I'm not real proud of part 2, but I wanted to work up towards a longer story. Here you go...

[You have entered the Pokemon Gym]

Me: (thinking) I need to hide.

Bully: What do you think you're doing on my turf?! You can't just walk in and diss me like that! Come here and fight like the man you aren't!

[You are challenged by Leader Bully]

Me: Fine.

[You used scratch]

Bully: Not cool, nerd.

[Bully called for help, help arrived]

Bully's Punks: You're going to pay, kid.

[Bully's Punks used pound, you dodged it]

Me: Nice try.

Bully: Behind you...

[Bully used vice grip]

[Bully's Punks used double-slap]

Me: That's not fair!

Bully: Well, life ain't fair.

[You used disable on Bully]

Bully: oof.

[You used headbutt on Bully's Punks]

[Bully used tackle]

[You flinched and couldn't move]

[Bully used pummel]

[You fainted]

2 hours later...

Me: Where am I?

Bully: Welcome... to my secret hideout...

To be continued...

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