Manga Volumes

I want to hear your opinion again on having manga volume nav temps. What are your thoughts on it again? Ellis99 VII & VIII 18:52, December 11, 2015 (UTC)

Okay then. Ellis99 VII & VIII 19:03, December 11, 2015 (UTC)

AnimePokemon temp

May I edit it to remove what I consider unneeded coding and then you can judge it and revert it if it's wrong? Ellis99 VII & VIII 21:31, December 11, 2015 (UTC)

Please reply back. Ellis99 VII & VIII 21:44, December 11, 2015 (UTC)

Volcanion official confirmation

Noticed there's a protection from an article being created. Well Serebii has posted scans of Volcanion. --OmegaRasengan (talk) 06:45, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

Hoopa movie

In the UK, it's airing today, a week earlier than US, so I will be ble to update the Pokemon pages. Ellis99 VII & VIII 09:05, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

I finished reading it yesterday. What was it you wanted me to do? Ellis99 VII & VIII 09:50, December 12, 2015 (UTC)
Okay. I'll do it once I've categorised images at Dragon Quest Wiki. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:02, December 12, 2015 (UTC)
Okay. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:17, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

Type Weaknesses temp

I forgot about this. We should have a type weakness temp to display what a Pokemon's strengths and weakness are. Ellis99 VII & VIII 12:40, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

Also, I'm going to add link on each gen nav temp of Pokemon to eachother. Ellis99 VII & VIII 14:59, December 12, 2015 (UTC)
Done them all. Ellis99 VII & VIII 15:19, December 12, 2015 (UTC)
I'm going to upload the new versions of the Moveslist temps as they link to nothing now. Ellis99 VII & VIII 16:23, December 12, 2015 (UTC)
Please read the first message about type weaknesses. Ellis99 VII & VIII 19:08, December 12, 2015 (UTC)
Individual pages. I feel that we should have something of the sort. Many other places and wiki's have this type of thing. Serebii has this type of thing. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:40, December 12, 2015 (UTC)
Of course. We can think about this at a later date once all Pokemon pages have been updated. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:45, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

Please delete my account.

Due to personal reasons, I cannot edit here anymore. Please delete this account from this wikia. I am sorry for disturbing you.

Perfidious Vulpine (talk) 21:05, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

XY manga

I can do X&Y008 as I have the latest mini-volumes. I just got the rest today. Ellis99 VII & VIII 09:54, December 13, 2015 (UTC)

Actually, I can't as the Charmander chapter is no. 8 in the mini-volumes. Ellis99 VII & VIII 09:56, December 13, 2015 (UTC)
Why do you think they didn't include some chapters in the volumes? Ellis99 VII & VIII 19:31, December 13, 2015 (UTC)
Also, may I use the AnimePokemon temp at a different wiki? Ellis99 VII & VIII 19:49, December 13, 2015 (UTC)
Thanks. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:07, December 13, 2015 (UTC)
Yeah, they haven't included the missing chapters in the mini-volumes. I think they might make those chapters into flashback chapters but who knows. To me there must be something behind why they have chopped out some chapters. Ellis99 VII & VIII 21:32, December 13, 2015 (UTC)

Green Drago

He/She just moved XY096 to XY095. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:44, December 13, 2015 (UTC)


Need some help with moving? I have some free to spare. I wanted to ask you first beforedoing anything just in case of messing it up.--Lordranged7 (talk) 20:50, December 13, 2015 (UTC)

I am on it.--Lordranged7 (talk) 20:57, December 13, 2015 (UTC)


Sure, I don't mind. I'm going to start tomorrow with BW again and I've got the last mini-volume. Ellis99 VII & VIII 22:23, December 13, 2015 (UTC)

What is this feature you speak of too? Ellis99 VII & VIII 22:26, December 13, 2015 (UTC)
Ahh, I like those sort of things! I used to us them when I was younger. I can't wait to have it here. That will definitely increase our viewership and popularity. Ellis99 VII & VIII 22:31, December 13, 2015 (UTC)
Also, I want to make a minor edit on the episode temp too. Ellis99 VII & VIII 22:34, December 13, 2015 (UTC)
Can you unprotect the Original series nav temp as there is a minor edit that is needed to be do. Ellis99 VII & VIII 08:53, December 14, 2015 (UTC)
Also, I've updated the color scheme of a few temps. Ellis99 VII & VIII 12:21, December 14, 2015 (UTC)
Okay :) Ellis99 VII & VIII 12:33, December 14, 2015 (UTC)
If you are wondering why I used those colours it's because they represent XY games and because it's the first arc in that temp. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:01, December 14, 2015 (UTC)
Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. Volcanion has been officially revealed. Check Serebii (the only place to report on it since the last time I looked). Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:09, December 14, 2015 (UTC)
Also, a trailer for the next movie is coming out on Thursday. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:13, December 14, 2015 (UTC)
How come you reverted my edit. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:20, December 14, 2015 (UTC)
Good point, I didn't realise that. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:22, December 14, 2015 (UTC)


I live in the United States, so I have the English dub of all the BW episodes on a legal streaming service called Netflix. So I can just click the HD option while streaming episodes and it'll play in high quality. You can see by my high quality upload of the BW107 WTP on Bulbagarden. - PokémonGamer* 23:10, December 14, 2015 (UTC)

Netflix doesn't have screen bugs (meaning it doesn't have the tag on the top right), so I'll be able to get those images without the tag. - PokémonGamer* 23:20, December 14, 2015 (UTC)

Wally image?

Why remove the image I uploaded of Wally? Please clarify what you mean by a bad title. Starliz (talk) 22:14, December 15, 2015 (UTC)

Ok, I get what you mean now. It actually didn't let me name the image when I added it, otherwise I would have named it. Starliz (talk) 23:23, December 15, 2015 (UTC)
If it's not a silly question, how do you rename an image? Starliz (talk) 23:22, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
Is there a way to rename it on the wiki? Because I'm on a mobile device, and I didn't get an option to rename it.Starliz (talk) 01:07, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

Box sets

I've got the Adventure box sets for Christmas, meaning that I can check if there are any errors. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:32, December 16, 2015 (UTC)

All. From RGBY to DPPt (If you remember, I have the mini-volumes of BW and I have the mini-volumes of XY too). Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:49, December 16, 2015 (UTC)
I got them at a reduced price at Amazon. Nearly £200 as I also got Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Sure, I'll do that but they are Christmas presents so it'll be after Christmas or after the New Year. Also, I've got the second volume of HGSS arc too! (The first volume I'm waiting for since Waterstones (a book store) doesn't know where it is so they said they would deliver it to the nearest store near me, once they have found one). Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:56, December 16, 2015 (UTC)
Righty. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:59, December 16, 2015 (UTC)


Can you rename this image as Blastoise is misspelled Blatiose. Ellis99 VII & VIII 17:43, December 16, 2015 (UTC)

Thank you :) Ellis99 VII & VIII 17:46, December 16, 2015 (UTC)

Deleting a redirect

Can you delete this redirect? It's preventing me from uploading a XY081: Rotom's Wish! image since I'm completing that gallery. - PokémonGamer* 00:01, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for deleting it. Now I can upload the image. - PokémonGamer* 00:05, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
Also, yeah, I used that template. - PokémonGamer* 00:10, December 17, 2015 (UTC)


Victor (Battle Frontier) should be moved to Victor (AG153) as there are more than one and the other one moved to Victor (IL067). Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:20, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

Please reply back. Ellis99 VII & VIII 18:26, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
Thanks. Ellis99 VII & VIII 18:37, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
The other one still needs renaming. Ellis99 VII & VIII 18:38, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
I didn't know that. Would you like me to rename Victor plus, the character's link will have to be renamed in the nav. Ellis99 VII & VIII 19:29, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
I was talking about this Victor, then a disambig can be created and the nav it is attached to would need to have the new name. Why is that nav protected? Same for this too? Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:37, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
Thanks :) Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:46, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
Forget the RGB one, I thought it was reprotected but, this temp is protected but I don't see the reason why it has to be, this. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:39, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
Okay then. Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:49, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

Team Flare Pokemon

I've created some of the Pokemon they own in the manga and Team Plasma too. Ellis99 VII & VIII 18:14, December 17, 2015 (UTC)


Hey there Energy x!

Thanks for the reply - didn't know Shocky has been a bit in-active on the wiki here. My main interest on Pokemon has always been the games. If you guys have anything to work on, namely templates, I'd like to take a look at them if you guys want me to. Thanks for letting me know about Shockstorm. Oh, and nice font here guys. It's a change.

The Crusader Talk User Blogs 06:40:17 December 17, 2015


I think we should add a new image policy which is that we don't use images as that is what Bulba uses for anime images on episode pages and as a part of there temp for episode, it says "Screenshot on". Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:51, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

We could check the size of an image because I think they keep there images to a certain size. I think the site Dragon was copying from was If you ask her, she may or may not tell you the images are from that site. Ellis99 VII & VIII 21:11, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
I'll ask Serebii tomorrow where he gets the images from. Ellis99 VII & VIII 21:13, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
The reason why I suggest this is because I want us to become more self-reliant than relying on other sites for images, since we have users that can take images from the anime with a program on their computers. Ellis99 VII & VIII 21:16, December 17, 2015 (UTC)
Unfortunately, yes, which I'm not happy about with myself. I haven't found the right time to do it. Sorry :( Ellis99 VII & VIII 21:22, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

Twitter and Facebook

Who runs the Twitter and Facebook accounts because I would like to tell them something. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:03, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

Well, once the news blogs are up, could you tweet them? Ellis99 VII & VIII 11:13, December 18, 2015 (UTC)
Also, [1] this link may be helpful. It can convert files into different types of files. For example, a .gif file into a .png. Lord and someone else knows this (can't remember the other person I told). Ellis99 VII & VIII 11:15, December 18, 2015 (UTC)
Also, if you read what Shock wrote to me, would you agree with what he said? I just want to get yours and L's opinion. Ellis99 VII & VIII 11:18, December 18, 2015 (UTC)
Okay, I'll do that from now on. Ellis99 VII & VIII 11:23, December 18, 2015 (UTC)
Aswell, I feel that you should know, L is thinking of creating a bot for bot requests as Czech doesn't seem to be doing requests. She told me that she will set up a discussion about it but I don't know when. Ellis99 VII & VIII 11:26, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

Starliz ,I think is the name, is uploading poorly named images to Sapphire's page. Ellis99 VII & VIII 15:02, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

Music Corner

Maybe we could reintroduce the Music Corner and Feature Character to the Main Page but updated? Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:02, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

Okay but we could revamp Music Corner to make it similar to the main page or I could upload it to the new blogs. As for Featured Character, we could just upload it. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:11, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
It was probably due to copyright that the music corner was removed.--Lordranged7 (talk) 10:19, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
He told me that "it wasn't intended to be like that", which I don't get. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:27, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
Ahh, okay then. May I start a discussion about the ETP pages as I saw what you wrote to Natsu which I don't agree with and possibly L doesn't either, that's my opinion. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:32, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

Bot requests


I'm happy to do the bot requests on the page, though I'm going on holidays till the new year (where I can start). I've been helping User:Ellis99 on another wiki, if you want some sort of trust to be factored into this :P

Also, just a quick note, I'll complete bot requests under a bot flag (see Help:Bot#Bot_flags), which means that I don't spam your Recent Changes/Wiki Activity, particularly if there are a lot of pages to edit. This will require community consensus, which I'll set up if you decide to get me to do them.

Cheers! Noreplyz talk 21:08, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

Hey there, N. I was going to ask you about this but I forgot. Looks like you beat me to the punch :P Ellis99 VII & VIII 21:12, December 18, 2015 (UTC)
Yep, Energy requested it in Community Central. Noreplyz talk 21:45, December 18, 2015 (UTC)
Yeah - I'll do the blog post now to get community consensus, then work on it in January 2016. :) Noreplyz talk 03:43, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
I see. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:11, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
Blog post here. Noreplyz talk 12:06, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
Righty. Ellis99 VII & VIII 12:09, December 19, 2015 (UTC)


It seems an if will have to be created as it has episode at the top of it. Would you like me to create an if for it? Ellis99 VII & VIII 13:50, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

Every page will have to be edited that uses it though once the change happens. Ellis99 VII & VIII 13:53, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
Okay then. Ellis99 VII & VIII 14:00, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
Guess what!!! The next XY Japanese chapter has been released at Pokespe Tumblr!!!!! Ellis99 VII & VIII 15:19, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
The summary for it has been written. Ellis99 Volcanion 18:04, December 21, 2015 (UTC)


Ah yeah, thanks for reminding me about it.--Lordranged7 (talk) 21:35, December 19, 2015 (UTC)


The page needs moving as there are two. Ellis99 VII & VIII 22:28, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

Well, I was actually talking about this page. Ellis99 VII & VIII 09:25, December 20, 2015 (UTC)
I know that but a disambig should be created. I think Summer (Oblivia) is best. Ellis99 VII & VIII 11:51, December 20, 2015 (UTC)
That's better :) Ellis99 VII & VIII 11:53, December 20, 2015 (UTC)
Harrison needs moving as there are two, this and this. Ellis99 VII & VIII 17:52, December 20, 2015 (UTC)
I know but I thought that if I did, he might spew some rubbish at me before he got blocked. Ellis99 VII & VIII 18:25, December 20, 2015 (UTC)

Help a New Member

I'm new to this Pokémon wiki although I've been a fan of Pokémon for a while now but my concern here is the rules and standard setup of things here. For example, what should be included on certain pages and what is acceptable. What templates to use if any for the particular situation. It doesn't seem to be a setup page for that here which is why I came directly to a sysop, that being you? The biggest thing I want to know is what is acceptable for a move page? Do u use a game image or an anime image for the move's infobox? I've seen a mix pf both on many pages which is why I'm confused. Also for the move gallery, do you use the normal gallery setup or is there a template for it? Do we not use stat boxes here on the wiki cuz I haven't seen them? I'm not gonna suffocate you with my questions but these are a few I wanted to know right away. --Rai 水 (talk) 02:53, December 20, 2015 (UTC)

I originally added Energy Ball's power history to it's page but User:Ellis99 reverted it saying it wasn't accepted here? If so why? --Rai 水 (talk) 18:54, December 20, 2015 (UTC)
Well at first the Energy Ball overview included information that was on the infobox such as it's PP, Accuracy and such but I removed that unnecessary info, but I did add about Energy Ball being based powered 80 until Generation VI. It is not doubling info at all from the infobox template as that didn't include it visibly (not through seekng it on the edit page). Is it really doing any harm by me doing that? --Rai 水 (talk) 19:05, December 20, 2015 (UTC)
Ellis says that the infobox has Energy Ball's previous base power by using the mouse but the problem with that is not everyone has a mouse to use like me so I'm coming to you get permission to make a parenthesis showing the original vase power like this 90* (80) Gen. IV-V) --Rai 水 (talk) 19:35, December 20, 2015 (UTC)
Of course. I will do my very best to support the wiki. --Rai 水 (talk) 22:36, December 20, 2015 (UTC)


The bot has been approved :) Ellis99 VII & VIII 20:21, December 20, 2015 (UTC)

Number of wins/loses for each Pokemon owned

I was thinking we could do something along the lines of the onscreen wins/loses for each Pokemon owned by a main character.

Your thought?Justin Holland (talk) 21:09, December 20, 2015 (UTC)

Is there a way to do it like the how we do the galleries? Justin Holland (talk) 22:26, December 20, 2015 (UTC)

I'm gonna try something. Standby. Justin Holland (talk) 03:16, December 21, 2015 (UTC)

Seriouly, we need something to show how good each main character pokemon is. Justin Holland (talk) 21:03, December 27, 2015 (UTC)


He has created temps that are very similar to this, this and this. Ellis99 VII & VIII 23:05, December 20, 2015 (UTC)

They are, this, this and this. Ellis99 VII & VIII 23:07, December 20, 2015 (UTC)

Re: Templates

I was going use them to make a more organized way to list Pokemon who know the same move. I saw how crowded Whirlpool's editing page was with trying to make an table for Pokemon knowing moves. This is an example of what I attended to do. --Rai 水 (talk) 00:16, December 21, 2015 (UTC)

We already have temps to use. Ellis99 VII & VIII 01:26, December 21, 2015 (UTC)
Oh I'm sorry I didn't know. I seen them and prefer them to mine too. I guess you can delete them then X. Template:Commonmovetop, Template:Commonmovemid and Template:Commonmoveend. --Rai 水 (talk) 02:29, December 21, 2015 (UTC)
I've put them up for deletion. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:03, December 21, 2015 (UTC)
I've also added a white background to some temps to make the writing look clearer on Wikia format. Ellis99 Volcanion 14:11, December 21, 2015 (UTC)


If you coukd delete this as I got an image with a bit better quality, would've uploaded my new image to that but didn't know and this because as it was apparently pointed out, we shouldn't have or you guys prefer not to have similar images as Bulbapedia. While in some cases, that is limited, for moves that is a bit of a different story so I understand for Agility and Energy Ball. Thanks! --Rai 水 (talk) 05:27, December 22, 2015 (UTC)

Could you delete this image, as someone found a better image for Tracey's Marill. Thanks! --Rai 水 (talk) 07:01, December 25, 2015 (UTC)


I found these temp, this and this. I thought that they might have a possible use if they were revamped. Inject a section for reasoning into the and they could possibly be used. Ellis99 Volcanion 13:27, December 22, 2015 (UTC)

Also, I think I've understood why the chapter of Y's Eevee was cut out. Due to anti-gambling laws in the EU, anything to do with gambling in games are cut out (that is what I've read before) and the chapter of its debut has a mini-game corner, according to what I can see on the section of Y's Eevee on Serebii. Ellis99 Volcanion 21:08, December 22, 2015 (UTC)
I just noticed bu for the Template:Moveslistend template, it includes info about STAB and italics but it doesn't show for on the template. Is there some way to fix that? --Rai 水 (talk) 23:51, December 22, 2015 (UTC)
I would suggest you make it so for the Pokemon name section make it so we manually put [[]], that way we can edit to put Bold or Italics on the Pokemon at hand. Or if some other way works that'd be good too. Either that or remove the stuff for the end template. --Rai 水 (talk) 01:16, December 23, 2015 (UTC)
Okay. Ellis99 Volcanion 08:40, December 23, 2015 (UTC)
I'm going to get rid of unneeded coding from temps. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:13, December 23, 2015 (UTC)

I think this temp needs deleting as I feel that no-one will use it. This. Ellis99 Volcanion 14:13, December 23, 2015 (UTC)

I could do tabber. Ellis99 Volcanion 22:08, December 23, 2015 (UTC)
Could do how Bulba does it but I wouldn't know where to start. Ellis99 Volcanion 22:10, December 23, 2015 (UTC)


I noticed that on character's pokemon pages, it'd Ex. (Person) (Pokémon) is a (Type) owned by (Person).

Not only are we repeating things but we are stating unnessary things, such as saying the character's name with the Pokémon then a few words later say it again. Along with putting the type it is when it's known by the Pokemon name (generally). I suggest we rewrite how it is by atating for example for Dawn's Togekiss we would write, "This Togekiss is a Pokémon that belongs to Dawn..." --Rai 水 (talk) 23:22, December 23, 2015 (UTC)

I like how it already is. I think something like this should be debated as it is major. If it was minor, it wouldn't need a debate. Ellis99 Volcanion 08:34, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
Well if you read how it is read, it makes it seems the Pokemon can be a different type by saying "Blank's Pokemon is a Fire/Flying-type Pokemon owned by Blank. We know what the Pokemon type is by the name and who it belongs to so why repeat that "Blank's Pokemon...owned by Blank. It's repititive and unnecessary. --Rai 水 (talk) 15:44, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
I just feel that it should be debated first to see how it goes. Ellis99 Volcanion 15:48, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
I'm going to set up a debate. Ellis99 Volcanion 16:47, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
Here's the forum, here. I'll be sharing with others. Ellis99 Volcanion 16:57, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
I've sent it to numerous active users. Ellis99 Volcanion 17:02, December 24, 2015 (UTC)

It would seem that that people have came to my decision to change the intro for character's Pokémon as long as I keep the types in it. It might not have been as much people as we wanted but still more compromised to the proposal than opposed. So if its alright by you, I would like to start making the change. --Rai 水 (talk) 00:45, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Movie Debut

What do you think about adding movie debut to Characters and Character's Pokémon infoboxes? --Rai 水 (talk) 02:13, December 24, 2015 (UTC)

Bump --Rai 水 (talk) 16:51, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
Ex. Pokémon

Misty's Corsola Infobox
Debut: A Corsola Caper
Movie Debut: Pokémon - Heroes : Latios and Latias
--Rai 水 (talk) 17:25, December 24, 2015 (UTC)

I think it's unneeded. Ellis99 Volcanion 17:32, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
While it may not be so important, it isn't useless information as it is info that isn't even included anywhere else on the character or Pokémon's page. We don't even have what movies they are in on their page. I'll be the one to step up and make the changes if it's too much of a bother though. --Rai 水 (talk) 17:42, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
To me, it's best to consolidate such major changes with the community first. Ellis99 Volcanion 17:45, December 24, 2015 (UTC)

OVA definition

What does it mean? Ellis99 Volcanion 09:52, December 24, 2015 (UTC)

I agree too. If you may have noticed, I'm removing this category from episodes as it houses the other episode categories from that series. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:26, December 24, 2015 (UTC)
All done now. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:33, December 24, 2015 (UTC)


Do you know where the name comes from? Ellis99 Volcanion 12:06, December 24, 2015 (UTC)


Looks like their doing what we do with Pokemon moveset and move pages with having 1 instead of -. Ellis99 Volcanion 21:04, December 24, 2015 (UTC)

Christmas Greet

Hiya! Happy Holidays!🎄--Jokeman20 (talk) 02:24, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Recurring Pokemon

Why are we adding that category to Pokemon that aren't recurring? Ellis99 Volcanion 08:44, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Rai has been adding it to Pokemon pages that weren't even recurring in the anime. I'll remove the ones that weren't recurring. I'll clarify on the categories page. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:36, December 26, 2015 (UTC)
I've corrected it now. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:51, December 26, 2015 (UTC)
The reason why I first asked you is because of this edit, [2]. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:53, December 26, 2015 (UTC)
Also, the news blog will return next week on Sunday. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:07, December 26, 2015 (UTC)
Aswell, a day late Merry Christmas! :) Ellis99 Volcanion 10:08, December 26, 2015 (UTC)
A user who spoke to you, I think, about battle records added that to Ash's Infernape's page. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:09, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

EpisodeAppear Template

It seems that this template is a bit broken because it shows red links on the second part like here. I wanted to fix it myself but I didn't know how after how a look at it for quite a while. That's why I am asking you if you could fix it.--Lordranged7 (talk) 17:31, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

I noticed this too as Rai has had to create redirect of the names of episodes. I had to too with one. Ellis99 Volcanion 18:32, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Alright, thanks for doing it and also a Merry (belated) Christmas to you!--Lordranged7 (talk) 22:42, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

Dream World Ability into Hidden Ability

I feel like we should change Dream World ability into Hidden Ability because Dream World ability seems a bit exclusive only to the Black and White Dream World, while Hidden ability seems to be a better word choice. What do you think?Primal Groudon 156 (talk) 21:11, December 26, 2015 (UTC)


I'm giving either you or LordRanged7 bureaucratic rights, please decide peaceably between yourselves who will acquire the rights. If neither of you agree then I will just continue to lurk in the shadows. I would like to not be needed for when you guys have to give people user rights. I'm merely hanging on to rights for when I get enough spare time to come back and edit. I still have all of my game guides and would love to start adding information again, but college, work, and social life make keeping up with wikia hard.

  Slay Talk  "Shadows wonder why we scream."05:19,12/27/2015    4,527  

I think you should be the one to acquire the bureaucratic rights, you are longer on the wiki than I am and thus having more experience here. You deserve them earlier than I do.--Lordranged7 (talk) 09:14, December 27, 2015 (UTC)

If I may put my input on this, I agree with what L has said :) Ellis99 Volcanion 09:27, December 27, 2015 (UTC)
How come your using your old account A? Ellis99 Volcanion 09:34, December 27, 2015 (UTC)
Like I've told L, I've sent requests to active users here. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:02, December 27, 2015 (UTC)


Hi, I was wondering, how did you create all those templates? I tried to do so for my own Wikia, but I can't figure it out, and the help Wikia provides isn't much of a help either. I was hoping one of you could explain to me how it is done.Danny199 (talk) 12:53, December 27, 2015 (UTC)

May I get rid of some unneeded coding in the AnimePokemon temp? Ellis99 Volcanion 16:48, December 27, 2015 (UTC)
Will do :) Ellis99 Volcanion 16:51, December 27, 2015 (UTC)
I'm also going to simplify nav's too, as you may have seen with Misty's and Ash's. Ellis99 Volcanion 17:00, December 27, 2015 (UTC)
I was thinking, shouldn't we axe Pokémon Ranger Locations|this category? I mean that since we have location categories for the regions that are featured in that series. Ellis99 Volcanion 17:16, December 27, 2015 (UTC)
I've got two of the games (wish there was more... :(). Ellis99 Volcanion 19:29, December 27, 2015 (UTC)
I'll remove it from temps. Ellis99 Volcanion 19:34, December 27, 2015 (UTC)
It's now up for deletion. Ellis99 Volcanion 19:39, December 27, 2015 (UTC)

Re: Moves

I see. How will you go about doing it? It's pretty obvious the box will have to be 100% to fit all the Generations. --Rai 水 (talk) 23:30, December 27, 2015 (UTC)

Right but what I'm asking is do you suppose we merge the pages? I have an idea of what it can look like. Replace Level as the title says it and add and give generations their on section on the box. It would somewhat like this:

By Leveling Up or By Breeding (Title of box)

  • Pokémon
  • Type
  • Gen. I
  • Gen. II
  • Gen. III
  • Gen. IV
  • Gen. V
  • Gen VI

--Rai 水 (talk) 00:05, December 28, 2015 (UTC)

I know. And do you want me to edit the current moveslist temp to fit my solution. Also this will mean a few boxes or so will be blank. For the blank part we should use a "X" to mark where it doesn't learn at the generation. That would also mean adding the "X" part to the endlist temp too for description. --Rai 水 (talk) 00:22, December 29, 2015 (UTC)
This is more of what I had in mind and maybe what you had in mind too for the move list temp. Check out my example --Rai 水 (talk) 19:11, December 29, 2015 (UTC)
Okay I'll start making the updates. --Rai 水 (talk) 16:56, December 30, 2015 (UTC)
Your right. I'll try to hide the gens that didm't exist for the move. --Rai 水 (talk) 18:04, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Orange Islands

For one of the orange islands, what do you mean by Sanctuary Island? DragonSpore18 (talk) 00:49 December 28, 2015 (UTC)


You've become a bureau!!! :) Ellis99 Volcanion 15:45, December 28, 2015 (UTC)

I've moved your name on the Hall of Fame since you've been promoted. Ellis99 Volcanion 20:39, December 28, 2015 (UTC)

Movesbreedlist Temp

It seems for the Template:Movesbreedlisttop, for the father section it can be confusing to tell where what Pokémon belongs to because of little visible the dividing section is. I suggested we add (border="1") which will give it a clear division but Ellis says it to be odd. Air Slash is an example of how it looks overall in the breeding section. What do you think? Could you do something to help if you disagree? --Rai 水 (talk) 21:22, December 28, 2015 (UTC)


I'm still trying to think how. Ellis99 Volcanion 08:34, December 29, 2015 (UTC)

Do you have any idea's? (I'm going to upload a new news header with the colouring of RGBY as a temp called News header RGBY) Ellis99 Volcanion 08:35, December 29, 2015 (UTC)

Bot task issue

Hey! I've run into a small problem - some changes require admin rights to complete. For example, the links to Brock's Geodude appear in protected templates Template:Pokémon_IL_char and Template:Pokémon_OI_char that have been requested to be changed. There's two options - the fastest (and best option for me) is to give YogsBot administrator rights. I prefer this because it makes it easier for everyone - everything gets done in one go. The safer option is to just give you a list of proposed smaller edits for admins to do in their time. What do you think? Noreplyz talk 09:11, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks and yes. I'm still not at home and on holiday mode - I'll get back into the swing of things in the new year and will get the bot doing those tasks for the Might and Magic Wiki too. Noreplyz talk 11:00, December 30, 2015 (UTC) images

Should we be listing them for deletion? Ellis99 Volcanion 09:46, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

The only thing is Bulba seems to have a partnership with Filb due to the temps on episode pages having link to Filb's episode pages that have images. Dragon had been uploading images for Filb. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:49, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Pokémon Character Box

Can you review the changes I want to make to it? Ellis99 Volcanion 11:47, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Actually, forget it. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:01, December 30, 2015 (UTC)
Actually, I'm going to do it so please, review it. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:06, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Abilities Vs. Special Abilities

I have noticed that on certain Pokémon pages, in the abilities section, they talk about the abilities already stated in the PokéBox. If I'm not mistaken you guys said that repeating things from the box is unnecessary so I'm assuming the only thing you want in the abilities which I suggest calling "Special Abilities" section because the abilities they naturally have like levitation although they don't have Levitate like Weezing, are unique. --Rai 水 (talk) 17:01, December 30, 2015 (UTC)


X you don't like speculations. I'm assuming someone changed Ash's Frogadier to Greninja but you reverted because you wanted to wait till the episode, right? I'm asking because I got a question on acertain fact.--Kyurem147 (talk) 18:12, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Do wild pokemon apply? I mean it's going appear in a future episode, but we don't know if it's really wild or owned. Do they count?--Kyurem147 (talk) 18:46, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

So if it's mentioned in the short plot, it ok. But if it just in preview video and has minor importance, then it can't be on here?--Kyurem147 (talk) 19:08, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

It's not just the preview video. The TV Tokyo summary does mention it. - PokémonGamer* 22:08, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

That's what I mean. - PokémonGamer* 22:11, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Ability pages

I'm going to make ability pages similar to Pokemon Character pages when it comes to tagging images in the gallery section. Ellis99 Volcanion 18:38, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Move List Temp

I've tried everything I could to make unfilled generation sections blank and it won't work so could you give it a try? Template:Movelisttop, Template:Movelistmid. --Rai 水 (talk) 22:52, December 30, 2015 (UTC)


TPG (ThePokemonGamer) has set up a forum of images. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:37, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

Guess what!

Diantha has a Pumpkaboo! I found out while looking though the MangaDex on Serebii, it appeared in a flashback during the chapter where Blue returns with Rhyperior. Ellis99 Volcanion 20:44, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

Not even Bulba has it on her page! Ellis99 Volcanion 20:46, December 31, 2015 (UTC)
Well, in one of the scans showing Blue finding Diantha in the rubble at Pokespe, it's to her left. It blended so well with the background. Ellis99 Volcanion 21:07, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

Just so you know

Since I couldn't find a way to remove the other generations that the move didn't exist in, I added option of darkening the blank slots so that the filled in slots stand out. Here's how it looks on Energy Ball's leveling up section. --Rai 水 (talk) 00:38, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

I also created a template to go with the breeding section as sprites look better in the box than full out words. These templates also give links too. This is how it looks on Energy Ball's page. --Rai 水 (talk) 04:55, January 1, 2016 (UTC)
Ellis thinks we should use the other temps we had since we can't get rid of the unused generation slots although I blacked the ones out that didn't matter. It helps the page load faster than tabs though especially with multiple tables. It's just a small thing wrong about my temp but its still good. What do you think? --Rai 水 (talk) 16:11, January 1, 2016 (UTC)
I fixed our problem by making multiple templates each designed to go for how many generatioms the move existed in. Check out the movelists templates . --Rai 水 (talk) 19:58, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

Pokemon meta

I think this category should be deleted as it serves no purpose and the companies category could be link the browse category. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:32, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

I think see also temp should be deleted as we have main temp, which similar. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:05, January 1, 2016 (UTC)
And rellink too. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:06, January 1, 2016 (UTC)
As the years have gone by, temps like that have become obsolete due to other temps. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:43, January 1, 2016 (UTC)
Can you help me with the centralisation of this temp? Ellis99 Volcanion 12:54, January 1, 2016 (UTC)
Can you tell Thundermaker to stop making unneeded edits. Ellis99 Volcanion 17:13, January 1, 2016 (UTC)
I would like each box next to each other and the hows in the middle underneath the second box in the middle. Ellis99 Volcanion 21:43, January 1, 2016 (UTC)


This seems unusual? 00:24, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

Bot question

Hey, Energy, am I right to assume that all episode and character pages have the templates Template:Episode and Template:Character respectively? Noreplyz talk 10:29, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

I can tell you :) All episodes use the Episode temp but anime characters use Template:AnimeCharacter. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:31, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
Should I be including manga characters then? Template:MangaCharacter? Noreplyz talk 10:32, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
Awesome, thanks. Noreplyz talk 10:34, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
Yes, changing links, namely the first few. I assume you want me to just run it through anime episodes since that's what we're appending into the link? Noreplyz talk 10:35, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
Ok, thanks for the clarification. How about the absolute first few that change the owner name? All episodes/chars? Noreplyz talk 10:43, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

News Blog

I will be doing it tomorrow :) Ellis99 Volcanion 12:24, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

I think the Toxicroak belong to the admins of Team Flare. I don't know about the Scolipede but they could also be owned by the admins of Team Flare too. Ellis99 Volcanion 14:29, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
I've also tweak some temps too. Ellis99 Volcanion 14:50, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
Also, I'm going to tweak some more. Ellis99 Volcanion 14:51, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
I'm also going to upload a new WeekEpisode temp for XY & Z. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:34, January 3, 2016 (UTC)
News blog is up by the way. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:18, January 3, 2016 (UTC)
Could you put a tweet out on our Twitter account and make the blog appear on the main page too. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:22, January 3, 2016 (UTC)


This user keeps re-adding that ridiculous fake episode title for XY106 after it's been confirmed to be fake that even Dephender, a Japanese speaking moderator on Serebii fell for the fake scan (what happened that made this mess in the first place was that I made that fake scan from photoshopping a real scan and sent to a Pokémon fan on Twitter, but it was being spread across a lot of Pokémon fan sites and taken seriously, so I removed it from this wiki, it was meant to be a joke and I even admitted it when it was too late, when the user I sent this to made a thread on the Bulbagarden forums, which is where this all started, and even now, I wish I could apologize to Dephender for making him fall for the scan and posting the title on Serebii). Anyway, I even told Rystrouse it's fake on his talk page so he knows why I removed it, but he keeps adding it despite multiple removals of the title. - PokémonGamer* 02:37, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

Thanks. I'll tell you when the legitimate title is revealed if it's revealed within this week. - PokémonGamer* 17:49, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

Lavender scans

They have done a trans of the chapter with the return of Red and Green with Archie and Maxie. I found out at Pokespe tumblr. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:42, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

I'm also now going to revamp the block temp, if you remember, now. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:53, January 4, 2016 (UTC)
Actually, it turns out to be a warning temp. Anyway, I'll revamp it. Would you like a block temp? Ellis99 Volcanion 11:55, January 4, 2016 (UTC)
I thought this was a block temp as first but I looked closer at it and it was but this temp could be used as a warning to users about their edits. I could create a temp to show that when a user is blocked. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:04, January 4, 2016 (UTC)
Okay, I'll revamp it soon then. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:29, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

Just want to let you know that the admins of Aqua an Magma are different one from before, as it is stated that the names, Tabitha, Courtney, Shelly and Matt, are codenames used by each team and that there are many other generations of characters with those names. The other thing that isn't surprising is that Archie and Maxie are from another realm and are surprised that a certain someone hasn't come from that realm. Ellis99 Volcanion 19:37, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

I misread the part about Maxie and Archie. They are the same but they have been in some realm. Ellis99 Volcanion 19:39, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

Hi, I think the arc headers for the biographies of manga characters shouldn't be linked and I think that is also what Nore is trying to say too on the bot requests page. Ellis99 Volcanion 17:42, January 5, 2016 (UTC)

Hey Energy X, there's another point regarding |season = that I'd like to clarify as well - could you respond to that on the request page? Thanks! Noreplyz talk 22:39, January 5, 2016 (UTC)

Internet troll

We've got a problem. An internet troll named Pokemon Troll5 is messing up the pages on this wiki. Please block him/her. DragonSpore18 (talk) 15:59 January 4, 2016 (UTC)


Happy New Year! Utkar22 16:16, January 5, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Work

Oh crumbs, forgot to keep going. There's just a bit left (going through Ellis' and some of yours in bulk). Ellis also needs to respond to one of the bot requests she has made. Noreplyz talk 10:08, January 6, 2016 (UTC)

The rest have been complete! Feel free to ping me (via a message on my wall) if there are any future issues or requests! Noreplyz talk 11:25, January 6, 2016 (UTC)
Yes, good luck and glad I could be of help! Noreplyz talk 11:28, January 6, 2016 (UTC)


Is Nm8bot your bot? Ellis99 Volcanion 19:19, January 6, 2016 (UTC)

Yes, I did get them all :) I'm on the last book for the Platinum arc (it became more exciting as I read the D&P arc). What was it you were thinking about? Ellis99 Volcanion 20:00, January 6, 2016 (UTC)
I haven't read GSC arcs yet but I will be reading them once I have finished DPPt arcs which will happen tonight. I will upload the maps once I have read GSC arcs. Ellis99 Volcanion 22:55, January 6, 2016 (UTC)
From what I can deduce, it looks like the next series in America will start in either late Jan or early Feb. Ellis99 Volcanion 23:00, January 6, 2016 (UTC)

Warning temp

I've revamped it to look similar to other temps. You may want to slim down the text as there is quite a bit. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:51, January 7, 2016 (UTC)

Team Aqua and Magma admins

I think the manga counterpart should be split into two since the ones that appear in the games have two now. For example, Shelly (Adventures) → Shelly (RS arc) and Shelly (ORAS arc). Ellis99 Volcanion 11:04, January 7, 2016 (UTC)

Please reply back. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:48, January 7, 2016 (UTC)
Okay but could we have headers in the Pokemon section to define between the RS and ORAS arc versions? Ellis99 Volcanion 12:54, January 7, 2016 (UTC)
Okay, I'll do it now, also, I you haven't read my message above, the warning temp has been revamped. Ellis99 Volcanion 13:05, January 7, 2016 (UTC)


Um X about the renaming of Dewgong page. While I agree Misty did command it in one episode, it was never stated she officially exactly owned it. I checked the sources.--Kyurem147 (talk) 18:58, January 7, 2016 (UTC)

Well I guess that's a good point. Can't argue with that.--Kyurem147 (talk) 19:02, January 7, 2016 (UTC)


I had idea I told Lord. What we put the rest of the clones Mewtwo made. They appeared in two movies. This could be another edge over Bulb.--Kyurem147 (talk) 19:08, January 7, 2016 (UTC)


Can you place your input on the idea of having a list of cloned Pokémon from the Mewtwo movie instead of having seperate pages with such little information. --Rai 水 (talk) 01:00, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

I think you should look at the debate above. Ellis99 Volcanion 13:06, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

Relationships page/section

I think it could help if we had a section or page dedicated to relationships between main characters and those around them? Just an idea i'm suggesting, but your thoughts? Justin Holland (talk) 02:36, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

B&W arc

I'll start writing tomorrow as I have read the last book of the arc. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:19, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Bot (Lyrics)

Complete. Instead of applying a <poem> tag to all the lyrics, I placed white-space: pre-wrap; into the CSS of the box surrounding the lyrics, which does the same thing. This means you don't need poem tags anymore!

Also, in relation to image replacement, feel free to reach out to me in the future when we work out a proper plan. I'm happy to find and delete duplicates to help clean up the wiki. noreply 11:28, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

New temps

What are the new temps going to be for? Ellis99 Volcanion 23:26, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

Ohhh, okay then :) Ellis99 Volcanion 23:49, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

Unnamed Team Galactic Grunt

There is a grunt from Team Galactic who Sird put under her control with no name. Should the name be "Unnamed Team Galactic Grunt" when it comes to creating a page? Ellis99 Volcanion 00:40, January 9, 2016 (UTC)

I just wanted your opinion. I've read it already and his name was never stated but Bulba has Advanced level Grunt and Serebii has Senior Team Galactic Grunt. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:16, January 9, 2016 (UTC)
It appeared in Platinum arc unpossessed as he broke free from the brainwashing by Sird. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:27, January 9, 2016 (UTC)
Okay, I'll do it later one I've sorted out some edits by a user at another wiki. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:08, January 9, 2016 (UTC)


My favorite thing to do on the wiki is to make the card pages. I may make a few mistakes here and there, but I will try not to and to help the best I can.                            Mario101luigi202peach404 (talk) 16:02, January 9, 2016 (UTC)Mario101luigi202peach404

Team Flare Admins

I'm going to create a page on the subject. Ellis99 Volcanion 21:50, January 9, 2016 (UTC)

Please reply back. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:19, January 10, 2016 (UTC)
I'll create it later once I've finished a few things, here and there. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:25, January 10, 2016 (UTC)
The Pokemon are listed as his on Serebii and Bulba. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:27, January 10, 2016 (UTC)
We could use this, here. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:29, January 10, 2016 (UTC)
I've also improve the temp too so it's similar to AnimePokémon temp. Ellis99 Volcanion 12:35, January 10, 2016 (UTC)
News blog will be up later. Ellis99 Volcanion 13:19, January 10, 2016 (UTC)
News blog is done! I've included the latest ORAS chapter too. Ellis99 Volcanion 16:18, January 10, 2016 (UTC)


I made certain redirects for reasons such making it easier for those not updated with the anime and such it would be Ash's Sceptile now but for others, they would know it as a Treecko or Grovyle. However, if the Pokémon bares similar letters like "Char" in Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard it'd be best to leave it as its pretty direct. I also will continue my work on the move pages of course but I'm just trying to do something else too, don't wanna just do move pages. --Rai 水 (talk) 17:47, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

XY manga

Serebii has the plot to the chapters that haven't been released in the magazines and books, like X&Y009. I'm sure you could write it in your own way from reading the chapters. Have a look here, [3]. Ellis99 Volcanion 10:57, January 11, 2016 (UTC)

Voice Cast

Hello, I Would Like To Ask Where Did You Find The Voice Casts For The English Dubs (Like 4Kids & DuArt) ?

~ Magic Winx, Mythix! Mythix Powers, All right! ~

16:55, January 11, 2016 (UTC)


How can I get better? I would like to be one, and I would like to be polite as well. Tell me how I can do more and I will try to do so.                                 Mario101luigi202peach404 (talk) 21:41, January 11, 2016 (UTC)Mario101luigi202peach404

Okay, thank you for telling me and sorry for seeming greedy. I just want to be even more of a help. Thank you for the info again!                                       Mario101luigi202peach404 (talk) 21:54, January 11, 2016 (UTC)Mario101luigi202peach404

New season

The new season has been announced! It's called "Pokémon the Series XYZ. I don't know if it includes the ":". Ellis99 Volcanion 17:52, January 12, 2016 (UTC)

Also, the episode temp for the news blog will be used for upcoming episodes. Ellis99 Volcanion 19:19, January 12, 2016 (UTC)


How do you customise your signature? Mario101luigi202peach404 (talk) 18:38, January 12, 2016 (UTC)

Thank you! Mario101luigi202peach404 (talk) 21:22, January 12, 2016 (UTC)

Okay, I tried it, and ut didn't work with the colors. How do I get the colors? I tried to do this: Mario101luigi202peach404, but it didnt appear as a signature. I made it in a document, and it doesn't appear this way in the signature.   Mario101luigi202peach404 16:53, January 13, 2016 (UTC)Mario101luigi202peach404

Yes, but I don't know what to do after that.    Mario101luigi202peach404 17:18, January 13, 2016 (UTC)Mario101luigi202peach404

How do you mean? Mario101luigi202peach404 17:28, January 13, 2016 (UTC)

Like this?   [ Mario101luigi202peach404]

I don't think that's right. Mario101luigi202peach404]

Will start later :) Ellis99 Volcanion 09:37, January 13, 2016 (UTC)
How come you want me to scan images instead of using image from JB? Ellis99 Volcanion 09:43, January 13, 2016 (UTC)
Ohhh, I didn't know that. Sure, I'll still do it but I've got things to do before that. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:49, January 13, 2016 (UTC)
I'll also do 22 since I see that hasn't also been uploaded. Also, I think you should but the 2DS that is coming out in Europe sometime, there are three that are coming out with the original games on them. Have a look at Serebii and they'll be cheap compared to a 3DS and a New 3DS too. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:52, January 13, 2016 (UTC)
Ahh, I didn't know that either (so naive at times). I hope you get one since you'll be experiencing a lot with the games. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:58, January 13, 2016 (UTC)


Do you think you could add Emerald to the chapter you say he is muffled in? Ellis99 Volcanion 22:03, January 13, 2016 (UTC)

Okay, I didn't know that. Ellis99 Volcanion 22:08, January 13, 2016 (UTC)


I think it's time to archive! :) Ellis99 Volcanion 22:26, January 13, 2016 (UTC)

Okay, I'll file it later. I'll do that scan for you soon, within the next hour too. I'm a bureaucrat at two sites too but one of them is because I adopted it. I understand that I should think carefully before taking such actions that might agitate user here. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:50, January 14, 2016 (UTC)
Since I can't find the cable for the printer to connect to the computer, I'll do that later. Which Moderator were you thinking of me? so then I can add which one onto the user rights page. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:44, January 14, 2016 (UTC)
Right. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:47, January 14, 2016 (UTC)

I think a category should be renamed. It's the :Category:Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl Episodes and move it to Category:Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Episodes, as the "&" is "and" on the logo of the series. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:50, January 14, 2016 (UTC)

I'm also going to list some categories for deletion too. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:53, January 14, 2016 (UTC)
Also this, Category:Pokémon: Orange Islands Episodes to Category:Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands Episodes. Ellis99 Volcanion 11:56, January 14, 2016 (UTC)


What rights does a Content Moderator not have? I've looked and the only right I cannot see is blocking rights. Ellis99 Volcanion 21:18, January 14, 2016 (UTC)

Okay, just wanted to clarify and can you read my messages above about categories too. Ellis99 Volcanion 21:23, January 14, 2016 (UTC)
I'll put them on the bot request page now. I like how your using episodes as references too as it backs up writing. Ellis99 Volcanion 21:32, January 14, 2016 (UTC)
I'm happy with having just those rights (Content Moderator). I've read up a bit more on the rights too. Ellis99 Volcanion 09:12, January 15, 2016 (UTC)


Yo Energy X,

What kind of romanizations do you prefer on this wiki, as I see multiple different versions of romanizations. For example: Beedrill, which is either "Spear" or "Supiaa", or Umbreon which is "Burakkii" or "Blacky". From my point a view, one of the two kinds of romanizations should be used, but I don't know how you think about that, and what you prefer.

Misch60 (talk) 21:24, January 14, 2016 (UTC)

Okay, I will ask him. Thank you very much.
Misch60 (talk) 21:32, January 14, 2016 (UTC)

AnimePokemon temp

There is this, <div style="clear:both;visibility:hidden;"></div> at the bottom of AnimePokemon temp. Do you think it should be removed? Ellis99 Volcanion 15:55, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for doing it. Ellis99 Volcanion 16:20, January 16, 2016 (UTC)
May I add a bot request too? Ellis99 Volcanion 19:01, January 16, 2016 (UTC)
Okay then and please please please, archive your talk page (sorry for so many messages too). Ellis99 Volcanion 19:03, January 16, 2016 (UTC)


I think Don needs renaming but I wonder what to as the other Don is also a Pokemon. Ellis99 Volcanion 19:15, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

Please reply back to the message above and the news blog will be uploaded later too. Ellis99 Volcanion 16:49, January 17, 2016 (UTC)
Okay then. Do you want to move them or shall I? Ellis99 Volcanion 16:57, January 17, 2016 (UTC)


May we declare TPG's debate on images closed? Ellis99 Volcanion 18:44, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

Okay, I'll put a note on the forum. Since it's for a ban on image, can we make it policy then? Ellis99 Volcanion 18:49, January 17, 2016 (UTC)
News blog will be uploaded first thing in the morning. Ellis99 Volcanion 19:18, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Category

How so? --Rai 水 (talk) 20:40, January 18, 2016 (UTC)

That's not necessarily true though. I for one would be interested moves with the same power and Lord agrees too. --Rai 水 (talk) 20:47, January 18, 2016 (UTC)
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