aka Thecodjapan

  • I live in Akihabara Japan
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Youtuber
  • I am an Android

About Me Zamonblue222


Beiging a super stream means you started 11-29-09

I staRted kaRate when I was 11. I staRted
In novembeR 2 2007. I was a old and young

I knew I had to tRain. I used to woRk foR

wikiansweRs and If you aRe looking foR

impoRtant infoRmation I have it listed below.

I have tRained and when I joined this paRticulaR

astablishment I was a blue Red Belt. If you aRe

aRe looking foR infoRmation on that go to..... If you weRe to know not only did

I do of a kaRate but I took kick boxing Judo and 

otheR of such of oR not of any. I have fRiends who

know lot's fRom the subject but neveR seem to answeR

the phone. But of couRse I am one of the many people

who own a cell phone but I am one of the fewest to have

unlimted text messaging and again I am even neaRRowed

down to one of the even fewest to win at least 20 of

in a Row of lucky win it contest. My top three favorite

songs are Better In Time Love hurts and Hello

Yup I seem to be                                               

a veRy populaR guy. 

I have some sweet giRlfRiends one

of which shaRes my Real giRls name. She may be one of

the only but cutest giRls to live with of one. I only

see heR mostly in the summeR at this time but foR now weRe

good. We aRe still able to take it easy as foR some men I

won't take it fRom. As foR otheRs you don't want

to huRt and foR suRe you don't want to mess

with my fRiends otheR wise I will Really get hot.

I am veRy tall because my mom is tall. I. Well that's

It foR me except what is at the bottom Read the Rest

Down heRe if you need moRe about me......

always get up at six monday- FRiday and I cook

bReackfest then I go outside and do my woRk.

I am a ace student I am fast and I only

take a good sleep on Sunday eveRy otheR day

as you know and afteR that only leaves satuRday

but of couRse I am watching pokemon. OR I would'nt be HeRe. 

So be caRefull what you do oR else you will be
soRRy what you did in the fiRst  I started watchin pokemon when I was 2 and when I was 3 and I got a Gameboy Color and my 1st game was pokemon blue. Which is why I love water type pokemon. No one can touch my blatoise because it is super fast. I have a bird type pokemon known as swellow. The 6 pokemon I carry in my party are....... ===

I still celibRate holidays who couldn't.

Why I am HeRe

Pokemon History 2
I am heRe because my cute and maybe adoRable little pestey bRotheR had to just mess up my account on WikiansweRs so as a Result I did want to get back into the business I moved heRe. I am haveing less fun but it woRks

My FavoRites FRom Pokemon

Least FavoRite movie

Favorite Leagundary Pokemon http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Lugia

Least Favorite Leagundary pokemon http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Rotom

Favorite Pokemon http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Milotic

Least Favorite Pokemon http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Murkrow

Most Favorite character http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Dawn

Least favorite character http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Jesse

Most favorite episode http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Gettingtheprecontesttitters

Least favorite episode http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Stagingaheroeswelcome

Favorite Move http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/MoveHydropump

Least favorite move http://pokemon.wikia/wiki/Moveendevor

My histoRy of pokemon

I used to watch pokemon when I was 1 1/2. When O tuRned 3 I got involved into Pokemon games. I had Recived pokemon blue which is why I became veRy intRested in the set of all pokemon games. These weRe the seRies of pokemon I had with me thRoughout all of my ColoR games.

Swellow lv. 661

Hearacross lv. 660

Steelix lv. 660

Electivire lv. 663

Galalie lv. 663

Blastoies lv. 666

That is only half of all the power I posses I also have alot of a battle record. I also have pokemon red, yellow, silver, and gold. But know I have all that inclucding pokemon fire red leaf green sapphire, ruby, emerald, pearl, diamond, platnum, the new silver and the new gold. What can I say I'm so special gReat. Not to menchin I had cReated my own game called pokemon Remix shelf stackeR. Check ou and

My favoRite websites foR pokemon Also of you aRe looking foR anymoRe games go to   If you have any questions you can email me at You can also check me out at I have alot of diffRent things I like to like posting diffRent things and lots moRe.


WeRe you can find me

If you are looking for more about me check out these 



also rarely but maybe I may be found at also I like Yu-gi-oh but that would be at

These have other information on me. I will see you there  and don't foRget to toon in to my talk eveRy day at

And I can be found positivly at editing categoRys

My best fRiends at WikiansWeRs

250px-Team Rocket Grunt HGSS

WikiansweRs SupeRvisoRs

I sighned up to

OtheR Sighnups

If you need moRe help

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My contributions

I contRiubute to do and help
I have a lot of poweR weRe I contRibute
I want to keep this place along with otheRs safe
What aRe contRibutions Edits.





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