2 shows a preview for part 3, and Mewtwo special part 3 shows the preview for JE063), advertising them as being original series specials rather than off-to-the-side spin off specials, so we're definitely going to need to list the three parts on the Pokémon Specials page as original series specials and list it as a Johto League Champions special in a seasons parameter of the infobox - because it isn't just a film, it's considered 3 separate parts when it is considered a main series special. Also, the dub does not distinguish main series and spin off specials, we just base which season special it is on which episodes it falls between like how we consider IL035/IL038 as Indigo League episodes because it falls between Indigo League episodes. I'm not crazy, this episode list (which considers series specials and normal episodes as counted there, while excluding spin off specials) considers the three part version as being episodes 63/64/65 of the Jouto League. I'm basing this on my careful judgment based on that official list that gives us an objective measure by which to consider specials spin-offs or series specials, and the series special version of it considers it divided into three parts. It is also a spin off film at the same time when it is aired in full and not separated by parts. I also have videos of the three part version of the Japanese re-releases, so I'll know where to divide it in the summary by sections, and we can maybe do different section-separated galleries for the three different parts (with each having a 30 image limit), just like how we do every 20-25 minute special with 30 images, because they are considered different parts when it is re-released in the Japanese version such as in rerun airings.
The only version in which it is considered exclusively a spin-off is the dub, but the Japanese version takes priority, according to which it is both a three part series special and a little-over-one hour spin off film special, so we're definitely going to need to list the dub season it aired in the middle of in the Japanese version in the template and list it on the Pokémon Special page, whether or not we go by my section separated plot summary/gallery suggestion, because we already do that for other specials. This can be done by using different tabs for the spin off and three part series special version of it like we do for the lyrics of songs with the lyrics, romanizations, and translations, because it is both a spin-off 1 hour, 15 minutes special as well as a special of the original series (with the series special version being split into three 20+ minute episode parts).
I hope you were able to follow along with the thorough explanation I provided because with my judgment on the type of special it is, it's carefully thought into, and I don't want you to lose track of my reasoning why the Mewtwo thing is both a series special *and* spin off special. If it was exclusively a spin off special, it would not be listed on the Amazon Prime/Hulu/reruns list for the Japanese version.

PokémonGamer* 21:13, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

Okay, yeah, then I'll modify the page to remove the movie infobox and consider it a special. I also think we can maybe make pages for the three parts, such as "Mewtwo Returns (Part 1)", "Mewtwo Returns (Part 2)", and "Mewtwo Returns (Part 3)" and make the Mewtwo Returns page just a three episode mini series overview. I have videos of the three part version which it normally is in the Japanese version, so I'll know where it's split. And by the way, the "next episode preview" isn't a promo, it's a 30 second clip that serves as a reminder to stay tuned and watch the next episode (therefore, the DVD's, and the re-releases also include it, if it was just a promo, they wouldn't make it an episode segment), and anime tend to have these types of previews a lot, it's just that the first airing shows the preview when the next episode hasn't aired yet, so the companies like to call it a promo only in the sense that it hasn't aired yet. Hulu's based on the first airings, so it'll definitely have the previews based on the first airings too (even if an episode was banned or postponed), so for example the preview at the end of IL037 shows the IL038 preview, even though IL038 is banned. Although DVD and Amazon Prime like to treat the episodes as a "playlist", and whichever episode aired next in the playlist is the episode the preview is showing. That's why Amazon Prime waits until the next episode has aired to release a single episode (for example, they didn't put up SM035 until SM036 aired, and listed it as an unavailable episode) because they don't want to show previews for banned or postponed episodes that are postponed after the episode showing its preview airs, they want to show previews for the episodes that actually follow in the list, especially if the episode will air months in delay like BW146. The Mandarin Chinese dub just dubbed whatever material their dub staff received and left it as that, which is why there is a Mandarin Chinese title for IL038 even though IL038 didn't air in China, because the preview at the end of IL037 isn't changed to IL039 unlike future reruns in the Japanese version, and they left the IL038 preview in at the end of the Mandarin Chinese dub of IL037 (as the Asian dubs such as Chinese are based on the Japanese version) and dubbed it.
So can we do the pages for the individual parts too and make a whole page considering it a three episode special series? (like with how we do the Mega Evolution ones?) Because that's how it is when it is put into the series special, and it allows us to consistently make a gallery on all three part pages because the parts are 20-25 minute episodes of the special, splitting it into 3 pages for each part's plot building up to the end as well as the gallery and in the Japanese version, it's split into three parts and considered a Jouto League special unlike the dub which leaves it at 75 minutes (1 hour, 15 minutes) like it originally aired in Japan when it was aired with the episode previews cut. It's like how we split the episode guide because the anime is a long running series that may even be on for several decades to come, just constantly evolving with newer things along with the franchise, and we don't have enough space to list every single episode on that page without it crashing on some slower running systems.

PokémonGamer* 22:02, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

Mod Request

Sir, What should I do for a mod? I'm continuously legally editing. Now, you can see my edits. And I'm an active user too. So, please try and make me one. I know, I won't break rules and help in improving wiki. So just try for once. X Dragonlord (talk) 12:03, August 25, 2017 (UTC)


No, there is no official version of the Mirage Pokémon one with it split into parts. I also have the Japanese version of the Mirage Pokémon one, and it's very possible that the voices for the Japanese version were done after the English dub because anime series are animated beforehand and the voices recorded after (basically, "dubbing" in that sense), and it's not the first time they've passed and used material from the English dub localization. For the Pocket Monster(s) TV segment, they written the whole thing onscreen in English and the narration voice said "Who's that Pokémon?" which is the dub name of the segment. Unlike the Mewtwo Saga, there's no official version of it where it has multiple parts, the only thing I guess we can do is do gallery for it but put in the more noteworthy images that build the episode's plot from beginning to end to keep it within a 30 image limit. The Japanese version of the Mirage Pokémon one was released in 240p so there's no way I can get good images from that. I have a video downloaded from another site, but it's not quite the best. The only thing I can think of is to get the dub DVD for it, but I have to purchase it and wait for it to get shipped, it's already a pain that I live on the other side of the world so my Japanese consoles and games that I play and other things I get from Japan take like a month to get shipped and delivered to me - even getting it shipped from the US is still a pain as it is. All I know is that contrary to the page's claim, the Mirage special is 42 minutes, not 60 minutes. For the galleries, on the image quality issue, Kyurem147 has told me he uses the dub, so I think he has the dub DVDs or any downloads ripped from the dub DVDs, but I remember he's said on a talk page somewhere on here that he's not particularly skilled at episode pages. I do however have the 3 part version of the Mewtwo Saga which are rips from Amazon Prime Video on PokémonGamer* 12:48, August 25, 2017 (UTC)

I also think we shouldn't just add irrelevant plot summaries to the page just because it's bonus material on the special's dub DVD - I think that would warrant maybe just putting in the trivia what the bonus material on the dub DVD is (not the whole plot, but just "the English dub's DVD for this special includes...[name all bonus material here]") and in the case of the uncut story thing, I think the plot should go on the MS001 page where it's more relevant. For example, the rental DVD that includes SM013 also includes SM014 and SM015, this doesn't mean that the SM014 and SM015 plots should go on the SM013 page too. And yes, the original Japanese version has these rental DVD's with a few episodes on each disc, and they all have both the post episode segment and next episode preview segment intact. PokémonGamer* 16:53, August 25, 2017 (UTC)

"Anime" or "In the Anime"

For level two headers, I ask. Also, is Pokemon Origins supposed to be under a separate level 2 header or a level 3 header under the anime header?

Utkar22 17:12, August 25, 2017 (UTC)

Is it best to name the page "Pokémon (Original Series)" instead of "Pokémon: The Original Series"? Putting it like we have it now implies that it is an official name of it - it is not, it's a fan made name. Officially it's just called "Pocket Monsters" [ポケットモンスター] (shortened to Pokémon [ポケモン]), and at least putting original series in parentheses says that it is the "original" (i.e., the series that started it all) rather than implying the misconception that "The Original Series" is an official title for it - it is not. PokémonGamer* 03:51, August 26, 2017 (UTC)
Ehhh...the Amazon Prime release considers it all a single series with two seasons there for Kantou and Jouto, so I think we can mention it under the section for the Japanese seasons. It's all the original series though, and Jouto is split into its own "chapter" of the original series (Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver), with Kantou considered Pocket Monsters and Pocket Monsters Orange Islands Edition. I don't find need to split it into two pages especially for Jouto because it's all just its own chapter arc of the original series. Even if it covers Kantou and Jouto and should therefore logically be separated somehow if it was an American show (and they do in the dub, by having dub "seasons" that the whole anime is split into), that's not how Japanese television works - Amazon Prime already distinguishes the region episodes by their own list for listing two "seasons" with the first season being the Kantou region and the third one being Jouto.
And the original series has three leagues instead of two, one that didn't even belong in the first generation of the games (the Orange League), so we can still consider it as is. And splitting like that is like splitting Pocket Monsters XY and Pocket Monsters XY&Z - it is treated as a separate series of Kalos with 49 episodes, but doing it that way is unnecessary. I'm perfectly fine with how we're doing it now (considering the whole series a series).
Another thing, if we're talking about an event with フェス (fesu) in the name, I think we should just call it "fest" as a standard rule. "Fes" is a name that is notoriously used by those sites like Serebii and, but what they clearly overlook is the basic fact that Japanese language may shorten words (for example, television is shortened terebi, but that doesn't mean "televi" is how it's said in English) and that "fesu" is indeed generally generally used in the Japanese language to shorten the katakana form of the word "festival" (or they prefer to romanize it instead of translate it) - the Fun Fest missions for example, are not "Fes" missions and it's not officially termed that - "Fest" would be more logical for フェス because that's how festival is usually shortened in English. "Fes" is not a word that exists in the English language, and those sites like Serebii and pocketmonsters sometimes opt to use confusing translations that only people who have knowledge on the Japanese language can understand - Serebii's unnecessarily confusing translation of SM029 implies that there is a minor character named "Mush" in the episode when it is just a pun on Nemush's name, the alliteration they use for SM033's translation is longer than the title sounds like it should be and the L alliteration they use doesn't easily get the word across that the Japanese title is using a pun contrary to what it's claimed to be intended - the only way to somehow understand it is to have knowledge on the Japanese language and realize they're throwing in a bunch of words with "shi" at the end. That is not the reason for translating - the whole reason for it is that they are meant for people who cannot understand the language to be able to follow along, not so that it's too confusing to the point that the only reason to grasp the translation correctly to understand the title is to already have knowledge on Japanese. Besides, Serebii has blatantly made up stuff in the past when trying to supposedly "translate" titles - this is common with a few of those Sekiei/Indigo League titles (IL070's title refers specifically to Meowth's alphabet knowledge, not the story on why he can speak, and for the food fight episode, "moe-yo!" is an encouragement to "get fired up with ambition" from "moeru" which means to be heated for example, its "power" has nothing to do with it) - I've actually fixed these "translations" on here to ones that actually fit the meaning of the titles and not ones that are just purely made up by Serebii just to act as a "translation" which misleads users even if it is clearly false. PokémonGamer* 11:28, August 26, 2017 (UTC)

Hello, I am here to report users Ikrar Mirza and Jim Walker 99 for repeatedly going off-topic. I have given them enouph chances and warnings that I now think in is the great time for this report.

Have a nice day,

Billvee (talk) 14:21, August 27, 2017 (UTC)b

Here from Billvee's Report two days ago

Hi, Here's the links you requested from Billvee's report as a adminstartive user these two users are the ones that were going off topic from yesterday. &

You'll have to check there discussion profiles out to figure out which post they went off on so you notice as such, Hope it helps,Kind Regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 21:52, August 28, 2017 (UTC)

I see i got your message and alrighty then thank you for checking and telling everything is alright. Kind regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 10:05, August 29, 2017 (UTC)
On note Pandurang Pantakar aka Pandu for short has just informed me that Jim Walker99 isn't using his account he changed it, So you notice can you block Jim Walker99 since he's no longer using that account, I've reported his new account change in Report contents so you can see it. Kind Regards....Trainer Micah (talk) 11:31, August 29, 2017 (UTC)

Alt accounts

Energy, I have a doubt on a user "Jim walker 02", that Something there, He is connected to those previous accounts "Tony420" and "Ahnik Sarkar", so you notice. And kindly don't offend me, I won't create any kind on "Drama" or whatever there on Fandom. Even I won't do anything, but Lemme collect some evidence to prove that He is Tony/Ahnik. For your kind information, I'm good in catching users by their behaviour/Action/whatever. Thanks X Dragonlord (talk)

Episodes for newly announced series

If there is a newly announced series in the original Japanese version, as I have asked Lordranged7 and discussed some time ago (and she agrees), we are not going to just jump to conclusions about the dub season until they have been announced by The Pokémon Company International due to seasons only existing in the dub - as we had also speculated that just because XY&Z would be a new series of the Japanese version, we were jumping to conclusions that it would be a 19th dub season - there was no source at the time, and it was a completely speculative move to make the season 19 page already (of course now the series is over, so the XY&Z dub season speculation is no longer an issue).

That said, when a new series gets confirmed for a new generation (unlike the first series, which covered two generations), with no word on a dub season, should we create a temporary episode list on the series page if any episodes get announced in the original anime before a dub season has been officially confirmed - as in, stated by an official source? I know we're not going to assume the creation of new dub seasons based on Japanese version info and we will wait until the season has been confirmed by TPCi (due to it being a dub only thing, etc.). We created this page a few days before the dub season was officially confirmed by TPCi, and we should instead in the future list the episodes on a temporary episode listing on the series page.

Nonetheless, if they do not make the next dub season until later, and we go rashly ahead of things to create the page days before a dub season is confirmed officially, then we would end up posting false information - we should wait until the English dub comes around to airing and TPCi confirms (such as on the English localized site,'s news section, or on TPCi's YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, press site, etc.) that there will be a next dub season to air. It could be possible that TPCi could've done some bizarre move and considered the first one-four SM episodes or so apart of the 19th dub season (Pokémon the Series: XYZ), it would obviously not be more than that because of the 52 episode production limitation that exists in places other than home video media and television guides. Of course, they've never done something like that, but there's no telling - TPCi could break free of historical principles and do something new that will contradict any prior speculation by putting the first few episodes of the next region, league, series, or whatever into the end of the previous dub season (in terms of season title at least, production-wise episodes go up to 52, which is why season 1's production ended off in the middle of the league, whereas DVD/VHS consider it the whole league).

This wouldn't require the "confirmed only in Japan" tooltip because a temporary table would be intended to indicate something that hasn't been confirmed by TPCi yet (i.e., outside of Japan) to fall under which dub season. PokémonGamer* 01:56, August 31, 2017 (UTC)

Okay (and nah, wouldn't be a side article we'd delete later, would just be a listing on the series page under episodes). PokémonGamer* 09:24, August 31, 2017 (UTC)


Not sure if you wanted to remove it but the trainer section on the Pokémon Character Box template is missing.--Lordranged7 (talk) 20:45, August 31, 2017 (UTC)


I'll give proofs to you, but not now, I ain't able to find his all replies.

Since, I ain't a new person from wiki. And I have experience as well. I wanted to take a small permission. Hope you won't deny it. Sir, Can I please open battle and role play posts? 'Cuz last one was 7 days ago and no mod is there who's gonna open. So please. Thanks! X Dragonlord (talk) 06:11, September 1, 2017 (UTC)

A new spammer

Sir, there's a new spammer username is Lavendarghost. Kindly, Ban him. His Bio:~ Check out LavenderGhost on Pokemon. And kindly, Check out Misty's page, he did some changes (Bad changes) in it. So you notice as such! Thanks X Dragonlord (talk) 06:09, September 1, 2017 (UTC)

Alt account

And he made a new account there! _-_ Check out LavenderGhost1 on Pokemon.


I'm sorry, if I did anything wrong by complaining that guy to other admin. Actually, you weren't there that's why... And thank you so much, Energy! X Dragonlord (talk) 14:03, September 1, 2017 (UTC)

Feedback of your two mods!

Know what? Paul isn't active from last 8 days there. Tom is also not coming, you can check his last replies. Bill and Micah are there, but you can say rare! Thanks --X Dragonlord (talk) 04:22, September 2, 2017 (UTC)

Mod request

Energy X, Can't you make me a mod? You never saw wiki for once, Please try to check it, I know, I'll be a good moderator cuz I know how to moderate. I moderated many problem there. Plus, See my edits 94!! Isn't it enough? What you want now? You'll find me 12 × 7 there on fandom! I ain't gonna leave it. For some tools you're ignoring my requests? Know what? I can bet, I'll do great than anyone just try me! Just please! You have a "tick" and "untick" option in making a Discussion Moderator and Demoting him/her. Whenever, you'll find any wrong activities made by me, please demote it. It will be easier for you! I'm contributing for becoming a mod! I know that I'm eligible to hold whole fandom with 1 or 2 mods! Please try for your fandom please! I'm a most active e user there. Now, I can't wait... I'm waiting from 4 or 5 months for this day! Just make me and then see, Please Admin! I won't do any wrong activity there. I can hold fandom users! At least, reply on my talk page, what I have to do for becoming a Mod. You can see Magic kaito isn't that online user there. I'm only the one who is online there. Please Admin Please! Try just once try!! I'll handle fandom. I won't cheat anyone! Please! You can see my timings, I'm a regular online user there. And for age, my age is 17 years so you notice. Please! Thanks! Just reply on my talk page that you're gonna make me, I promising you, I won't let you angry on my any behaviour! Thanks! X Dragonlord (talk) 06:02, September 2, 2017 (UTC)


Ok, Energy X! You'll get whatever you wanna see from me. I'll do as great as I can! And, yeah, Keep minding to send a mod or anyone, who can keep eyes on my replies/posts! I'll do great. Thanks X Dragonlord (talk) 13:48, September 2, 2017 (UTC)


Hey, Energy! I'm sorry, From tomorrow, I won't be that much online there on wiki, my parents are scolding me, Cuz of being online there most of the time. So you notice as such and Thanks X Dragonlord (talk) 14:39, September 3, 2017 (UTC)

I don't think the usage of roman letters in Japanese names should be notable to mention on a page because Japanese people are required to learn it as an elementary school subject (and they even know romanizations) and it's not something that Japanese people optionally learn as a trivial matter and aren't expected to be able to read to communicate (unlike westerners, who may optionally choose to learn Japanese kana, because those countries hardly have any Japanese people you'd find there, I've only met and spoke to around five to ten Japanese people in my country in my whole life). Especially in cases where Japanese people prefer to use roman letters, the fact that OK! uses roman letters shouldn't be notable because Japanese people spell the word okay with roman letters as "OK" regularly (even though it has a katakana form, オッケー), it's not some obscure concept, or with the letter Z for example, because it is known that Pokémon tends to use it and put it in katakana as ゼット for those who are very, very young and do not know the letter yet. The fact that titles of anime episodes etc. use "VS" as roman letters shouldn't be notable because a.) it's too common to be considered a small enough group to be notable, and b.) they know how those letters are pronounced and they usually pronounce the combination of V and S (VS) as whatever means "against" in the anime titles. In some titles like BW085/BW086/XY096, it's ブイエス, which is the translation of "V" "S", I've heard Japanese sometimes transliterates versus as バーサス which is, literally, "versus", and then for other cases as 対 (or in ひらがな, たい).
It's obvious however they know the roman alphabet and the katakana transliteration of the letters, it shouldn't be notable just because some random minor thing in the franchise such as a Japanese name uses a roman alphabet letter - it's expected to come up sometimes because it runs completely contrary to what those who come from western countries, not even having a single clue what Japanese or Japan is except for that the name of the language and country, believes (those types of people generally believe many such popular claims such as that Japanese people only know kana and kanji, but that the majority of Japanese people don't know roman alphabet (again, false, it is an elementary school subject they are required to learn, unlike Japanese in western countries), that kanji is native to Japanese (again, false, they're Chinese characters being used in a way that in Japanese, are meant to be taken by meaning), that the children in Japan are immersed to know how to read kanji (Chinese characters) from birth rather than going through 12 grades of school time to learn those over 2,000 common use/jouyou kanji (false, the government has standards on which kanji characters that children are required to know at which grade level), that no one on English speaking sites live in or natively from Japan, that it is impossible and far harder to learn Japanese as a second language, etc., some of these I actually believed before I decided to learn the language).
I only think foreign letters being used in Japanese names should be notable if it's something that Japanese people are not expected to be able to read. Yes, it's true if they're using foreign alphabet letters, but it shouldn't be notable if it's the roman alphabet because Japanese people are expected to learn the roman alphabet letters as a basic school subject, it's not indecipherable or unintelligible rubbish to them, and roman letters are used on very usual occasions.
Also, I've been thinking about considering XY024 as XY050 (placing it after the episode which is dub-titled "Pathways to Performance Partnering!" and before the episode dub-titled "When Light and Dark Collide!") and those Christmas episodes as IL065/IL066. The way that the postponed XY episode finally aired packaged it as a later episode telling an earlier story and the re-releases and the dub consider them normal episodes airing later and telling a prior story from earlier in the series, rather than being a first airing edit that was corrected on re-releases. XY023 was even amended to show the preview for the gym match episode for re-releases because at the time it initially aired, it was before the decision to postpone the Kuzumo and Dramidoro episode. Also, those Christmas ones are holiday episodes airing later outside of their intended date, though so are IL052 and IL053 - they are officially called "bangaihen" (special edition) episodes on their title cards and they are holiday specials, so if these are holiday specials airing later as the same as those, then I don't see what's the difference. Sure, it did air in an unusual time slot but that's because that time slot did not interrupt the run of the series or anything on TV Tokyo and they were intended to air at some point. If we base it on how it is officially packaged, they are later episodes telling a past tense story with continuity errors intact, not earlier episodes. The dub even considered the Christmas ones as later episodes for the second season (which in production, is less than half of the rest of Sekiei/Indigo League, and around half of the beginning of the Orange League), and that's why the Kuzumo and Dramidoro one is apart of the 18th dub season and not 17th. The Korean dub considering it as it was initially intended, and thus airing it first on a channel that does not even air Pokémon in the first place, is irrelevant because the original Japanese version overrules every and any dub.
Additionally, calling the Christmas episodes OVA's is misleading.
Bulb's Chinese wiki considers IL038 a special because it only aired once and was never meant to be taken canon after the results of the episode's only airing (and yes, they use the official Chinese title given from the preview at the end of IL037, which was not changed for IL039's preview, but instead left in and dubbed into Chinese), but then again, they tend to consider all kinds of things as "specials" - XY078, the Ranger ones that are packaged as normal episodes, DP120, etc.. The Amazon/Netflix/Hulu/Kids Station rerun playlists for the show skip over from "episode 37" to "episode 39", which recognizes that the episode exists but that they're not showing it again. On Hulu, the preview for IL038 is shown at the end of IL037. Hulu also keeps the preview for the XY postponed episode at the end of XY023, and the preview for the unaired Plasma Gang episodes at the end of BW022.
The reason I was opposed to that was mainly because of the Plasma Gang episodes issue (if they were to find an excuse to make it a Sun & Moon episode, which I don't think they would because the animation is not up to the SM standards, then that would be a pain with the page moving), in the chance that somehow they are released someday. If they air those however, they are likely going to air them as uncut special TV airings, packaged the same way as initially intended, and/or place them on special DVD's. I doubt that these incredibly out of date episodes will ever actually run otherwise. It's also likely that they won't release officially but that they'll get leaked by some professional hacking group, internally, etc. (this is what happened with Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Boston")
We should not be using the PC code for episodes that were aired under the Chronicles series in the dub because the episode codes are meant for how the episode is separated in the original Japanese version series. They are not native to Pokémon Chronicles, and Chronicles does not exist in Japan at all, contrary to what the pages claim and imply. Chronicles is only a side season of the dub of never before seen dub episodes and according to the official English site, it's called "season 0". The PC episode code would be a problem if they decide to make another dub series or release it in the dub outside of Chronicles with any of the episodes that the English dub's Chronicles series included, then we'd have to give it yet another code, and it's best to stick with the imaginary code SS that we do not actually use in the page titles themselves but to identify it in images and on the specials list. Some of those are Pikachu shorts, we should maybe make the opening say "this episode is a Pikachu short or whatever type of special it is. In the dub, it is this number episode of Pokémon Chronicles". The Chronicles page will stay up, but if we choose to do this, we won't refer to them as being native episodes to Chronicles and we won't imply that it exists in Japan (which, clearly, it does not) - rather, we'll just say that "in the dub this is how they separate this into a side season", but refer to the episodes in the side season as purely specials that are not apart of a Japanese series (because clearly, it's not) by using the SS code (the one we don't use to name the pages themselves, just the episode listings and image names in galleries). They are not native to Chronicles however, and Chronicles is a dub only theme so using the PC code breaks away from consistency with the SS code (confusing people on why we start using it later on), and with the other specials that were undubbed - that does not make them "Chronicles episodes", that simply means those were undubbed and Chronicles didn't include them, Chronicles is just a series putting 26 previously undubbed special episodes in English, it is not a series the episodes are native to from a Japanese version point of view, and thus shouldn't use the PC code.
There are also official PDF files of some of the Pikachu shorts that give official translations of the title and summary - should these official translations be preferred to refer to them? PokémonGamer* 15:47, September 3, 2017 (UTC)


I understand. Just trying to help. I was only getting the pictures back.--Jokeman20 (talk) 20:18, September 3, 2017 (UTC)

Okay. By the way, is the bot one of the users?--Jokeman20 (talk) 20:27, September 3, 2017 (UTC)


I feel you should make a Discord server for the wiki because chat is inactive. FALCO (FALCO'S MESSAGES) 23:06, September 3, 2017 (UTC)


After seeing the speed of Greninja, Energy, I wanna know, why Greninja can't learn Agility? Since, it's speed is higher, so it must, what's your thoughts on it? Also, we used Agility for Greninja in Roleplays, so it should, Right? X Dragonlord (talk) 06:31, September 4, 2017 (UTC)


Thanks Energy, I got your reply. And I wanna say that, I'm gonna add an agility in Greninja's Moveset. But, before adding it, I would like to see other local pokedexs for better information!

And can you please take care of a user, username "Rajesh Ajitha", Plus, Can I have a tool through which I can change someone's bio... Don't think something bad... I'm just asking cuz check out his bio, he gave his phone number in it. And please delete his oT replies, I can't give you a single post since he spammed in different posts!

And what you want to see more from me, cuz of becoming moderator, dad's scolding me cuz I'm giving my times to wiki, and just try to see Bill's and Khal's edits, 4 and 17 only, I did 109 or 110 edits, isn't it enough, Sir, i just wanna be cuz of increasing spamming, anyways, don't take it as a beg, it all depend up to you, Thanks! X Dragonlord (talk) 11:55, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

Re: Bot

Hi, sorry I'm a bit burnt out with university work. I'll see what I can do in a few days or so - could you remind me to take a look maybe on Friday? noreplyz talk 14:01, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

To be honest, this is not something easily fixable with a bot - there's quite a few specific scenarios where it breaks (e.g. more than one tag). However, I've botted through the majority of broken tags and skimmed through to make sure they all work. The main rules I set was to remove any <gallery> tags from the Gallery Box template. If you see any further problems with the gallery boxes, feel free to message me! noreplyz talk 07:00, September 5, 2017 (UTC)

Alt accounts

Energy X, Mind checking a user named "Romal Sudheer"... He made 2 accounts of same name one is, Romal Sudheer and second is, Romal Sudheer02, so you notice as such and kindly block him. Thanks X Dragonlord (talk) 15:12, September 4, 2017 (UTC)


Thanks! And did you see Bill's replies? Lol! I think, I'm permitted to say words like "lol" here. Anyways, please see her replies, if you didn't! 😂 X Dragonlord (talk) 15:31, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

I've asked some questions here that likely got missed due to the new sections. Also, should we rename the Ana page back to announcer and wait until it's officially confirmed that's her name before jumping to conclusions? The word "ana" is short hand for "announcer" in Japanese katakana, just like "terebi" is short hand for "television" katakana (doesn't mean "Terebi" is a proper name, but then again I don't know anyone whose name would be Television, lol), and all it is confirmed is that "ana" is the short hand term officially used for the announcer in the original Japanese version. And she is an announcer, I suspect Ana is just being used as the short hand Japanese katakana term for announcer and is not the official name of her. Neither nor Serebii are primary, reliable, trustworthy sources, and her official name being Ana has not been confirmed officially, so those sites claiming that Ana is the character's officially confirmed name can never be legitimately used to contradict my judgment - they also claim that TryPokaron is officially romanized "TriPokalon" despite being constantly and consistently confirmed that it is "TryPokaron", I don't know if they still do. Should we move this back to announcer and wait until we have official confirmation rather than just speculating that it's her name? Could just be a label meant to translate to English as "announcer", and the katakana word ana in Japanese is short for announcer. PokémonGamer* 18:29, September 4, 2017 (UTC)
Actually, it's her explicitly stated name in SM039. Nevermind then. PokémonGamer* 18:49, September 4, 2017 (UTC)


Excuse me, Energy. The new user who's been editing the Pokémom episode Galleries really quickly. What's up? Is that one a bot as well?--Jokeman20 (talk) 19:21, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, okay. Because me and the other users were helping out as well. How'd it go so far?--Jokeman20 (talk) 19:39, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, like I said afterwards, it was recently explicitly stated but I didn't pay attention yet - if it was just her nickname, not her real name, then we'd refer to her by "announcer". I was mainly asking that because of the trivia that said Porygon Z was the first Pokémon to have roman letters but I think it would be more notable if we were noting the first Pokémon to have non-katakana letters (like those Nidoran gender Pokémon), since it is more expected that Pokémon names mostly are written merely in katakana, and it's a small enough group that has a non-katakana letter - I removed that trivia point from the page so that we could maybe note the first one to have a non-katakana letter because that's more notable and relevant.
If the Plasma Gang episodes are released on DVD, and they are uncut, I guess we can keep them as they are - it is likely that they'll keep them uncut and release them on DVD or have a special TV airing. It is also likely that they will release them uncut, and the preview at the end of the previous episode on reruns and the initial airing had featured part 1, because it was aired before the decision of postponing the episode, so they'd have to air it uncut.
The titles we use on the pages (the Japanese ones, not the dub ones by the way), are fan translations of the Japanese names - only the original text name is official, but the translation is a fan one (which I'm fine with, because fan translations are normally the only translation available for most of them), but there are certain Pikachu shorts that have official translations of the title and summary (see this PDF for example). Those should be used to name pages for non-dubbed Pikachu ones.
When I say "title", I mean the actual Japanese title, not the dubbed English title. We use the dubbed English title to refer to the episode the same as how we use English terms to refer to released English media of the franchise, which is a consistent format. But there are ones not released outside of the Japanese version, and those should be named by official translations and those official translations should be preferred over fan ones if they are available.
As for Chronicles, you're confusing the episode code in the page names with the season listings. I'm fine with keeping the season listings (that's what I suggested), but we shouldn't name the pages under the PC code because it is inconsistent with all the other specials and it confuses readers on why we only started using the listed-only SS code on the specials pages and image names during the SS020's and not from SS001. We should also create an episode code for Pikachu shorts, such as PS, or PK, that makes things more organized, rather than giving them no code whatsoever. The episode codes listed in the page name and episode lists will be more organized that way, and will have us start using the SS code starting from episode 1, not episodes around the 20-29 spot. The consistency of how it is being organized is the thing, and like I said episode codes are based on Japanese series, not dub seasons (we don't have different ones for all 20 seasons, we have different ones based on the regions of the anime story and series as with how it is in the actual Japanese version, not edited dub versions).
The reason why Bulbapedia uses its own formats for the episode format rather than naming them all under PC is because like this wiki, they reserve episode codes to the Japanese series splitting and it gives consistency - we currently lack consistency, as seen by how we are listing the SS ones only starting from the SS020's - the whole SS code thing is the actual problem here, not that the season listing is dub only.
The episode codes are not based on dub seasons, they're based on (in the original series) region leagues of the series and generally on the Japanese series. We do not base them on the dub seasons - we don't have different episode codes for XY, Kalos Quest, and XYZ for example, we have them all under XY, because of the Japanese series. The fact that we would need to rename them all isn't that much of a burden when compared to how we would have to rename the SS code ones to avoid confusing readers on why we started using it in the SS020-SS029 range of numbers instead of from episode 1 like it should be. There would also be the renaming of the postponed episodes to their actual spot as with how it's treated officially due to the airing time, so those would need to be renamed as well.

PokémonGamer* 20:22, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

I think we can use the Pokémon Special page and Bulb's specials pages and compile a list of proposed page names rather than go in and do them all at once without preparation - then just go by the sandbox list and make sure it follows exactly that rather than moving them individually and taking a long time to get the final result, we can have it prepared in advance and move it according to a temporary sandbox page that we can propose and will function as a "rule book" (or whatever it's best to call it) for preparing the page moves so that we know what we're doing before moving them, and then delete the sandbox page after moving them.
While that is their code, we do adopt it here as a file name thing, and we've removed the end-of-series episode pairs from the SS code count, that way it's organized much more easily. That way, there would be no issues with giving the files consistent names and we would need to find an SS code to use for the Mewtwo three part special gallery file names if there's no other way to do it. While Bulb considers it a special that is not given an SS code (due to them considering it a side film special rather than a side story one), that doesn't mean we can't give it one here. It would be best to prepare them for moving before moving them to SS/Pikachu shorts/miscellaneous codes (and the codes like SS aren't ones that would be apart of the page name, just ones used for listing).
If we try to sort out every special and try to give it a listed image episode code, then we are not having to be forced to make up an image format. That way it'll be carefully prepared to be organized more conveniently.
I feel there can even be expansions on Manual of Style covering the format of each type of article format and that sourcing (which we haven't created yet) and the trivia policy could be apart of that - have policies on trivia for multiple page types under such pages, what's notable and what's not, etc.. We can even maybe do / to make a sub page for them covering the format of each type of article that the Manual of Style covers, and link them as "main article" under different sections, giving it a template to make sure it's more accessible for readers checking the policy sections.

PokémonGamer* 23:13, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

(EDIT:) As for what happens to episodes when they are released on DVD when they're postponed: the dub considers it in their dub season format, which in production a "season" goes up to 52 episodes with more than that which can fall under a single subtitle (Indigo League has around 80 episodes of the season under the subtitle, though 52 under the "production" restriction amount, the DVD and VHS releases use the "subtitle" season format). In the original Japanese version, they are released on the rental DVD's later based on the Amazon Prime listing that also uses the same lists for it (although exceptions apply, they consider the Ranger thing a special, even though it's clearly a normal episode based on how it was produced and packaged, even if it doesn't take place during Satoshi's journey, and according to Bulb's Japanese wiki, haven't verified this, but they say that BW146 is not on DVD due to airing months in delay), even the postponed episodes. The DVD's also amend the next episode previews of episodes coming before a postponed episode with the ones that actually aired, whether those previews aired on TV or not. The preview at the end of AG100 was AG102's preview even on the original TV airing because the episode AG100 aired days after the earthquake and TV Tokyo could've easily been able to react within that time, rush to edit the episode preview with AG102, and never look back at AG101. For BW022, and XY023, the original airing showed the postponed episodes due to airing before the decision to postpone them and they were postponed 2-3 days before they were set to air - DVD's fix this issue by changing the previews with the correct ones that actually aired after. PokémonGamer* 03:32, September 5, 2017 (UTC)


Energy, is there any tool through which we can change someone's bio? Don't take is as a wrong work, I'm asking 'cuz I saw some bios like "The claw of Santa's" Sorry, I can't control my laugh, And some are advertising "Amino" app, in this Fandom Pokemon, I just wanted to remove that, can you please give it a try? X Dragonlord (talk) 09:27, September 5, 2017 (UTC)


Done! Thanks for that great help, Sir. I complained on him "The Claws Of Santa", now, fandom staffs will take care of him. Thanks again, have a nice day! X Dragonlord (talk) 10:50, September 5, 2017 (UTC)

And can you tell me, Am I doing good or not? X Dragonlord (talk) 10:54, September 5, 2017 (UTC)

I think, I did more than enough for becoming a moderator

Thanks, Energy X, I did enough, and I know that you ain't gonna make me. I read many places that 500 edits are enough for becoming an Admin, and I did 418 edits! Isn't it enough? You are just telling me to contribute and contribute. Just go and ask on fandom, I'm the most active user there, then why aren't you making me one, Huh? Even my posts and replies reched 13,300, My edits reached 400, my achievement points reached 800, more than Every moderator, now I think you should make and judge me after making me a moderator! I'm fit now! Please, I did enough for becoming a moderator, now, you should. That's all, I wanted to say and thanks! X Dragonlord (talk) 06:27, September 6, 2017 (UTC)


Ok,I really think my style wasn't good... I'm really very sorry and thanks, I'll try my best and please check fandom for once... Too many spam posts... We got 6 moderators and nobody is online now... The time, where you need moderators, they aren't even seeing the behaviour of users... And i have a complain against a user named "Sharmistha Das 2" for making alt and spamming... My spelling might be wrong so check it on your own and thanks, maybe, you should think once again, 'cuz after becoming one of mod, honestly, I will try my best than anyone! Thanks!

Very well, I can see Spam post, but can't take serious actions! Uh.. Please, I have ability, just try making me... I'll do better than those:( X Dragonlord (talk) 14:49, September 6, 2017 (UTC)

Hey about tomorrow

I wanted to let you know I am going outta town tomorrow for awhile due to my grandmother's passing today so you notice as such,

I'll chat when i return in a week alright. Kind regards keep my whole family in your preyers and Chat with you when i return....Trainer Micah (talk) 00:59, September 9, 2017 (UTC)


I'm sorry, I wasn't here from some days, cuz I was busy in studies and since examinations are going on, and the good thing is that, I'm also doing better and also, trying to improve myself to handle mod post, so I'll try to edit but in good manner, and may I add some additional pokedex info? Since they all will be correct, so? So if I get permission, I will add from tomorrow, thanks X Dragonlord (talk) 14:19, September 9, 2017 (UTC)



It's nice to finally to have a talk with you, Sir. I'm really impressed by the work you have put, in this wikia. You are clearly hard-working and I applaud you for that.

As you can see, I am relatively new to the community. Technically, I have some accounts which I made previously but I wanted to start fresh, from the beginning again. I hope you don't mind it [Please...Please...]

I have made few edits on the wiki, adding data to articles. I assure you, I can write in acceptable English with my motto being 'Quality over Quantity'. You could stroll through my Contributions page for it. Could you give me any feedback for it? I would be glad to improve myself if you notice a mistake.

I'll not make this long so yeah, I hope I can lessen your and Sir Lordranged burden. I assure to do quality work, if possible.


Silent Songbird (talk) 16:43, September 9, 2017 (UTC)

I was going to make the sub-headline as 'Anatomy' instead of Physiology but then, I checked Charizard and Blastoise's pages (both of them are really popular, so I thought the article must be of top notch quality) and it is written 'Physiology' there which led me to use the wrong sub-headline. Thank you for your feedback, I'll make sure to not make the same mistake again.

Silent Songbird (talk) 17:25, September 9, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, that additional Pokénchi teaser, I'm usually too lazy to add, because it always airs on TV four days and near 20 hours before the next episode, but we have done that for other episodes, like SM034. Since I can obtain the data for the dub through the same or similar means as Zap2it, I will announce anything that I may get (dub titles and air dates) before Zap2it posts it if those come up in the future. PokémonGamer* 14:19, September 10, 2017 (UTC)
Yeah, I can do that. I'm thinking about subscribing to the Amazon Prime Japan service soon so I can watch the episodes legally, and that's the best way to watch and get images from the Japanese version legally, and their versions include the post episode segments and next episode previews as well. All I have legally in Japanese is what's available on Hulu and Netflix in Japan (the Netflix versions are the only ones that cut out the post episode side segments and the next episode previews). PokémonGamer* 19:38, September 10, 2017 (UTC)

Can you please ban Queencupcake?

Sir, can you please ban "Queencupcake"? She is just posting inappropriate comments in every post, She is just annoying there. Her behaviour causin' problem for this wiki, so kindly ban her and thanks X Dragonlord (talk) 02:01, September 13, 2017 (UTC)


I've noticed that you've made changes in the Pokémon Character Box. I have one question about it though. How come you left out the Character Pokémon category from the template? DragonSpore18 (talk) 06:47 September 13, 2017 (UTC)


Oh, then don't worry. Let her spam. I'll be there to report her each and every reply. She annoyed a lot. And please warn her, why-why she is saying "MEWTWO IS MY SENPAI"?! Warn her for this reason and thanks. X Dragonlord (talk) 11:56, September 13, 2017 (UTC)


Ok, Sir, I can understand. But, I'm gonna reply her spammed comments cuz we can't seriously tolerate her. So you notice, since I'm agree to each and every words of yours. And when are you gonna open Off-Topics posts, since you see no one is coming there. Only new users, plus, spammers, so you have to do something unique through that someone can enjoy wiki as it is. X Dragonlord (talk) 13:46, September 13, 2017 (UTC)


Admin, you know it's been a while since you banned the off topics posts.. Anyways, as you can see, the moderators are doing great in deleting the spams, so there is not any trolls or spammers which can cause drama or conflicts on the discussion's area. What I supposed to mean is, even if you will unban the things, there won't be any problem because of the following reasons: ~ We are now having 6 Moderators, 3 of them are most active, mainly Paul, and he is doing great as a moderator I believe. I don't think so that we need more mods. ~ all the trolls are gone (even the old users unfortunately) ~ People are actually acting with respect and after reading the discussion guidlines.

I've been on wiki from around 1½ years, and right now, I can tell, that wiki is going in which flow. My observation: The discussions are calm atleast not with fights like before. The people are atleast controllable by moderators, so there's exactly 0% problem, I've observed.

I think, and it is my request, that bringing back the off topic posts won't be a problem from now on because 65% of the population is now new, who will agree to all rules and we are the ones to take care of their activities and reporting them to you. If you think, that it will cause thousands of replies, then yes, you are true, but there are a lot of solutions you can find to overcome the problem for example, limiting the replies in one post. (Maybe around 200? Well it depends on you) I'm not really begging or it, but I just told you my opinion to what I've been observing from the day the rules were changed. If you think, that I actually made a point then its my sincere request to think of it. You can definitely switch to the current rules if the things will mess. You know it's almost 3-4 months for the ban. I guess that much time period is enough to let the trolls go out. I hope you will get it. Thank you so much. ~Regards. Ash vs gary (talk) 20:17, September 13, 2017 (UTC)

User rights

Sir, it's Ok, you shouldn't allow off-topic posts. And that mean 6 moderators are of no use. Since 3 are working only. Anyways, can't you give a small right to users, that they can create hi/hello posts atleast. Yeah, I know cuz of excessive replies, users are not allowed to create Hi/hello posts or it can be converted into drama and spam. But yeah, Mods are working there, they can lock post after it crosses 10 or 20 replies. So yeah, Can't you give a small right to new users? Since I can understand, they really feel bad when they made a hi/hello post and some mod deleted it, so please try to give some thoughts of yours on it. I know you also want to see wiki like it was, Popular place. But for this, you have to take some more steps, that everyone can enjoy your wiki. Please try to think on it and give me a good message and don't worry, Mods can see reported post. Plus, I'm a 12/7 online user there, So I'll report threads out there, so yeah. Please think once again. And yeah, I don't want another admin to message there on my talk page, cuz I requested you only ~ Regards X Dragonlord (talk) 10:04, September 14, 2017 (UTC)

Let new users make Hi/Hello posts and let users like us welcome them, I'm 100% sure that they won't uninstall this app and they will enjoy it. And the best thing is that, More than 100 users will be collected by our behaviour here, so please think on it X Dragonlord (talk) 10:20, September 14, 2017 (UTC)

SM043 preview

The preview video you uploaded got taken off of YouTube shortly after you uploaded it, so I changed it with an official one. I think it may be best to use the previews from the official channels (rather than fan channels) because the official channels own the copyright to it and therefore they won't take it down until the episode airs but we won't need it once the episode's aired anyway. Both TV Tokyo and the official Pokémon YouTube channel have the previews, TV Tokyo uploads them at 7:24 PM (JST) after the preview airs on TV and the Pokémon YT channel has them up on Friday at 12 PM (JST). PokémonGamer* 20:21, September 14, 2017 (UTC)

The rule to not include a bullet point when listing only one item makes it look awkward, and the fact we've been listing it that way when the article is being read kinda bothers me. I'm fine with changing it to include the * point in all circumstances. PokémonGamer* 21:57, September 14, 2017 (UTC)

Hello. Can you confirm this for me please? I can't find any comment from you that does. Thanks!--Toothless_Glasses.gif Annabeth and Percy🎵You're scared, I'm nervous, but I guess that we did it on purpose.🎵 Toothless_Glasses.gif 01:15, September 15, 2017 (UTC)

Oh, ok. I just didn't find any comment about it.--Toothless_Glasses.gif Annabeth and Percy🎵You're scared, I'm nervous, but I guess that we did it on purpose.🎵 Toothless_Glasses.gif 14:16, September 15, 2017 (UTC)

Hello! I will have to keep this short and i may have a few spelling mistakes because im on mobile-

The user Thaam Shareef has admitied to be underaged. In his biography he stated he is a third grader (thus making him about 8 or 9)

Have a nice day or night Billvee (talk)

Gotta hand to Billvee and the report here ^ He's right on the age. I've reported him in for you to check out anyway glad to be back had a rough weekend. So you notice & Kind Regards...Trainer Micah (talk) 22:56, September 15, 2017 (UTC)

I heard that you were gonna make a discord server? Please let me know once t is done :) Silent Songbird (talk) 12:37, September 16, 2017 (UTC)

SM043 to SM045 are coming out in youtube.

Well I'm not normally a fan of a Japanese version of Pokemon. There was a youtube user is already live. He's gonna watch from SM042 to SM045. Currently, SM042 is still up and SM043 is released on september 21. I think he put this live because it only releases SM042 throughout the live on that youtube user.

--BlazeSeed366 (talk) 09:16, September 17, 2017 (UTC)

Olivia (anime)

Olivia outfit in anime is different from her game counterpart shoud there be a trivia why she has a alter apperance in anime ? im just wondering (Lionel Head (talk) 23:16, September 17, 2017 (UTC))


I wanted to ask you about this; no matter how much I contribute, my name doesn't appear on the top contributors' list. Could you tell me the reason about it? Silent Songbird (talk) 10:19, September 18, 2017 (UTC)

Since there is a difference between dub production episodes for a season and the number of episodes that share the same season title (the format used on DVD's), I think underneath the number of season title episodes we can put the number of episodes produced in the season. This would go based on the official English Pokémon website.

Production episodes generally go up to 52, and that is always the expected maximum number of episodes that TPCi abides by. For example, Indigo League production wise is a 52 episode season which covers IL001-IL017, IL019-IL034, IL036-IL037, IL039-IL051, IL054-IL057. Season title episodes (which are what DVD and VHS go by) don't have this restriction. I think going by season titles elsewhere is fine as is as it covers the banned episodes that were undubbed, unlike season production episodes per Poké

The dub of Rougela's Christmas, "Holiday Hi-Jynx" and all others that were aired and placed on the initial DVD's but were banned later can be considered an exception to Poké's format because they are officially apart of the dub season per the earlier DVD's and were produced as such, and Poké just doesn't list it because they are taboo, i.e., banned episodes.

We can maybe list the episode number in the template box as, for example Indigo League:

  • 82 (per season title)
  • 52 (per production; IL001-IL017, IL019-IL034, IL036-IL037, IL039-IL051, IL054-IL057)

while listing the season title episodes in the episode list.

It'll also narrow down confusion on why sources such as digital releases consider season 1 only by the 52 production episodes. It'll also make it easier to list, and I believe they can still be notable because the seasons are separated two ways, under the season title (DVD format, and TV guide format), and the production format (produced for the dub's run on TV, and is restricted to 52 episodes at most). For example, the production version of season 6 (Advanced) considers the last 12 episodes of JE as episodes of it. PokémonGamer* 13:32, September 18, 2017 (UTC)

Just so this doesn't cause confusion: we'll still be able to list all the season title episodes under the episode list and on the page episode number under the season, but we can just list it in the infobox template on the season page how the dub considers it as an alternate number based on production, since the seasons are a dub concept.
Also, for consistency, we should also maybe list the number of "dubbed episodes" and give that an alternate number for any season that has banned or undubbed episodes, because undubbed episodes don't fall under a production season of the dub, they only fall under the "season title" as with how it aired in Japan tied in with the dub season release on DVD.
For example, XYZ would have this:
If the dub season arc includes undubbed episodes along the numbering, then yeah, this would not be a good idea as that would be a problem to account for undubbed episodes and listing the dubbed number might be confusing on why we're doing it that way. I think it would be best to write a trivia point under a sample format like this for example (for IL):
"Although this dub season included 82 episodes in the arc format used by TV guides, DVD, and VHS if the undubbed episodes are counted, the production codes of the dub season, which range up to 52 at most, have this season alternatively split into 52 episodes, including IL001-IL051 and IL054-IL057, excluding the banned episodes IL018, IL035, and IL038."
Since the seasons are a dub concept, these are based on official English sources, and any Japanese episodes that were undubbed that fall in between. We do have official English sources to support the standard arc format, in this case being TV guides, DVD, and VHS, as well as the opening song on the latter two, and it's more convenient so it's better to primarily list it this way and if listing the produced number is too confusing, having a trivia point covering the production seasons should maybe suffice.
If the seasons are also split alternatively in the production (as seen on the dub's Pokémon TV service and site, Watch Disney XD site and app, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play), that would also be notable to mention somewhere so if there's no other non-confusing method to put it at, it's best to do trivia for that on the seasons pages.
Bulb does it this way: they list the number of season title episodes and production episodes by listing it as "television" and "home video" episodes. Home video is based on the arc title rather than production codes - Bulb's episode list is based on the production codes - i.e., "television" episodes.
However, adding trivia on how TPCi does it outside of TV guides and digital releases should suffice, they do have sufficient notability, as the production codes are used for the official English website. See this page, which includes the last batch of original episodes - this is not an error, this is an alternate way that they know what they're doing to fit it under 52 episodes. So mentioning the differences between the arc season and the production codes format of the season in the trivia section should probably work better.
Many people tend to confuse the production codes format as being inaccurate and claim that it's TPCI clickbaiting and misleadingly overselling season 1's production season as being the whole Indigo League arc. But I understand what they are doing and we can probably have trivia to note that they are using this to fit under the 52 episode restriction for production codes - that should certainly likely be notable for trivia as it's an alternate numbering that is used for TPCi's production codes for the show and what their official site lists.
Therefore, we'll still list the whole season by going by the season arcs as they are determined by the opening theme on DVD and VHS and on the TV guides and undubbed episodes that fall in between (as this is how we've always been doing it, and how we will be doing it for the foreseeable future), but we can also have a trivia point on how the production codes do it differently. We shouldn't just completely ignore the fact that seasons 1-6 have an alternative production code split.

PokémonGamer* 20:35, September 18, 2017 (UTC)

(edit:) nevermind, you already mentioned the thing about mentioning a trivia point on that in the reply message, so that's what I'll try. PokémonGamer* 20:42, September 18, 2017 (UTC)

Red links

I think if there are red links on a page, they should be linked to even if the pages don't yet exist and the only reason not to add them should be if the topic is not notable enough to support having its own article, such as an incredibly minor franchise aspect that can be mentioned in a plot summary or something without issue, or if the page was moved and the link to the old name is still there (in which case we'll change it to the correct name). Another example reason would be if it's unconfirmed speculation or anything that has issues with making an article at this point (such as content found exclusively via hacking, such as Volcanion's initial leak nearly two years prior to December 2015, regardless of whether Bulb approves of having such unconfirmed information or not). According to Wikipedia (日本語: 赤リンク), it's always best to have the red link up if there's nothing wrong with the creation of the article because wanted pages will have it listed anyway and it encourages the creation of the page if anything. Red links are not evil, and it's a waste to have to add them back anyway if they will be created at some point.

I do think however that an image should not be added until it's uploaded because it actually takes up space, unlike article red links which don't. Bulbapedia even accepts red links if the topic is notable enough to have its own article. If a red link is there, I think it should be okay to add, because that would mean the topic and also wanted pages includes it so it encourages the article's creation, yeah it's true that there are users that may try to create empty pages just because they see a red link but it's not that hard to add to and I've even made filler pages for manga chapters that only have the number of the chapter, title and release info, because it's still enough information to even have it up even if it isn't nearly complete yet.

Should we just delete the PUPPET01: Evolution page? I even have a blog guide up for those interested and I know Japanese to be able to help with it since it is a Japanese only series (which is why I have it under my userspace, because I'm far better at the language than most on the wiki), but it's just a YouTube video series, not a series that is significant enough to warrant articles that will likely be even shorter than those we already have on the trailers and Generations.

If there are any of those unused Pokémon but there's a concept art that mentions the Japanese katakana characters in their name, then I can be asked to read them and insert them into the page (since I can actually type in Japanese, rather than copying and pasting from other websites without verifying their accuracy which is what most users on this English wiki do). I've already added a few so if you find any concept art that you think contains the name of the scrapped Pokémon, I can type them into the page. PokémonGamer* 21:13, September 18, 2017 (UTC)

And yeah, I was talking about the Special Activity/Community page. I don't understand how the ranking there works. Silent Songbird (talk) 09:55, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

SM044 translation suggestion

Since I know Japanese far better than most on the wiki, I'll try to explain this so that you get the idea.
The title mentions "Satoshi [dub name: Ash] and Hoshigumo". We know saying Hoshigumo does not confirm that it will be Hoshigumo-chan. So should we vaguely translate it as "the Nebula" until we have better confirmation? Or should we call it "Hoshigumo" due to the likeliness of being a name/nickname/etc.? I know we shouldn't translate it as Starcloud like has it because they always try to come up with awkward "English sounding" translations of Japanese names, and it's better to just romanize them if necessary.
As for Ana, yeah, it might not be changed, but it might be spelled "Anna" with an additional N (I've seen dub names here with this anime use styles like that, where they adapt it to English not by changing the sound but the spelling instead...).
Also, we know it's not an Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon Pokémon because the name is spelled with hiragana - Pokémon names spell with mainly katakana, so for this to be the first one to use hiragana is unprecedented at this point if it is not a nickname, so it's certainly not a species name. PokémonGamer* 11:32, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

Nevermind, the poster and characters section on the official TV Tokyo website for the show gives me the answer. PokémonGamer* 18:41, September 21, 2017 (UTC)
I tried refreshing, yet it doesn't work. Silent Songbird (talk) 07:27, September 22, 2017 (UTC)

Knot Island

Do you have any ideas for adding photos to this article? It will include many different independent maps. Silent Songbird (talk) 12:13, September 22, 2017 (UTC)e


Alright, I will replace them starting tomorrow. Also, I believe most of them (or all of them) are .PNG files, do you prefer that I rename them to .png files as well?--Lordranged7 (talk) 22:13, September 22, 2017 (UTC)

Alright, I will do that as well then.--Lordranged7 (talk) 10:59, September 23, 2017 (UTC)

Complaint on a Moderator

Hello Sir, my name is krosinal, I am on fandom, last time when I checked out wiki, I saw someone known as Billvee laughing to someones drawing, and by his comment, other followed him and laughed too. They all discouraged the person who was trying to show his drawing. I am feeling bad for him because no one respected his drawing, and there is a way to point out the way, but that moderator himself was promoting others to laugh at his drawing. He didn't even deleted those comments which was like an insult to the person who posted his drawing. It happened here, you can check out by yourself, that drawing post by @IndianPokemaster

In my opinion, that administrator is not good because he indirectly insulted that user, you should block that moderator, I have been keeping an eye on his activities, he isn't following everything as per the discussion guidelines, he should be blocked and must be demoted because he is not following the rules, even after being a moderator, that's all i wanted to say. We dont want bad moderators who laughs on others and insult them. Inferno Overdrive! (talk) 13:09, September 23, 2017 (UTC)

Hello! Two users, Ash vs gary and X Dragonlord Would make really good moderators. I belive they'll be really good at the job. I hope you take a look at them Billvee (talk)

Check this out

Energy X, there's a user named "Pokemon Plaster Guru" here: Check out Pokemon plaster guru on Pokemon. After reading her hobby and seeing her replies, I can say that she is gonna spam there. Plus, check out her Age. I can say, that she is gonna spam there. So kindly block her. X Dragonlord (talk) 15:11, September 23, 2017 (UTC)

I agree, I checked his profile he's at age 11 so you notice as such. Kind regards hope it help's...Trainer Micah (talk) 15:26, September 23, 2017 (UTC)

SM043 mistake

As for that mistake "Misty had Mega Gyarados use Bite on Ash's Pikachu, but the actual move was Crunch.", I'm starting to think that one might just be a fansub error, but I couldn't find it when watching the Satoshi vs. Kasumi scenes on the Hulu version of the episode (Hulu's versions all have the post episode segments and next episode previews in them too). Do you know where in the episode that is so I can check to see if that's a fansub mistranslation? PokémonGamer* 19:43, September 23, 2017 (UTC)

Nah, I already know where to watch the episode legally (via the Japanese Hulu [English] service I'm subscribed monthly to, since Hulu is also provided in Japan), but I'm asking if you know where in the episode. Like time stamps for example. That kisscartoon link has a similar time frame as Hulu (because Hulu includes the Poké-mondai [Poké Question] and the next episode previews at the end), so I'd want to know which time stamp it is so I can verify whether or not it's a fansub error. It could be that the wrong move is called out in the actual dialogue itself (as with what happened in JE134), so it would still be necessary to verify. PokémonGamer* 21:52, September 23, 2017 (UTC)
The issue is not about willingness, it's about being able to access the episode legally, so reminding me about it changes nothing (all I will be able to do for now is the dub, but that's only 4 episodes released in the dub with images yet to be added here, maybe tomorrow or within the next few days, if I remember). I don't have time tonight, and I can assure you my schedule on when to do these has nothing to do with willingness. I want to stay away from torrenting these, and all the copies that can be streamed online are these subs made by people who do not know Japanese, and the subs can't be in the image. I can access the episodes that need images from Hulu, but I can't exactly use that as an image source because of the copyright protection on that (which gives me black screen output when using the "print screen" option) - all I can get is extremely low size thumbnails from the video player. I may do the different ones as they get dubbed as those can be viewed on Watch Disney XD since I am signed in on there with a TV provider.
I'll be able to access the future dub episodes that have aired in the original version after purchasing an annual Amazon Video Prime ( subscription, because they have the episodes of every series available legally, and it is around $30-40 per year. See the latest series here - the only reason they're an episode behind is because they always wait for the next episode after it to air because their versions show the next episode previews as well, and they want the correct preview to be shown in case an episode gets banned or postponed, but it's better and more safer to do it this way and I can guarantee that the qualities on the HD episodes (which can be streamed legally this way, as they are legitimate, official releases of the episode by the companies themselves on Amazon Video) are better than what you get on those illegal torrents of the original airings (which appear to be the most overrated method of watching the anime among the English speaking fandom).
The Amazon Prime releases are the very best way to watch every single Japanese episode legally that has aired (excluding the globally banned IL038). They have the other series available too, [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]. Via Amazon Prime, watching the whole original Japanese anime legally is so incredibly easy to do (and I'm easily able to navigate the Amazon site, unlike most users on this wiki who have an extremely limited understanding of Japanese language, and I don't know if there's an English language option on there), but I'll need to pay for a subscription for it in the future. It saves from going through the tons of legal and personal (anonymity wise) hassle that torrenting the original airings involves, which like I've said is the commonly overrated method that most of the English speaking fandom of the Japanese anime use (and I am also partially within the Japanese speaking fandom as well), and every legitimate method of watching episodes legally to obtain images from has no logo on it (logos are not a necessary-to-tackle issue, I know that, but what I'm saying is that there is no text invading parts of the screen, like the data broadcast and seizure warning notices and the closed captioning availability notice logo). Not to mention the Japanese rental DVD's need to release months later and ship and only have 3 episodes on each usually, with bad quality on the widescreen episodes, and two of three of the on demand services that have certain episodes legally are region locked to Japan, but as they only require connection to a Japanese IP connection, I am able to access them even though I live in the US. So that's why illegally torrenting (which I'm trying to avoid here) is highly overrated among the part of the English speaking fandom that follows the Japanese version (the version that is in a language that is not even what most of the English speaking fandom speak, but tons of people just follow it because it's better than the dub and more up to date), most of whom are likely completely unaware of these re-releases of the Japanese version of the anime because the majority do not live in Japan or know any Japanese to navigate the sites any of the legal streaming methods (namely, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon).
I'll likely do episodes as they air in the dub for now but I don't have any time to do so tonight - I'll have time to do them tomorrow, and SM029-SM032 are the only episodes aired in the dub to date that need images.

PokémonGamer* 02:36, September 24, 2017 (UTC)

Better idea

(First of all, I've personally done half of SM029 today, just not uploaded yet, it's not that I'm not willing to do the galleries, I am. It's just that I'm not rushing it because out of the episodes I can get images from right now, only a few of them have galleries needing to take care of, and I already completed SM033's gallery.)

As for the seasons thing, I'm starting to think we shouldn't list it under trivia, since it's a major piece of information relating to the dub season and how it was produced. Contrary to how a high number of fans conclude it as, (see this article for example) the alternative episode-limit-per-season production format is neither "erroneous", "confusing", or "misleading", and this Bulbanews article clears up that the one that Amazon/iTunes/Google Play uses are the standard production format, not the Viz Media format.

If changing in the number in the infobox to list another number is confusing, I have a better proposal for this. I think we can still list seasons under the "arc/Viz Media" format but mention in the opening of the article that the "at-most-52-episode-standard" format, "out of these, includes this number of episodes", and if alternatively going by the production seasons, "the whole season's plot is like this".

This that Serebii poster ^ASH^ is posting is going by the standard up-to-52-episode seasons, but contrary to what he's saying, the full arc format is not a "stupid fan made garbage format", it's one used by the Viz Media ones that correspond to the North American DVD releases for the dub, and what TV guide listings use, so they are still official season numberings even if it's not the normal format.

I don't think we should base primarily on the standard and regular up-to-52-episodes format for seasons 1-6's episode pages and the episode list, because this would mean excluding banned episodes as well, which I disagree with - in other words, I think we should still include them. I do however think that for Indigo League, we can do it like this which would be better and less confusing than listing the number in the infobox:

Pokémon: Indigo League is the first season of the Pokémon anime, and the first season of the original series.

The season, when based on the full arc of its plot, features 82 episodes of Ash Ketchum and his friends, Misty and Brock's adventure through Kanto.

The production format of this season consists of 52 episodes (IL001-IL017, IL019-IL034, IL036-IL037, IL039-IL051, and IL054-IL057), featuring Ash Ketchum and his friends traveling with him through the first six gym battles of his journey to become a Pokémon Master.

This article and the respective episode articles will list the season primarily judging by the full arc, as determined by the opening song and Viz Media DVD releases.

And doing something like that on the seasons 2-6 articles.

Advanced, the 6th season, can do it like this:

Pokémon: Advanced is the sixth season of the Pokémon anime, and the first season of the Advanced Generation series.

The season, when based on the full arc of its plot, features 40 episodes of Ash Ketchum and his friends May, Max and Brock's adventure through Hoenn from Littleroot Town to Mauville City.

The production format of this season consists of 52 episodes (JE147-JE158, AG001-AG040), which includes the remainder of Ash's journey through the Johto region in the original series.

This article and the respective episode articles will list the season primarily judging by the full arc, as determined by the opening song and Viz Media DVD releases.

Labeling it as "trivia" is false on second thought, because this is still an official format used on the actual television broadcasting, digital video releases, Poké, etc. so it's still an important part of the subject (rather than anything trivial), but this will narrow down confusion. And this should only apply for seasons 1-6, mentioning which episodes were "dubbed" is just a matter of going to the episode's page, and editing it to say "this episode was not aired in English for (state reason here)" in the trivia. And if you have any questions about this, I know that there's a user named PannenkoekenNL who certainly knows what I'm talking about here. For example, Beauty and the Beach does not fall under any standard production format season, which is exactly the reason why no other non-Asian dub except for the English dub has aired it, because it was aired separately on Kids WB as an episode that does not belong in any production-formatted dub season (because it was not dubbed during the initial run of the series), and non-English dubs of the show outside of Asia are based on the English dub and its seasons format. For example, whenever a company or individual buys the licensing to dub "Pokémon: Indigo League" (season 1), they receive the standard "Pokémon - I Choose You" to "The Breeding Center Secret" (excluding the banned episodes including IL018, IL035, and IL038 and those other ones that were put at the start of season 2), not "Pokémon - I Choose You" to "Friends to the End" - same goes for season 2, when they buy a licensing right to "season 2" (Adventures in the Orange Islands), they receive "Princess VS Princess" to "Charizard Chills", and anything up to "The Rivalry Revival" would require purchasing season 3, the way it is mentioned here, this is why IL018 has never been dubbed to air outside of Asia and the US because they are not under a production formatted season, and it was shown specifically on Kids' WB as a lost episode presentation. The fact that the production format is different from the arc and that it's the format used on every other source except for TV guides and DVD covers significant grounds of notability to mention in the opening paragraphs of the season page to me.

So, we can still use this arc format (the Viz Media and TV guide format), and that's better because it covers the banned or undubbed episodes too, but we can also list the production format in the opening sentences on seasons 1-6 because like you said, listing a number in the template might not be a good idea because that would be confusing to manage. Dephender says here that the box sets are lying but that's not true - the box sets and the TV guides are using the arc format, which is official on some sources. PokémonGamer* 23:12, September 24, 2017 (UTC)

Another suggestion

For unaired episodes or episodes airing on a different date than the intended one, should it be better to include a tooltip saying "intended to air on November 4, 2004" (in the example case of AG101)? Listing November 4, 2004 is false information because it didn't actually release on that date, but we can maybe put a hover-over tooltip over the air date that says that it was "intended to air on the date" since it is actually still relevant to the release date.

Like this for example: "N/A". PokémonGamer* 23:43, September 24, 2017 (UTC)


Then I'll try to sort out which ones have old links to them after being moved and which ones are just red links to pages that have yet to be created. PokémonGamer* 12:02, September 25, 2017 (UTC)

Okay, then. Thanks for letting me know.--Jokeman20 (talk) 18:27, September 25, 2017 (UTC)

Those should link to the previous and next in the episode code, as per XY023, not the originally intended number. I've fixed them though. PokémonGamer* 13:10, September 26, 2017 (UTC)

I know - I was just looking at the IL040 page when I got the notification. PokémonGamer* 13:12, September 26, 2017 (UTC)
Special:WhatLinksHere/XY050: Pathways to Performance Partnering! - only administrators can edit, move, or delete other blog post pages. Can you change the red link on the blog post page? PokémonGamer* 13:48, September 26, 2017 (UTC)

Okay. I'll do the best I can.--Jokeman20 (talk) 11:27, October 3, 2017 (UTC)

Why did you undo my revision?

You reverted my revision, yet the Manual of Style says that names of major works, like video games, should be italicized. [Template fetch failed for] 11:51, September 27, 2017 (UTC)


Found where the news template is located (didn't know where it was placed without using diff in the edit history). I think I might be able to provide the information I have for new anime episode releases or anything major such as a dub season being announced, and I sometimes follow new games information whenever it gets released - I know where to find distributions announcements in case I come across any (I participated in the Volcanion distribution for the Pocket Monsters X and Y North American region game copies for example, and the monthly distribution of Mythical/Legendary Pokémon when that still occurred, I remember they did something like that a year or two ago, I can't remember when, but I think it was 2016, and I know for Japan region copies of the gen 6 games, you could enter the code PUNICHAN and get a level 100 Zygarde from it, and they have data broadcast distributions for the episodes, where you can use your TV remote to participate and I believe it unlocks stuff in-game, of course fans in foreign countries tend to not care about this because they cannot participate in them, they can only illegally stream anime episodes on internet sites or via torrent, but that's it).

Also SM044 does not release on September 28th. Today, the Japanese fandom or at least Japanese speaking fandom in my case (or the English speaking Japanese version fandom as is the case for most other users on the wiki besides me) is on a one week break when TV Tokyo will be airing new episodes starting from October 5th.

As for seasons, since we already have it as our policy not to make dub season articles until they are announced by the official English companies (such as TPCi, or the broadcasters Disney XD, Teletoon, CITV, etc.), should we also apply this to season titles if they announce a season number without a title (as they did for season 19)? For example, if TPCi announced the next season when it gets to that episode number point in the original version, if they don't announce the title, should we just name the page Season 21 for example until there's an official title? Because to list a title, we should always try to list a title that is an official one rather than just some wild fanmade guess at what the title might be - especially since we've been wrong about guessing before (we guessed that both season 19 of the dub would be "Pokémon: XY & Z" and that season 20 of the dub would be called "Pokémon: Sun and Moon" and found that we were wrong about both of them when they were announced by TPCi, and in the latter case, TPCi and CITV, and both guesses that there was even going to be a new dub season were unconfirmed as well). PokémonGamer* 11:42, September 28, 2017 (UTC)

No, I'm not talking about the up to 52 episode thing. I'm saying if they announce a new season and announce where it begins from (like how they announced season 19 would "start on October 29, 2015" in Japan confirming it is XY094 that begins it but we didn't have a title), we shouldn't guess the title just because they didn't announce it, we should wait until a season has a confirmed title before adding it if we know what the season number is and where it starts, but if we don't know the title yet. That's if they announce where the season begins from as well.
For example, if they decided to make the current dub season have 47 episodes but then they said that season 21 would start on episode 48 (this is just hypothetical, those numbers are not real), but if they just announce "season 21" without a title for it, we should wait for a title before adding the title, not guessing it will be based on the name of the Japanese arc. If we have a season confirmed and a start date confirmed without a title yet, we should just name it "Season 21" in the page name - we shouldn't speculate the title. PokémonGamer* 13:27, September 28, 2017 (UTC)

If something new shows up or if the title changed, I'll let you and the others know right away.--Jokeman20 (talk) 16:56, September 28, 2017 (UTC)

Okay, then.--Jokeman20 (talk) 17:58, September 28, 2017 (UTC)


I am not that good with providing news nor do I really keep up with the news about the Pokémon franchise but I will try to update the news every beginning of the new month and when new news comes out for that month if it hasn't been added yet.--Lordranged7 (talk) 19:58, September 28, 2017 (UTC)

Re: Bot (2)

Hi Energy X, I've been very busy lately so I won't be able to do the bot requests. A good script, though, is w:c:dev:Linksweeper - it may not work well in edge cases but it is a good way for replacing red links. noreplyz talk 02:31, October 1, 2017 (UTC)

Plagiarized content

The user Lucasmoura had previously copied content years ago from Bulbapedia, mainly trivia and images. If you remember the time frame in which he did this in the past, it'll help me remove and/or replace the content by looking these time frames up in the contributions page (all I've been doing is randomly arriving to pages that have had copied and plagiarized content on it, and I want to ensure that it's all removed) - I had to wipe out a whole trivia section consisting of content copied from Bulbapedia yesterday with this edit (which I did care to check to verify that it indeed came from Bulb), none of it was written by the editor's own words, and the user Lucasmoura was even a cross-wiki copyvio'er.

First, Lucasmoura even copied from a Japanese EP wiki that I also contribute to for example to the Japanese wikia that is linked to this one. Fortunately, that was easy to take care of, as the Japanese wikia is not nearly as active as this English one, and it only required reporting the copied pages on Community Central.

Second of all, according to a Japanese user I talk to named 2nd-player/2P, Lucasmoura even copied from the Spanish Wikipedia to the now-defunct Pokéteca.

However, I think since this wiki has more content, there's still much more plagiarized content to get rid of. PokémonGamer* 15:24, October 1, 2017 (UTC)

Yes, I always reword and rewrite it to the best of my ability, and I always try to make sure that however I word it doesn't end up copying off Bulb. PokémonGamer* 17:43, October 1, 2017 (UTC)
There's also the issue though that Bulbapedia is not a reliable source as anyone can edit it, so it would also require checking before rewriting them. —Preceding unsigned comment added by ThePokémonGamer (talkcontribs)
Yes - as I said though, it's best to not use Bulb's wording, and make sure that whatever is worded doesn't end up copying from Bulb. What about just commenting it with <!--[text]--> and requesting it to be reworded before it's uncommented? In the end, we're going to still have it mentioned (only removing part of it if a certain part of it is verified to be false) although Bulb has a different license so we can't publicly display the copied text. We're not going to get rid of it entirely, it's just waiting to be reworded (which is what I'm thinking here, because some of it is notable, but it can't be taken word-for-word from Bulb). PokémonGamer* 18:19, October 1, 2017 (UTC)


I don't follow the manga, so it's hard for me to keep track of storyline therefore I don't know how to write it without guessing what's going on in the overall plot of the whole manga series. But I can at the very least provide accurate translations of the text dialogue to try to give you an idea of what it says. PokémonGamer* 18:56, October 2, 2017 (UTC)

I never said it was ongoing. I meant "series" by the short four volume Electric Pikachu series out of the whole manga-related aspects of the franchise, and I know, it's just that those are just a few chapters, I have never actually followed this series (as in reading it completely, or at least never in any recent years to remember much), I'm just saying that if you know any text boxes that are relevant to the story of the chapter, I can translate those to help but then again, I know what something means, just that I don't have context, and I'm hesitant to write a whole summary without context of the whole series. Like I said, I've never followed this one in a long time (since I don't actually follow the manga part of the franchise, I'm more towards anime and games).
Whenever you see me refer to "anime series" for example, I view this as though it simply means a single approximately 100 to 200-something episode episode series out of everything connected to the whole franchise's TV run, not the whole franchise's TV animated run itself - Japan tends to focus more on multiple anime TV shows that are connected to a single franchise, and while they are sometimes separated into their own arc seasons, from a canon or non-canon/non-official viewpoint (like Pocket Monsters, Pocket Monsters Orange Islands Arc, and Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver Arc), they are not centered specifically on seasons like they are in American or international television franchises. For example, Best Wishes! is an anime series in this sense, out of the whole Pokémon anime media and this is something relevant to the vast majority of anime, not just Pokémon - in Japanese language, anime アニメ is a shortened word for animeeshon/animation アニメーション, and in Japanese it does not specifically refer to it coming from Japan (American animated cartoons are anime in Japan), but foreign languages that are normally spoken as national languages outside of Japan tend to use anime as in that it comes from Japan. This case by what I mean by "series" and "whole franchise aspect" is no different.
Just explaining that so it doesn't cause confusion if I'm referring to a series as a series and the whole relevant media of that part of the franchise as the whole thing. PokémonGamer* 20:38, October 2, 2017 (UTC)
I did that for Shadow Bone. Since Lordranged7 is doing them and I don't want to save any conflicting edits, I figured it's best to just do this one and let her do the rest. (as of this posting, she's finished doing more, so this is essentially a resolved issue, since I don't want to have any conflicting edits preventing me from saving mine if we're doing it at the same time)
I still don't think it's a good idea to give the PC code to the Chronicles episodes, rather it would be best to just equally treat them like the other specials (due to not falling under any named Japanese series) because of the issue that giving it the PC code and treating it differently than the other specials just creates inconsistency between it and the other specials and Pikachu shorts, which I think we can give clearer episode codes to them than the current PC one - I think if so, then we could name them as "side story" (SS) and "Pikachu shorts" rather than call them "Pokémon Chronicles" to keep them consistent with other specials - episode codes and series listings are based on the original Japanese version, not from dub-only content, so it causes problematic inconsistency due to the possibility that TPCi could choose to make another side season and put episodes in Chronicles inside it so then we'd have to name it under two episode codes and it's honestly not worth it. Better to maintain the season listings but not the PC episode code because of its numerous inconsistency issues with other specials, not just the SS code but about how other Pikachu shorts don't have the PC code and the possibility that TPCi can release them otherwise in the future that would prove the usage of the PC code wrong, so they could be listed among the other specials and Pikachu shorts to be treated the same as other specials. Since like I said the last time I brought this up, we only use episode codes for the original Japanese version - anything dub only is just mentioned on the page and given its own dub season page to be listed on, but does not affect the episode code and the code implies that it is native to a series that exists in Japanese, which it is not, and unnecessarily confuses the episode as being an *exclusively* "Pokémon Chronicles episode" and not in any way shape or form a Pikachu/otherwise special. We'll still be able to keep the season navigation though even if we don't use the episode code because we should at best try to find ways to give these specials episode codes.
The only thing is that I've just been lazy and haven't worked on planning what any new number format could be (since adopting PK as an episode code for the Pikachu ones is also an option, and/or naming side stories as SS in the page title as well to make it more organized). The number of pages being moved is not the issue if it is planned in advance (because we did move the postponed episodes to their officially listed format rather than their initially intended format, and only took two days to fix [most of] the red links, with the remaining ones taken care of just days ago, and there were way more page moves on AG101 than this and that).
I've been too lazy to plan any different ep codes because of there being other things than that to focus on (I think we just got done fixing the red links, and now we're having to do all the move pages to update the galleries to go on one page).
As for that VS thing on manga pages that was discussed months ago, I've checked this (which is the title page of VS Mew) according to which there's no official intended pronunciation for VS. They have furigana which state that 第1話 is pronounced だい1わ (since it's kanji; and I know how it's pronounced anyway), but no official pronunciation listed for VS.
Therefore since the anime has official intended pronunciations for appearances of "VS" in the title and they are varied depending on the episode, can we just mention the anime instances with the hover over tooltips to tell the reader the intended pronunciation? (because of how it is varied depending on episode) For episodes I have access to, I can check the title card and listen to how it's narrated, whether they pronounce it 対/たい, ブイエス, or バーサス for each one. For the skipped BW episodes, the VS in the title is pronounced 対 (ひらがなで「たい」).
There have even been official methods of telling viewers of the show how to pronounce VS in titles. For BW019, Amazon Prime, the best legal source to watch the Japanese episodes with new episodes available 8 days after they air lists the title as 「ソムリエ対決! イシズマイVSフタチマル!!  (VS=ブイエス)」 saying that VS is to be pronounced as ブイエス. I think this can be done here with a tooltip informing the reader how it is supposed to be pronounced.
Also, while roman letter usages are not notable in general due to being common, expected, and basic knowledge, it is notable however that Porygon Z is the first to use a letter of the character set, because it could only be entered starting from the generation before it and when you think of it as the first time the character set is in use rather than a random instance of a roman letter being used, it's certainly notable. If they use hiragana in a Pokémon name for example in the future, then it would be notable as the first of the character set to be used. But random, expected cases of roman letters in general such as the "VS" or "OK" is not notable, neither is the "Z" in Z Ring because it's not as much of an important case as being a Pokémon using a character set for the first time that was not originally available in the Japanese releases of generations I and II. Instances much more minor than it such as text from a later generation such as the dialogue for Z Ring is not notable because they are connected to a common, expected use of a roman letter. Porygon-Z uses a newly introduced character set for an evolved form of a Pokémon that debuted before the roman letter character set could be entered by the player in the Japanese games - that's notable however, because it's not a random expected use and that character set has not been used elsewhere yet since Porygon Z. PokémonGamer* 02:31, October 3, 2017 (UTC)
Could you add an option to hide the Discord Integration if possible? Most of the pages become unresponsive/snap while I am working on an article. Silent Songbird (talk) 09:37, October 3, 2017 (UTC)
I see - planning gen for each user to take care of can also work to avoid edit conflicts with two users editing one page at the same time.
It wouldn't affect that at all. Those would be considered the normal episode code mainly (due to being normal episodes primarily, and special episodes on a different factor at the same time) while specials that are not apart of the normal series can go under SS. For the Pokémon Special list, we removed those from the SS code and added them to the normal code so those won't be counted in side story/SS because those are mainly normal episodes about something occurring outside of Satoshi's journey - those aren't "side stories" in this sense. We consider side stories and episode pairs that conclude a series to be completely different, so neither SS nor PK will affect those at all.
We can maybe do the season listing by saying it's "a Pikachu/side story special. It is also the [number] episode of Pokémon Chronicles in the dub" and have them use those season listings to navigate the episodes dubbed for Chronicles - it will be easier. It would have us abandoning the PC code to use the SS or PK codes for side story/Pikachu shorts specials, but still listing the Chronicles list for those alternatively following by that.

PokémonGamer* 16:35, October 3, 2017 (UTC)

Yes, the thing though with Wanted Pages is that it is updated on a software-determined basis, and according to the page, it was last updated on 2017年10月3日 (火) 08:01 (which means Tuesday, October 3, 2017, at 08:01 [I assume this is supposed as UTC], and yes my Wikia is in Japanese as a preference). I'll try to keep track of the old page titles and look them all up on what links here, and then clear the least (as that list is cleared automatically once the link is changed).
I know it comes from Bulbapedia. However, this is a different site from Bulb and we even modified the SS codes when moving the episode pairs to the main episode codes - we can also stay apart from Bulb's numbering, even if this is their code, and give our own unique numbering orders, since we're not copying off Bulb, and we're taking it from the viewpoint that the reader is not aware that it comes from Bulb and we're just adopting it here, in other words a unique site from Bulb. If there's any problems with originality with the SS code, it's easy to make another one and use that one instead, although we do use all other codes from them, save for episodes of the original Pocket Monsters series (our codes for it are based on leagues, IL, OI, and JE, meaning Indigo League/Orange Islands/Johto Episodes). We have dub edits --> dub differences and errors --> mistakes to stay original our own way with the section names, since we're trying to be better and different from Bulb and other fan sites (including not causing confusion between special pairs of normal episodes that come at the end of a series and purely side story spin off episodes, which is something that not only Bulb, but a significant number of English fan sites confuse for unknown reasons, sites like those treat them as pure specials that are not apart of the series, despite that they are officially considered by the companies as part special, mostly normal episodes the same way IL065/IL066/IL052/IL053 are). Bulb's even skipping over the numbers SS032 and SS034 and not including any episode for SS033 due to the move of it to XY078 and the fact that they are proposing several specials moves, so we're not even trying to stay consistent with them 100% of the time, and they're proposing the same types of specials moves.
Edit: Redosign has added a trivia point to SM044 saying that this is the first time he will not watch the episode when it premieres on the TV Tokyo network. Like, a random fan not watching an episode is completely unnotable - like who would that kind of thing to the trivia? And this is like the whole "Bulb's incorrect number" trivia edit.
PokémonGamer* 20:41, October 3, 2017 (UTC)
That works too - I knew the user would have to be blocked permanently here if they kept up doing these insanely unproductive edits, and if they appear again with a sockpuppet account, staff should be notified certainly. They've also admitted to sockpuppeting on Wikipedia as UnknownPro (a user I saw in the List of Pokémon Sun & Moon episodes history that insisted on keeping the character names under their Japanese names until the dub rerun even though the dub already aired, we have a rule there to use Japanese names and not to use English names until the dub airs, due to the show being primarily Japanese and not English and the fact that any summary about an episode not aired in the dub is covering the Japanese version rather than the English adaptation, the anime/manga project on Wikipedia has been cracking down on this a lot), so I'll try to keep everything under control there. He was already permanently blocked as Tornsado, and I am familiar with that particular sockpuppeteer. PokémonGamer* 21:32, October 3, 2017 (UTC)

Second season of the dub

As for the second season of the English dub of all the anime series Pokémon-related, I think we should change it from on to in as in "Adventures __ the Orange Islands" - there is a perfectly logically sound reason for this. Our season counts are based on the arc format used by Viz Media releases in America and the newer DVD releases have amended it from on to in, indicating that it's the current official title. Also, the title names are based on the official English Pokémon website. Visit this page and hover over the tab name and you'll see it says "in". Believe it or not, that logo on the page actually says "Adventures In Orange Islands I", but that obviously doesn't make sense (likely an older variant that's no longer in use). The dub DVDs I have are the old releases of the DVD's that include the "taboo" season 2 episodes Holiday Hi-Jynx, Stage Fight, and The Mandarin Island Miss Match, which were removed from later releases of both the DVD and TPCi's website, which reduces TPCi's listed production season to 49 episodes (it's 52 episodes exactly if you count those banned ones), and since Viz Media counts their seasons by the full arcs rather than the standard TPCi seasons that generally go up to 52 at most, that brings the episodes released on the newer up to date dub DVDs down to 78 and the Orange League ones down to 34 (although since season 7, the 52-at-most seasons endorsed by TPCi and the full arc Viz Media DVD/VHS format are the same episode amounts).

Also, as my Orange Islands DVD box set is an older one (the American format, since I'm from the US), the logo on mine says "Pokémon: Adventures On The Orange Islands".

Since the up-to-date official title they're sticking to is in, and the older outdated ones (including the on one) are no longer in use officially (because there were many officially used variants being changed as time had passed, with the first one being Orange Island Adventures which is what it was originally advertised as by Kids' WB!), I think we can change it to the current one, as this appears to be the one they're permanently staying with since the official name has always been changed from Orange Island Adventures --> Adventures In Orange Islands --> Adventures on the Orange Islands to the current one, Adventures in the Orange Islands (keep in mind that the previous ones don't really make as much sense in the present day as much as the current one does, so it's obvious they're sticking to this as the more up-to-date one). I was able to change the original series template link within a day and there's only one thing being moved, so I can certainly change the links. It may be good to keep a redirect, though the links should be direct links, so I can change all of those with the what links here thing (note that redirecting blue links used by users on talk pages, blogs, forums, anywhere outside of mainspace don't need to be changed). PokémonGamer* 03:05, October 4, 2017 (UTC)

Pokemon Adventures updates

Shauna's Tri-P's english name has been identified as Furry in the final X and Y volume. However, for her Skitty instead of being addressed as Neko, was simply addressed as Kitty, so I think there might be some changes that need to be done. What do you think? -Adv193 (talk) 04:21, October 4, 2017 (UTC)

You're right, I should've done that. Thanks for reminding me, how do you do that btw? Silent Songbird (talk) 09:08, October 4, 2017 (UTC)

"In the Orange Islands" as "in" the area on the map in the Pokémon world in the original Pocket Monsters anime - it's clearly not a grammar mistake when thought of that way, which is the way the companies were thinking when using the updated title. The logo on the page is from an out of date box set and can be changed - that out of date box set is the one I have. The DVD box set actually includes a logo with the "in" mentioned, which is the logo used on all copies that are sold, so the one listed on the English Pokémon website indeed not the new logo - Poké is using an outdated logo, which is the same issue as them swapping episode summaries and misnaming dub names of characters occasionally (that site has made mistakes before, despite being the official site for English speakers, Poké has never made any consistency errors with it). Notice that our seasons are named as they are mentioned on the English website listings (not the logo by the way). This archive shows that the corrected, updated title has been in use since, at the very least, January 2010 (and was likely in use by TPCi sometime before that). I said check the tab title and season list - the logo listed on Poké having an error does not make it the new logo. Note that before early 2013, Holiday Hi-Jynx, Stage Fight, and The Mandarin Island Miss Match were not ignored as episodes by TPCi and therefore the early box set released many years earlier (which is what I have) include those episodes. The newer ones released afterward excluded these episodes, since TPCi is no longer considering them episodes but that doesn't change that the episodes still need to be included on our list and that they are still official regardless. There was even an Australian release that released season 2 as a 49 episode season rather than the 52 episode season it would be if those episodes are counted. The Australian releases are using the TPCi season (Princess VS Princess to Charizard Chills), not the Viz Media season (Pallet Party Panic to The Rivalry Revival).
The logo currently on the page is from an outdated American DVD release (one that is highly out of date at that), which can be changed with one readily available on the internet such as on shopping sites that sell it like Amazon. Since the title is highly out of date, as such is no longer correct and as I have explained, "in" is not a grammar error, and because we use the titles the way they are mentioned on the site lists, it should likely be "in" instead of "on". In Australia, this image featuring the Zenigame shirt thing with the box set has the logo corrected from "on" to "in" - which is the modern and current logo, not the outdated "on" logo. And we can easily make redirects from all the older variants that were in use before the "in" version.
There are many out of date variants of the title no longer in use officially - using the "on" version out of every out of date version that it was therefore arbitrarily picks and chooses a single one out of every of the three out-of-date versions of the title and is inconsistent.
So yes, I know the logo on the page uses "on" - it is from an outdated box set released in early 2009, 4 years before TPCi stopped listing the dub's Jynx episodes Holiday Hi-Jynx (which only aired on the original channel for the dub once), Mandarin Island Miss Match/Stage Fight as season 2 episodes, which lowered the season 2 number from 52 to 49. I have this box set, which is the first part of season 2 judging by TPCi's consideration of seasons, although Viz Media does their seasons by arc instead, according to which it is part 3 of season 1, and yes it includes the dub of Rougela's Christmas, named Holiday Hi-Jynx. We know the "in" version started being used since anywhere around April 1, 2009 to January 2010 (I cannot verify when and which date exactly), but that is their internally consistent current title for the season.
As said, "in", the current and updated title is not a grammar mistake because it's referring to being "in" the Orange Islands area, not "on" the islands.

PokémonGamer* 13:17, October 4, 2017 (UTC)

When I have more time later today, I'll try to check those however there could be users using the same source as Bulbapedia does for their images. I will however try to check and find the ones that were literally copied from Bulbapedia and were not made by the editor who uploaded them like they're supposed to.

PokémonGamer* 13:19, October 4, 2017 (UTC)


I wanna be honest. I don't like this slideshow thing. Having to limit them, I can live with that, but can't you make it so everybody see them all at once? They look better that way--Kyurem147 (talk) 01:24, October 5, 2017 (UTC)

Well, I agree with him. It's too much of a hassle. Silent Songbird (talk) 10:50, October 5, 2017 (UTC)
I've researched into Bulb's numbering format for the SS code, and it turns out they're actually calling all the "side story" episodes category as such specials, but they're arbitrarily calling around some of them under the SS code in the page title and nearly 5 under the dub title, the reason of which I do not know. So making our own SS order should be quite easy. Note that while IL065 and IL066 were aired during a special outside of the normal time slot, this does not make them special episodes, they were just given this treatment purely because of the fact that they needed to be aired later after the Porygon incident. Therefore, Japanese reruns and video on demand services (i.e., (which I have), the JP Netflix (which I also have), Prime Video (which I'm trying to wait for because I want to manage the monthly costs of Hulu to also subscribe to this, this and Netflix are the two latest legal methods of watching the Japanese versions)) treat them as normal and the dub considers them normal season 2 episodes (they were not aired in season 1 because they were delayed to season 2's episode order in the original version, which began with Princess VS Princess and ended with Charizard Chills). The very fact that Bulbapedia considers those individual episodes specials just because of how they needed to be shown on the first airings (which were fixed everywhere else) is just flat-out crazy at this point, as it's clearly black and white that the companies consider them to be standard episodes, as episodes 65 and 66 of the Sekiei League arc, because as Adamant/Dephender has mentioned here, Bulbapedia is not official and is full of several mistakes, rumors, and inaccurate "facts".
Likewise, we would need an SS order if we're abandoning the PC code and sticking to a new code to maintain consistency with all the other specials (which the PC code fails to do), the SS codes are easy to make. PokémonGamer* 11:13, October 5, 2017 (UTC)
Here's the list I have prepared, just to save this here (they're separated by release date):
  • SS001 - Slowking's Day
  • SS002 - Mewtwo Returns (Part 1)
  • SS003 - Mewtwo Returns (Part 2)
  • SS004 - Mewtwo Returns (Part 3)
  • SS005 - The Legend of Thunder! (Part 1)
  • SS006 - The Legend of Thunder! (Part 2)
  • SS007 - The Legend of Thunder! (Part 3)
  • SS008 - A Family That Battles Together Stays Together
  • SS009 - Cerulean Blues
  • SS010 - We're No Angels!
  • SS011 - Showdown at the Oak Corral
  • SS012 - The Blue Badge of Courage
  • SS013 - Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 1)
  • SS014 - Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 2)
  • SS015 - Oaknapped!
  • SS016 - Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1)
  • SS017 - Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 2)
  • SS018 - The Pichu Bros. in Party Panic
  • SS019 - A Date with Delcatty
  • SS020 - Training Daze
  • SS021 - Celebi and Joy!
  • SS022 - Journey to the Starting Line!
  • SS023 - Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!
  • SS024 - Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing!
  • SS025 - Those Darn Electabuzz!
  • SS026 - The Search for the Legend
  • SS027 - The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon
  • SS028 - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters out of the Gate!
  • SS029 - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness
  • SS030 - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness
  • SS031 - Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part One)
  • SS032 - Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part Two)
  • SS033 - Mewtwo — Prologue to Awakening
  • SS034 - Mega Evolution Special I
  • SS035 - Diancie — Princess of the Diamond Domain
  • SS036 - Mega Evolution Special II
  • SS037 - Mega Evolution Special III
  • SS038 - Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon
  • SS039 - Mega Evolution Special IV
PokémonGamer* 11:37, October 5, 2017 (UTC)

Unused files

Yes, I did and those appear to be images that are taken from the same source as Bulbapedia's source, without being copied from Bulbapedia. Bulbapedia had images under the same file names for tons of them but they're different shots or Bulbapedia's was a GIF.

The fact that any of them would have 256 x 192 is completely unsurprising - that is the native resolution of a single DS screen. And screenshot features in emulators take images from their native resolution. Desmume is the popular choice for DS games.

Essentially, there is a difference between being copied from Bulbapedia and using the same source that Bulbapedia did to get their image from. Being a 1280x720 logoless anime image is not that surprising because there are both methods - legal and illegal - of obtaining 720p HD episodes without the logo (Amazon Prime is a legally authorized method for example). Being a logoless, 720p screenshot therefore does not guarantee it was copied from Bulb, because the logoless HD versions of Japanese episodes are easily available on legal sources like Amazon Prime and Hulu. The only versions that have the logo are the ones that most users on here use, the illegal torrented copies of fansubbed episodes that are taken from from the TV airing that aired with a logo on it. PokémonGamer* 20:11, October 5, 2017 (UTC)

Just to explain just like Icy Flasher did on the Magearna talk page (on the basis of the template notice, saying "Please do not add unsourced speculation to this article"). I've changed the three US/UM Ultra Beasts to include UB in the name because it is common sense - even the names in non-English languages include the UB (or a translation of the acronym of Ultra Beast if they have a different term). We need an official source to back up proof that the official name does not have UB and the code name does - it cannot be a random fan speculation based on what's "awkward" and whatnot (while it may sound awkward for them to specify the Ultra Beast acronym in the name whether tentative or not, it's still officially used) - and we get our names verbatim as mentioned in the games whenever Pokémon names are brought up - which is why I removed the unofficial Dittomon/Meta names (which were confusing, when Kyurem147 had created the page about SM046's Metamon, he listed the メタ one but that's because it's a confusing, unofficial variant and I'm worried it just creates confusion for the majority of other users on this wiki who cannot read Japanese script, as the only three users on here that I am aware can read kana is me, Misch60 and User:Mario101luigi202peach404) - there is no proof from an official source and the Japanese games use 「メタモン」 while the English games use "Ditto" (the Japanese games and official sites NEVER use 「メタ」, and the English games and official sites NEVER use "Dittomon") - it needs to be an officially confirmed name, not just a random guess at what the final name might end up being for any interim names. The official English website is listing it with UB at the start and so is literally every single news outlet reporting the information - the only source insisting that UB isn't in the names is this wiki, which is not an official source (per Wikipedia, anything a different page says on the same wiki is not even a reliable source either, because that page can have wrong information on it due to the nature of being editable by everyone). Just to clarify, since this is the same type of assumption as in assuming there will be a new dub season based on Japanese version announcements with no confirmation from TPCi, and assuming that Pokémon cannot be attracted to other genders and that behavior patterns such as a crush (outside of Attract/Cute Charm) automatically confirms the gender, or even the initial speculation about Magearna's Pokédex number being the one after Volcanion (which turned out to be false when that information was released anyways).
And yeah, as for the mass amount of page moves, I'll keep up on changing the red links until they are all complete, since the codes that I've based on official anime principle have already been sorted out by me, so we no longer have to worry about the SS code consistency issue.

PokémonGamer* 02:22, October 6, 2017 (UTC)

Sun and Moon chapter

Yesterday on ANN it was confirmed that VIZ got the rights to the Sun and Moon chapter in case you haven't heard, along with the rights to Pokémon Horizon: Sun & Moon. -Adv193 (talk) 14:43, October 6, 2017 (UTC)

From my first impression, another manga series retelling the story of Pokemon Sun and Moon. -Adv193 (talk) 17:35, October 6, 2017 (UTC)
Not really a card player. -Adv193 (talk) 17:51, October 6, 2017 (UTC)


Alright, I will add the missing info and check the website out. Yeah, there are to Misty's Goldeen in the Gym Heroes set, one numbered 30 and the other one numbered 85.

I found this site that (almost) has all the information regarding the TCG. That's also where I get my images from, I have already contacted the webmaster of the site about using the images and it's all fine. So it is probably a more reliable site than that TCG wiki link you gave me.--Lordranged7 (talk) 20:09, October 6, 2017 (UTC)

Image source

The source was However, this source is not a different website. This source I'm talking about is the games themselves. So, "the same source as Bulb" means the same emulator - it's not a fansite that we don't have permission from, so it's a different case, and getting an image from the emulator with the same size and resolution as Bulb is okay as long as the user got it from the game and not from another website. The game itself is a source too, so because Bulb uses the game does not mean we shouldn't use it.

We should only refrain from using it if the source of Bulb is another website. But no, as long as it's the emulator and not from another website, it's perfectly fine.

Bulb never uses websites outside of as far as I know. Their manga images are user-generated scans, their games images are from the games themselves, their anime images are from the episodes themselves (but they have permission to use Filb images).

The difference is that Filb is another website - the games and emulator is not another website. So even if the games are still the same source as Bulb, we can use it as long as it's from the games and not being copied from Bulb. PokémonGamer* 20:28, October 6, 2017 (UTC)

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