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I was recently notified that a few of the parts of Breakthrough were a bit much(Very Graphic)

So those were removed from the main discussion thread, and a mod told me that I should post them in my blogs and/or make a warning to readers so uh, ima put these here

Once again I must warn you, these are get graphic, so if your gonna skip this all you need to know is that 001 torments Ron

Viewer discretion advised. (It feels cool to say that)

Part 21:

“Oh, I just came here to relax… It's really nothing, haha-” Swiftus started sweating. “Wow, it’s really hot right now…” Ron could tell that Swiftus was hiding something and that annoyed him. It was hypocritical, but Ron’s problems had to be more important than whatever drama Swiftus had gotten into. “Whatever, Swifty.” Swiftus looked hurt, but he didn’t respond.  Tea stared at Swiftus. “C’mon Swiftus, aren’t you going to make a rebuttal? Your attempts to deal with our pika-pal have been laughable!” Swiftus grit his teeth. “I… I can’t just… nevermind…” He walked over to the giant hamster wheel and began running in it.

Kawauso turned to yell at Tea. “Hey! Why are you picking on Swiftus!?” Tea stared at Kawauso for a second and then stared at the TV. “It’s quite enjoyable!”  Ron stuffed his face into his pillow. He wasn’t in the mood to be berated by insults. He fell asleep surprisingly quickly.

“Ron! Get up!!!” It was Kristy’s voice. Ron opened his eyes. He was in the black void again, and Kristy was standing over him. “H-hi sleepyhead-” She crouched down and held his hands. “I missed you!” She blushed and helped him stand. They were oddly close to each other. Ron needed a few seconds to regain his composure “H-hey, sweetheart!” Kristy jumped when she heard that. “Wha?! Y-your not doing that thing where you get a big ego when a girl likes you, right?” Ron was a little embarrassed.. “No- I just thought I’d be a little romantic!” Kristy nodded “Oh.. Th-thank you! No one’s ever done that for me…” Ron smiled. “You’re welcome!” Kristy raised her hand and started stroking the fur on Ron’s head, “It’s fun to just stand here and flirt, but we should probably talk about 001… It's gonna find th-the village at any moment now- We really need to find a way to kill it…” Ron remembered the constant grin of 001 and how he was helpless as cut Victoria’s life short. The thought of it killing someone Ron actually knew sent chills down his spine. “...We can’t do anything about that. What do you think Violet did after that thing killed her girlfriend? What about Caroline? She sent a queen to tell me that she was recovering… No one wants anything to do with us, and we're powerless against 001…” Kristy teared up. “N-no… we can’t give up! If we don’t-” A voice interrupted her. “Then you can enjoy the time you have left…”

A shiny Kirlia faded into the void. Its voice was similar to Kristys, but  with a spine-chilling undertone. This was 001. Ron stood in front of Kristy. “S-stay back, we don't know what this thing is capable of-” 001 walked until it was 6 feet away from Ron. “You speak to me like I’m nothing more than a monster… I was a girl… just like Kristy. A sweet Kirlia, with her own goals, and personality. Then I was captured, forced to be a pawn in a research facility. A man forced his workers to put Kristy and I through an experiment, where I was fused with her in a freak accident… I was stuck to her for 3 long years…” Before she could go on for any longer Ron spoke up, yelling his words. “Why are you telling me this?! JUST KILL ME ALREADY! …I’m sick and tired of you playing with me like I’m some sort of toy!!!”

001 stared as a smile spread across her face. “You are a puppet in my show. Your life is meaningless to me. Now where were we? …I killed Kristy as I emerged from her chest. I was… reborn…” Her eyes looked crazed, like she would attack at any moment. “I made it my sould duty to ruin this world, torment its people and capture as many souls as I want… And this was all easily preventable. She turned her head to face Kristy.  “All she had to do was let something take your life. All of this could've been prevented if you died… She could’ve set us both free. So many people and pokemon had the chance to kill you, but they never wanted to… You had the chance to end it all… But you forced me to suffer with you… All your friends' souls are mine… They hate you… They want to hurt, they wished they would’ve killed you. It's so funny…” She paused for a moment. “ IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!”

Part 22:

Kristy fell onto her knees and covered her eyes. “Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Kristy started sobbing. “All you’ve ever done is torment me in everyone you love… You hurt me when we were fused, you killed me when you emerged, and now you're just killing everyone I love… Just leave me alone, please…I’m begging you…” Watching Kristy cry made Ron unimaginably angry, but he was powerless, he couldn’t do anything. 001 laughed uncontrollably for 30 seconds. “You really are pathetic. The man who ordered his goons to fuze us. His name was Rictor, he had a family, friends, and many detractors… They're all dead. After I realized how easily I could torment people and pokemon, I decided that I wouldn't discriminate… So many innocent people, children, and even babies… stripped of their sanity to be a part of my fantastical show! It’s just so satisfying to rip off their skin organs, and even limbs… Sometimes I’ll just leave the bodies mostly intact, just so loved ones can recognize them…” She laughed maniacally and her eyes rolled back in her head. Ron just stared at her, thoughts racing through his head. “No… I won't believe it, no pokemon would do something like this… Are you even a Pokemon? W-what are you…”

Ron looked up and 001 was suddenly standing over him, her eyes and mouth dripping with a strange, black slime. She whispered, speaking just loud enough for Ron to hear “I am not a Pokemon, I am not a Human, I am not an Angel, I am not a Demon, I am not a Specter… I am the Heart of Darkness.” Ron couldn’t stop staring at her black, empty, dripping eyes. He couldn’t move. It was so petrifying, but he was stuck. He couldn’t breathe. 001 raised her hand and grabbed Ron's head, squeezing his head with incredible force. Ron screamed. The pain was nearly unbearable, and he blacked out after only 15 seconds of screaming.

Ron opened his eyes as quickly as possible. He was floating a few feet in the air, slowly drifting forward. 001 standing in front of him, staring at him. Her face looked normal once again. “I’m going to show you the souls I’ve collected. Let’s hope that you won’t die of shock.” She didn’t have a smile on her face, which was odd. They were in a strange, red hallway with large stones covering large openings in the walls. 001 started walking, forcing Ron to levitate behind her. “I will squash any doubt of my power. You are one of the first pokemon to question my abilities.” Ron wasn;t going to struggle so he tried to talk to her. “Why do you look so serious? I thought this was amusing to you…? She spoke while staring into the seeming endless hall. “Watching corpses is not amusing. Their only use is to drive others insane.” The blood-red floor made Ron feel uneasy, but he had to keep the conversation going. “Okay… Do you ever feel remorse after killing someone? 001 laughed quietly. “Of course not! You are all evil people just waiting to happen… I can already see you meeting your breaking point… It's adorable.” Ron went silent for a moment. “I-I’m not g-going crazy… Right? It doesn’t matter…. Has anyone been able to actually hurt you before…? 001 yawned. “There was a young Eevee, his fire was the only thing that could damage me. He was killed quite easily.” That information was important, there was a way to potentially kill 001. He tried to hide his interest. “You’re freaking horrible, you know that?” 001 stretched her arms. “That's flattering… Thank you.” She stopped and raised her hand causing a giant stone in front of them to glow. “Here we are. She raised her other hand, which caused Ron to float uncomfortably close to the glowing rock. “Are you ready?” Ron was silent. “What do you mean by that-” The rock began to rumble, and Ron could only stare forward.

Part 23:

The large rock dissolved right in front of Ron's face, and what lied behind it would stick with Ron for the rest of his life. The corpse of a young boy was hung by a noose of flesh. His skin was pale, his face badly deformed, but his eyes and hairs still remained. His shirt and pants were left intact and several of his organs were hanging out of his stomach. His limbs were badly broken and deformed. It was a bloody and horrible sight, but Ron couldn’t look away. “STOP!!! WHY would you- Why would ANYONE do this?! “Ron was inches away from the corpse, and he thought that he could hear a low, petrifying groan coming from the boy's face. “GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!! PLEASE…” Ron flailed his legs and cried, but he couldn’t close his eyes or look away. 001 giggled. “Look at you… Sobbing and screaming… I thought you could handle a little gore. I’d love to show you Victoria, but I’m gonna wait…” Ron screamed as loud as he could, just hoping to close his eyes. “STOP!!!”

The stone reappeared covering the hanging body. Ron suddenly fell to the ground and all he could do was cry. He couldn’t get the image of the boy out of his mind. 001 walked over to him. I’ll save Victoria for Violet… And I’ll show her your corpse too…” Ron screamed and punched her stomach, but she didn’t flinch. “LEAVE HER ALONE…! J-just leave everyone alone… Please…” 001 smiled. “You’ve been reduced to the point of begging… How pathetic. Here's some advice for you. Never beg a demon.” She snapped her fingers, and everything went dark.

“Oh my gosh… Ron, are you okay?” That voice was familiar. Ron opened his eyes and saw Bloom. He was in a hospital bed with Bloom and Swiftus close by. Bloom put her hand on Ron’s forehead. “Ron… Is something happening that you’re not telling me about?” Ron blushed, he didn't know why. “U-uh… I’ve been having weird dreams… Kristy talks to me… And-” Swiftus interrupted him. “There you go again, mentioning that Kristy! Why are you keeping secrets from me?!” Ron weakly swung his arm at Swiftus. “Because you freaking suck, Swifty.” There was a flash of anger on Swiftus' face. “Why…” Bloom put her hands on her hips. “Ron! There’s no need to be so rude! You wouldn’t say that to me, so why would talking to Swiftus be any different?” Ron spoke under his breath. “Because Swiftus isn’t… never mind. I’m just really  stressed right now…”  Bloom looked at Swiftus. “Me and Ron need to talk for a little bit, you can wait outside. Swiftus nodded and walked out of the room.

Bloom locked the door as soon as he left. “Okay, it's just you and me now…” She took a deep breath. “You need to tell me everything about these weird dreams.”