Ash's in Rotation: Pikachu

Travelling with: Rotom(P)

At Cerise's Lab (R): Mimey Dragonite Gengar Riolu

Oak's Lab; Bulbasaur Charizard(2) Kingler Muk Taruos(1) Ferrow Oddish Clefairy Snorlax Heracross(1) Bayleef Quilava Totodile Noctowl(S) Donfan Swellow Secptile Corphish Torkoal Glalie Staraptor Torterra Infernape Buizel Gliscor Gible Unfezant Oshawott Pignite Snivy Scraggy Leavanny Palpitoad Boldore Krookodile Talonflame Hawlucha Noivern Pikachu(P) Charizard(Mo) Heracross(Mo) Bulbasaur(Mo)

At Kukui's Lab: Rowlet(Gz) Lycanroc(Lz) Incineroar(Fz) Melmetal 

Released; Butterfree(K) Pidgeot Lapras(2) Seaking Togetic Butterfree(U) Goodra Greninja(Ba) Butterfree(Mo) Buzzwole Ekans Sentret Stakataka Pheromosa Naganadel(Ez) Rotom(Dex)

In Training; Squirtle Primeape(2) Squirtle(Mo)

Given Away; Slowbro Bellsprout Beedrill Axew Vulpix(K)

Traded; Raticate Ambipom Snowy(A)Iz)

Poke Rides: Rapidash(2) Porygon Dragonair Lugia(4) Mantine(2) Arcky Latias(2/1 M) Pidgeot(2) Flygon Manaphy Suicune Giratina Spoink Mantyke(2) Reshiram Zekrom Keldeo Cobalion Gogoat Genesect Rhyhorn Skiddo Latios(M) Mamoswine Sharpedo Taruos Lapras(3) Pelipper Exeggutor(A) Charizard(Fz) Stoutland Nebby(Solz) Garchamp Mudsdale Dewgong Wailord

Temporary; Arbok Weezing Meowth Hoothoot Houndour Staryu Psyduck Hitmonlee Ludicolo Marshtomp Groudon Ho-oh(2) Sudowoodo Riolu Luxio Raichu Buneary Pachirisu Chansey Piplup Venipede Cottonee Rattata(K) Pidgey Poliwag Vivillon(E) Skrelp Florges(B) Pancham Luxray Litleo Rotom(Water) Rotom(Ice)

Befriended; Pikachu(via caps) Haunter Taruos(29) Mewtwo(2) Pikachu(Ash) Larvatar Mew Lucario Shaymin Arceus Azelf Zorua Zoroark Celebi Victini Meloetta Sableye Diancie(M) Hoopa Rayquaza(S/M) Magearna Volcanion Tiny(Pa) Zeraora Vikavolt(Bz) Meltan Kartana Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur

---------------------------- Manga Series confirming all manga's into one. ------------------------------------

Ash's hand: Pikachu Clefairy

Lab: Bulbasaur Charizard Kingler Muk Taruos Ferrow Oddish Snorlax Heracross Bayleef Quilava Totodile Swellow Grovyle Corphish Torkoal Glalie Staravia Grotle Monferno Buizel Gliscor Unfezant Oshawott Pignite Snivy Scraggy Swadloon Pslpitoad Boldore Krookadile Talonflame Hawlucha Noivern Charizard(Mo) Bulbasaur(Mo) Mimey Dragonite Gengar Riolu

Kukui's lab: Rowlet Lycanroc(Dusk) Incineroar

Released: Butterfree Pidgeotto Lapras Greninja Goodra Butterfree(Mo) Buzzwole Nagandel Ekans Sentret Stakataka Pheromosa

Training: Squirtle Primeape Squirtle(Mo)

Given away/Trades: Slowbro Beedrill Aipom Vulpix(K) Vikavolt Snowy

Temporary/Befriended: Rapidash Psyduck Larvitar Piplup Nebby Mewtwo

I'll keep you updated for now working over games 292/294 as of anime and 304/302 as of Pikachu and Clefairy(Manga side) if 29 pokemon we're spaced an upto Box 8/or Box 11 now outta what i know of in thinking and his hand party and Cerise's Lab team without Pikachu and Clefairy accounted for only!

Next edit: Will be: I don't know but will keep you updated okay? Should be i don't know but sooner or later i'm think right now so i'll let you know when alright? Also any questions let me know via here okay?..Trainer Micah (talk) 12:15, April 12, 2020 (UTC)

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