Hi guys, and I am doing a theory on Serena! We are discussing if she was a Fennekin that was transformed human. Serena is a XY character. And we are going from Serena’s Fenniken-ish appearance to the 10th episode. Hope you enjoy!

Serena’s Fenniken-ish Appearance

PKMNXY21 Princess Serena and Fennekin

Look at how similar Serena and Fennekin look! They have a similar eye shape! Wow!

To me, Serena’s human form, save for her eyes, is kind of like Fenniken. She has blue eyes, red hair, and light skin. But what about her eyes? Well now I get it. She has contact lenses as the object that keeps her human! And another thing that might blend in that is the Serena from the games has gray eyes. Whom we know that isn’t a Pokémon because she is controlled by the player.

What Grace Was Like When She Was A Pokémon Trainer

Although you might think this is a disapproval to this theory, I think that Grace chose Fenniken as her starter. Possibly she lived in Kalos, went to Kanto to experience her adulthood, and moved back to Kalos to show Serena where she was chosen as Grace’s starter Pokémon. No wonder Serena dosn’t have a father!

The Secret Behind The 10th XY Episode

XY010 5

So I bet Team Rocket wanted to steal Serena?

Even the episode Mega-Mega Meowth Madness fits into this theory. In it, Team Rocket captures Prof. Sycamore and Serena (and FNAF Bonnie) is captured with him. Jessie and James find out that Serena and Bonnie is there with Sycamore and kiddnaps them too. You might be thinking that they were there for Sycamore, but in my vision, offscreen early in the episode, they used their binoculars on Serena and found out she was a rare Pokémon in human form. So they capture Sycamore to lure Serena into the truck, and she and Bonnie falls for it. And when they saw Serena, they were so impressed that they captured Bonnie as a bonus. And do you know who saved Serena? Ash himself.

Fenniken: Captured!

XY056 1

Look at the picture above. I bet you know what Pokémon is captured there!

I bet when Team Rocket failed to capture Serena, they used her Fenniken as a replacement. They started capturing Fenniken in A Pokévision of Things to Come. And that was only eleven episodes after they captured Serena. They stole Fenniken a lot of other times, too. Like Dreaming a Performer's Dream and One for the Goomy. Also, another thing that proves that they were using Fenniken as a replacement for Serena is that since Fenniken evolved into Braixin, they stopped capturing her. And it also proves that Serena is a Fenniken, too.

A Reason Why Serena Loves Ash

XY140 13

Ash and Serena have been friends over the XY years. They first met when they were kids. But what about when Ash rescued Serena? That is possibly why Serena wants to see Ash again: To show him her true form. And because he saved her from being taken to Team Rocket’s boss.

So, what do you think? Is Serena a Pokémon that was transformed human by some sort of Nurse Joy or a magician like Lily? Comment in the talk page to tell me if there is a disapproval to this theory, something that adds up to this theory, or if Serena was a different Pokémon. And don't forget to check ou my YouTube page!

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