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50px-2157292.png This page is one of my talk archives. Please do not edit the contents of this page. Direct any additional comments to the current talk page. 50px-2157292.png

Hey umm

Yeah weird problem. I don't know if I'm the only person having this problem and I'm guessing you have some power on this wikia (your names on the front page) but when I look up anything at all (celebi, ash ketchum, may, dawn, etc) in the regular search bar nothing comes up. If I go throught the recent wikia history and click on a page it takes me to it, but if I type it in to look it up nothing comes up. You think it's a problem or just me? Lvdoomien 04:59, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

Hi I'm Funnyguy18!Funnyguy18 20:05, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah it works now, must've been a glitch yesterday but thanks anyway lol Lvdoomien 03:48, May 2, 2012 (UTC)

Hi. I added a picture to Mikey but it didn't work out well. Can you fix it? Thanks! Puffle23 21:34, May 2, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Redirects

OK. Give me a list of pages with this problem. I'll see what I can do.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 01:09, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

Well I just started the 5-part Clair arc and the last episode is tomorrow. How about something like this:

[[JE138: Better Eight Than Never|Better Eight Than Never]]

How's that?

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 01:15, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

That's what I've been doing. Well for the episode articles I make at least, and for episodes dubbed in English anyway. But I guess I'll explain it to the newbies. I kinda feel like Hstar now.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 10:19, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

Like this?: JE138: Better Eight Than Never

Oh and Trainer Micah's grandpa passed away and he won't be on for at least 5 days.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 14:41, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

I always make it code first then put the title in. Are you saying I have to do what you're suggesting for every episode article published so far?

Also, what are we going to do about the voice actor character galleries? We can't just delete them. What about a separate page for full galleries?

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 10:41, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

Hmm, maybe it should be just major or recurring characters they voice, like Professor Birch or Professor Juniper.

And I see those title redirects are already made, well, for any new ones I make I'll come up with. I have just one more article to make today. After that, no more till May 13, except for the anime debut of Brycen.

If you wanna work on the Lisa Ortiz and Tara Sands articles go right ahead, I saved their full galleries on my userpage.

And out of honesty, what do you think of the articles I came up with so far?

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 11:00, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

Hi there! I'm new here, just saying hi. {{SUBST:User:ZeypherMage7/Sig2}} 07:31, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

A Request

I have a request to join Project Anime. I have support from WinxFan1 as you can see here. Thanks!--Yugimuto1 20:47, May 4, 2012 (UTC)


User:Gillano please, for disregarding your and Winxfan1's warnings not to upload images from Bulba. —   ChaosVoid  03:49,5/5/2012  

Rush Job

I just had a serious rush job. Two months worth of dub titles and redirects have just been made.

Also, About your User of the Month poll. The poll says it's for April when it's May. Can you fix this please?

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 11:55, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

All right. And In case I win, I've never been User of the Month. What do I do?

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 18:19, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks. BTW, Why change the pic for the BW063 article. I thought all Gym Battle articles had to have a pic of the Gym Leader Ash is facing.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 13:27, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

Walkthrough Project

Hi Crimson.. Can I sign-up for the Walkthrough Project in the Ruby and Sapphire.. Can I ask you something about the 1 month in this wiki. I made my account this march and now it's april.. so that's already 1 month right? I hope that you'll reply ...

  Ice Breaker   Need Help?       435  

The "month on the wiki" goes from when you start editing. zzi  19:13, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

Chat Policy

Does this "Chat policy" of having less than 25 edits apply to the forums as well? --Thenewguy34 22:40, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

No, the 25 edit requirement to be in chat does not affect the forums. Anyone can edit the Forums so long as comments aren't hostile to another user, spam or vandalism, et cetera. — Wattz2000 11:44, May 9, 2012 (UTC)


Sorry for not formatting my suggestion right. Just to let you know. I did that on purpouse so it did not actually become a real poll. Yugimuto1 17:16, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

The poll has to be in the same format as the other ones. I'll be changing it so that it's in the correct format. zzi  19:15, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

My bot admin request

Wondering what we should do since it has two supports and no opposes but like... images need to be deleted and I don't want to flood the RC. Jazzi 19:20, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

Hi Chrimsonnavy,

It's Trainer Micah on your vote page for the user's can i vote for the user's "Winxfan1" & "Aquatic Wartortile"?

I know i have not been on that much & well i've been busy away from the computer so y-e-s yeah and i'm just checking in to see how everyone is doing on here and everything hope your okay?

Chat with you soon..Trainer Micah 14:59, May 10, 2012 (UTC)


One contributer edited an IL page although they are not allowed. I told them that so that person knows better next time.Yugimuto1 20:36, May 10, 2012 (UTC)


Help!!! I can't make a user blog

Just only go to your user page then go to blogs, then select create a blog. If you already do that, report it to other admins for help. Don't forget to put "Job Bautista 02:32, May 15, 2012 (UTC)" after you post!

I hope I help you! Job Bautista 02:32, May 15, 2012 (UTC) A_job09

Chat updates

Hi, Crimson! As you may have heard, there are new chat updates to [[Special:Chat]]. With these new updates, there are new MediaWiki pages that need to be revamped in a Pokémon-esque style similar to that of our older pages. Of course, some of these won't have to be edited, but I would suggest editing [[MediaWiki:Chat-welcome-message|the welcome message]] indefinitely to warn users of the [[Project:Special:Chat|25 edit requirement]] people seem to never notice. : /. In addition to the inline alerts and messages, there are several new changes to the chat sidebar and tools (ban, PM's, talk page, et cetera). A list of the new pages can be found below: {|class="collapsible collapsed" style="width:100%; text-align:left;" ! Page listing |- | * [[MediaWiki:Chat-you-were-kicked]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-you-were-banned]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-you-are-banned-text]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-you-are-banned]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-whos-here]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-was-kicked]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-was-unbanned]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-welcome-message]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-ban]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-contribs]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-give-chat-mod]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-kick]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-message-wall]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-private]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-private-allow]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-private-block]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-private-close]] * [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-talk-page]] |} More messages can be found through Special:AllMessages, and anything else that I missed that might need changing might be in the CC blog. — Wattz2000 11:30, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

I'll be getting to this in a second. Jazzi 00:43, May 14, 2012 (UTC)

Chatban this user

I've reminded him of our chat policy due to him getting fewer than 25 edits. He chose to ignore me by not talking to me on chat, and although I gave him ample time to edit 25 articles, he still chose not to, so this was the last resort. Thanks if you chat ban him.



Evanalmighty 08:07, May 14, 2012 (UTC)

Block this IP User

Hey, you don't block the user that edit first at the page freezing? Block this IP User:

I hope I report you! Job Bautista 02:12, May 15, 2012 (UTC) A_job09


Hey, did you don't know that when I comment on a blog, or sending a message to a user, the edits have increased! I think this is a error or not though.

I hope a report it to you! Job Bautista 02:23, May 15, 2012 (UTC) A_job09


User:JasonL, please, for disregarding two warnings not to take images from Bulbapedia. —   ChaosVoid  02:00,5/18/2012  

As well as User:Joshual2153 for a bit, since he vandalized and blanked my userpage, as well as another user's.—   ChaosVoid  02:01,5/19/2012  

He vandalized and blanked my userpage too. Block him.

Job Bautista 02:26, May 19, 2012 (UTC) A_job09

Gibie Dude

Hi, Crimson, (haven't seen ya in awhile), anyways, a user named User:Gibie Dude has no edits, and is on chat and won't leave, even with the edit requirement saying statements like "Admins can't do anything" and so on. We have warned him and he is starting to personally attack us. I think this should go for a block. Ask Shadow ruler and Finnfionnafan321. Thanks. EvanfTalk

Hello crimson. I want to tell you about something. A guy named Evanf kept threatening me in chat. He called me a gaywad, a freak, a n00b, and told me to die. Please help thanks.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Gibie Dude (talkcontribs)
Hey Crimson, Gibie Dude also called me a few of those things, and he refused to leave chat, calling many people n00bs, (and you know I have AMI), but hey, I got him to leave. He also lied about him editing 25 edits. EvanfTalk
Crimson Evanf did not call Gibie dude a gaywad. Shadow ruler A.K.A JetCrusherPigoern 09:19, May 19, 2012 (UTC)
Unless you guys have some proof, like a screenshot, I can't really do anything. But, Gibie Dude, you do not have enough edits to be in chat, our [[Pokémon Wiki:Special:Chat|Policy]] states you must have 25 edits to be allowed in chat.  CrimsCrimsonnavy PokéBallnnavy   C  S  22:15, May 19, 2012 (UTC)


I created an episode a few days ago. It was AG034: Having A Wailord Of A Time!

What'll we do?

You're already aware about Black and White Season 2 right, and the air date is June 21st? So do we make a new season page and update the episode guide now or wait till the air date?

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 00:05, May 20, 2012 (UTC)

All right. We'll also wait for what June 21st episode is.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 02:19, May 20, 2012 (UTC)


Lots of the admins on this wiki don't even edit mainspace edits much. Like: Jazzi. There some non admins here who recently are making more edits than she is. And Hstar is gone bro! I just want this wiki the same way it was back in summer. Maybe demote Hstar and add a more active user. With Flames so hot they're Blue! 01:21, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

First off, I mentioned on your talk page that I had a medical reason. Next, I have a reason why I don't edit mainspace as much as I do other wikis, I work in cleaning up after vandalism and keeping site-related things in order. Thirdly, next time you want to complain about the inactivity of one user, you should check their past to see when they go inactive and see if they warn. Because I always warn when I know that I'm going to go inactive. Jazzi 20:41, May 22, 2012 (UTC)
I know you are not inactive Jazzi. I was talking about Hstar. I just said you needed to work on your attendance. Now I know that something when on and I already said sorry 3 times. With Flames so hot they're Blue!


Why did you delete my forum thread without even responding to it first? You noted that it was spam in your edit summary but it was a serious question for serious discussion. felinoel 12:27, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

This is also a serious question btw. felinoel 14:26, May 22, 2012 (UTC)
So... you made an assumption? Interesting. felinoel 03:16, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

Using infobox dungeons on the PMD wiki?

Hey, I'm working on the Mystery Dungeon games here and also on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon wiki. Though it has over 1000 articles, it is lacking severly on Dungeons due to inactivity so I was wandering since Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a large sub game of Pokemon if we could use the Infobox Dungeon template over on that wiki?

Thanks! Kalkaliy 21:14, May 21, 2012 (UTC)Kalkaliy


Hey Crimson! I just have a question. Why are there no blogs on this wiki? I noticed that a while ago, and I'm just wondering why we don't have any. Finnfionnafan321 22:00, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

Hi, blogs were disabled on this wiki per this forum. — Wattz2000 22:03, May 21, 2012 (UTC)
Okay, thanks for the information. Finnfionnafan321 18:35, May 22, 2012 (UTC)


This anonymous contributor, please, for disregarding multiple warnings not to insert false information into articles, which he has continuously done. —   ChaosVoid  10:20,5/22/2012  


Hey, I apologize greatly for my inactivity. I had an medical emergency and had I known about it I would've told you. It was something I wasn't even expecting. Jazzi 20:41, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

It's completely fine, I understand.  CrimsCrimsonnavy PokéBallnnavy   C  S  20:56, May 22, 2012 (UTC)


Hi there. I was banned from chat for not having 25 edits, but I have over 25 edits now. Please un-ban me, and thank-you!

-Scorn Dragon Scorn, the king of you nightmares. Scorn Dragon 21:05, May 22, 2012 (UTC)


Do you have the links to pages that are stubs? Also, I know the release date for Pokemon: Black adn White 2 in Japan.

-Scorn Dragon Scorn, the king of you nightmares. Scorn Dragon 22:57, May 22, 2012 (UTC)


Hello again. I have to ask why do I delete them? They are leaked information. If you want me to delete them, I will do so. Can you help me add these to the Club Penguin Wiki (my page)?


I don't know how to delete them...


You may stop now. I uploaded the pics to the other wiki. Thanks!

-Scorn Dragon Scorn, the king of you nightmares. Scorn Dragon 00:16, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

Can you warn this person that uploaded an image unrelated to Pokemon like a week ago? Thanks! HedgehogDude 20:04, May 23, 2012 (UTC)


May I be unbanned now? i've been banned for 2 to 3 months....

ShadowJade 00:51, May 24, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Ban

Jazzi banned me first for saying "fec*" in chat, she insta banned me right on the spot for one week. 2 days later after I got unbanned, She bans me again. I wondered why, and she said I "Enjoyed slagging users" when I didn't even know what it meant, I realized it was my rash behavior on my userpage, but why did she have to insta ban again just for that? I got no warnings whatsoever!

I thought Slay was going to give me back my pokemon that he was using... I asked Jazzi to unban be months ago and she ignored me.....You know what? Slay can keep my Pokemon! I'm not even allowed to be on Wikia now! Infact, my computer is getting taken away for the summer, so I don't think i'm coming back. Jazzi reminds me of someone. And I'd perfer you delete this message but breifly mention to her why my message was ignored by her. She always treated me like crap... and I don't care if I get banned now, really. Will it even matter in the end...? ShadowJade 01:07, May 24, 2012 (UTC)


You know what, never mind... i've only got a few days left on this computer anyway. I can't deal with this crap right now... i'll just ask when summer's over.... ShadowJade 01:14, May 24, 2012 (UTC)

Homika's Badge.

Now we have a humoungous problem.

The order of Unova Badges was Trio, Basic, Insect, Bolt, Quake, Jet, Freeze and Legend. But now that Ash is heading to a different final Gym we can't use this: Legendbadge. To make matters worse, We'll have to use homika's Gym Badge as the eighth one and we don't know what it is, much less what it looks like. What'll we do? 145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 15:43, May 24, 2012 (UTC)

It'll have to do for the time being.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 16:34, May 24, 2012 (UTC)

look I just want to help out I want to get some good pictures okay I really like the pictures ok I also found a picture for BW088


Pokemon Black and White 2

Can you edit the "Pokemon Black and White 2" page? Because, Homika has been confirmed on Serebii, That she, Upon defeat shall give the player the "Toxic Badge", And is the second Gym Leader of the new game. Serebii: "A comic version of the upcoming episode featuring Homika has revealed a few more details. First, the badge earned for defeating the Tachiwaki City Gym Leader Homika is the Toxic Badge. This badge is confirmed to be the same shape as the one seen in the badge case and so confirms that Homika is the second Gym Leader of the game" GalaxyDragon 14:50, May 28, 2012 (UTC)


Hey, can you unprotect my userpage, I forgot to do that before giving up my powers. The MarioGalaxy2433g5 {talk/contribs} 23:16, May 30, 2012 (UTC)

Your avatar

Your picture of Togepi that you are using as your avatar has a moustache. Just thought you should #know.

  • My bad, I thought it was perhaps supposed to be an Italian Togepi, as moustaches are popular in Italy. But I was unaware of the existence of Italian Pokemon. I am unfamiliar with evil Togepis. I shall use this Wiki to learn more so as to not embarrass myself further.

Trivia policy

Hey, I saw your edit comment about needing a trivia policy, and I was wondering if I could draft up one, then run it by you? I also run into a bunch of useless trivia, so it would be easy for me to identify what kind of trivia should be included and what shouldn't. —   ChaosVoid  04:31,6/2/2012  

Cool, I should have the draft done by Tuesday. I'll tell you when I'm finished and I'll post it in my sandbox that I'll make. —   ChaosVoid  12:18,6/3/2012  
Draft is done  ChaosVoid  08:13,6/5/2012  
Awesome. I don't have any changes in mind, so you can go ahead with the move, thanks. —   ChaosVoid  07:40,6/6/2012  


I think your right. I havn't been on the wiki much either. – Bmltera Reply 05:33, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

WinxFan1 suggested a website for episode pictures? I'm just wondering but what copyright shold I use when I add a new image? Here is the link. [1] Yugimuto1 -Talk 16:15, June 6, 2012 (UTC)


Hello, Crimsonavy, i got a question. I read the [[Pokémon Wiki:Special:Chat]] and there was part that said "Do not sock or meat puppet.", what does that mean? Lindsey

hi im just telling you about my chat blockage someone hacked my account and was screwing around on my chat and i got blocked, i was wondering if you would be able to unblock me sorry for any inconvenience. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Dagster127 (talkcontribs)


The part about Homika having Freckles is true. Have you seen her pic close up? They're faint but they're there. Plus, know any other Gym Leaders with freckles?

On another note, we'll have to change the pics for BW084 and BW085 for pics of higher quality. Just a suggestion.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 12:16, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Awesome thanks.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 00:20, June 8, 2012 (UTC)

Homika's English name is Roxie.

Vinhavatar (talk) 16:34, July 14, 2012 (UTC)


I never knew I was nominated for this month! Could you please give say who nominated me and give me a link as well please.Yugimuto1 -Talk 15:03, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Also the website that you suggested, how do you get pictures from it and how do you take photos on the computer from a video? Sorry if I am asking a lot of questions.Yugimuto1 -Talk 15:15, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

I heard about interviews not happening anymore. Why? Did something bad happen?Yugimuto1 -Talk 19:44, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Hey Crimsonnavy

I was wondering why you removed my edit on Nimbasa Town about its appearance in the games? Thanks, just curious. :p —Preceding unsigned comment added by ShadowPokéFlame (talkcontribs)


Hi, could you please take care of all the pages and files marked in the deletion category? Thanks —   ChaosVoid  06:44,6/9/2012  


Where is the Printscreen button?Yugimuto1 -Talk 09:54, June 9, 2012 (UTC)


Also could I nominate someone for admin rights?Yugimuto1 -Talk 09:57, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

They do not have enough months but they have a lot of edits, I mean a couple of thousand.Yugimuto1 -Talk 17:16, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

Two things

1. I would also like to nominate for Adminship too.

2. Tachiwaki City has hereby dubbed Virbank City. Should we put it as an anime location or wait until it's confirmed?

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 12:09, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Well, is it possible to nominate myself? I've been editing for 1 1/4 years and have +10,000 edits.

I didn't know Virbank City was in the games. I thought it was an anime-only location. Well ok. Let's do it.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 14:45, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

I see. Well, I think I'm ready for Rollback rights. How do I apply?

And I tried my hand at the Virbank article. Well know more when Black 2 and White 2 comes out.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 15:15, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Nice. Thanks for the info. Also, did a rush job this morning. Dub titles came out, even for BW085 and BW086, which haven't aired yet.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 18:02, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Is it true?

So when I was Looking around getting pokemon information, I saw something on Zoura's Page. It said,

"Zoura Evolves into Zoroark at level 30, In White Beta version, it evolved into Zorosteel before Zoroark."

I thought it wasn't true, so I edited it. But.. Is it really fake or did a accidently remove Information? Please tell me! 01:26, June 13, 2012 (UTC)


Zorosteel is REALLY a fake. I looked up "Zorosteel" and there was an "No results found".

Vinhavatar (talk) 15:14, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry for not adding in names for the images

I'm really sorry for not adding any names for the images on the photos, I mean meaningful names for the images. I wasn't trying to ignore your warnings I'm being honist.

Marioandluigibros12345 00:32, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

Speaking of pictures, I guess yugi has gotten ahead of me in that department. I had to alter my article posting schedule for July 8 a bit.

145ZapdosSigned, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx ClubHeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina 02:08, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

thank you very much for fixing my blastoise trivia, i didnt know how to add templates and i was hopin sombody wouldve fixed it. Cheers!

No problem! ;) Marioandluigibros12345 12:10, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

Skype and Curse

Would you like to join us on Skype to discuss moving to curse and what not? Jazzi 17:44, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

It should be happening tomorrow, hopefully. Jazzi 01:21, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

I've added you into the group. It'll let you know when the discussion(s) happen so that you can pop online. Jazzi 13:17, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

Something's Wrong

Hi. I want to tell you something. SOMEONE RUINED THE EPISODE PAGES!
Sure, when is it?  CrimsCrimsonnavy PokéBallnnavy   C  S  22:14, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

I don't who this person is but I know someone would find that person! -User:Dean624

All edits must be at the page history.

Job Bautista 02:28, June 17, 2012 (UTC)A_job09

Hey Crimsonnavy, someone made a page called Dragnor and it included very inappropriate language and references. I also posted my sketch arts of Shaymin and someone removed them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double Trouble

Ask an adminstrator to remove those creeps, Job Bautista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vinhavatar (talk) 15:22, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

Chat requirements

Hey, can you please do it free to the chat requirements? Only the 25-edits requirements. I want it free. I discuss it to the backyard monsters wiki and V.2.0.0b said: People who haven't contributed very much to the wiki have chatted? INSANITY, BLAPHESMY!


It's not like they're going to intentionally make crappy edits just to access the chat, right?

-Pokemon Wiki

V.2.0.0b got mad to this wiki. Can you please do it free please?

Job Bautista 02:26, June 17, 2012 (UTC)


No. They exist for a reason. Jazzi 13:18, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

Skype (2)

Hi, if you're on we're probably gonna discuss the move and stuff today. If you can get on that's great. Jazzi 16:38, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

I'm Back

Hey Crimson! I've decided to return to Pokémon Wiki after retiring from a forum I moderated. It's great to be back :D -- Bullet Francisco My Talk3,301 Edits Email Me 01:53, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks! I recently lost Internet connection for a couple weeks, and it made it hard to access Wikia. Hopefully I'll be editing more shortly. And yes, it would be nice to have my rights restored. Thanks :P -- Bullet Francisco My Talk3,301 Edits Email Me 15:54, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

Uploading Episodes?

Hi Crimsonnavy, I have a few episodes of Pokemon on my computer and I was wondering if I would be able to upload them to the wikia? If so could you please tell me where to post them. Thanks :p


Okay, someone made a violation page, i added the "The Deletion" catogory, and thought that one part of it was supposed to be why, so i put, " This is extremely inappropriate!" could you delete that thing? Oh, ps. Sorry for the gallary thing... Cure passion 23:53, June 22, 2012 (UTC) oh, sorry to bother you btw...


Hi, my name is Fishybuz. I'm completely obsessed with Pokemon and my friend and I created This Wiki about 6 months ago. I've started to manage it again, so please could you associate it with your wiki or get other users to join! Thx, — Fishybuz (talk) 09:32, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

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