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  • I live in India.
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    ////🔥🔥☠️ Dragonsoul ☠️🔥🔥////

    First of all, look up at the Rules Post that was done by me and approved by Admins:

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    "Be greedy, sometimes it helps you in achieving something and you know what I mean."

    //// User Profile ////

    Name: Saksham Mishra.
    Nickname: Saki, Piyush.
    Age: 16 years old.
    Birthday: 26th November.
    Gender: Male.
    Height: 6'00"
    Nature: Listener, loving, caring, serious, Short-tempered and funny at times(These are my nature in real life)
    Occupation: A college student.
    Relationship Status: Single.

    • Things I like: Reading science, Fandom, Friends, Family, Kabaddi(Outdoor) and Chess(Indoor).

    • I started my journey to the fandom on 21st of February, 2017. Following the track, I have made a lot of friends whether on fandom, Instagram or Discord. I'm a Discussions Moderator on this place, my tag and badge states clearly, and a Professor(Administrator) on Official Fandom for Pokémon Discord Server as well.

    • In the little 2 years of my activity, I have faced many ups and downs and have learnt a lot as well.

    //// Favourites in the Anime World ////

    Let me tell you what attracts me the most in the Animé World.

    Favorite Anime(s) - Beyblade(Old is gold), Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, and Noragami.

    Favorite Male Characters - Tyson, Kai, Zeo, Brooklyn, Ryuzaki Lawliet., Ken Kaneki/Haise Sasaki, Kishou Arima, Hide, Kuzen, Yato Gami, Ebisu Gami and Yukine. Apart from all these, Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, Tanjiro Kamado from Demons Slayer.

    Favorite Female Characters - Hiyori Iki, Touka Kirishima, Ochaco Uraraka, Rin Mouri.

    Favorite Moments from Anime -

    • Tyson battles, Kai Vs Brooklyn, and some funny moments.

    • Light and L confrontation, Near defeating Light, L and Light fights and moments.

    • I love everything from Tokyo Ghoul, especially Kaneki changing himself in 12th episode of 1st season.

    • I love every moment from Noragami... XD Loved when Yukine changed for Yato, Yukine 's Sin moment and Yato and everyone trying to protect Ebisu.

    //// Favourites from Pokémon ////

    • Favorite Male Characters - Alain, Gary, Red, Professor Oak, Professor Sycamore, Professor Kukui, Lance, Brock.
    • Female Characters - Serena, Cynthia, and Diantha.
    • Favorite Pokémon: Charizard(X), and Dragonite.
    • Favorite Gym Leader: Wulfric.
    • Favorite Champion: Red and Lance!
    • Favourite Battle: Ash Vs Alain, Ash Vs Paul, Ash Vs Gary, Ash Vs Kukui, and Alain Vs Seibold.

    /// Social Media ///

    Instagram - @master_ketchum_
    (However, I don't use it anymore and that's why the account is disabled.)

    Fandom - @Sasake Haise!
    Discord - Will tell you later.
    Wattpad - Saksham_Mishra

    //// Moments ////

    Longest Off-topic post in the Fandom community:

    • Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    • Longest Role-playing post in the Fandom Community:

    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    //// Rest of my accounts on this Fandom ////

    • Check out Saksham Mishra on Pokemon.

    • Check out Ashyy Ketchum! on Pokemon.

    • Check out X Dragonlord on Pokemon.

    • Check out Midoriya Izu! on Pokemon.

    //// Friends ////

    Although, I have made many friends made on Fandom, Instagram, and Discord, I'll name the fandom friends only. Who I consider really close to myself.

    Harsh (Nobody can replace his place)
    Harshit (Nobody can replace his place)
    Aadrit (More than a friend, he was like a brother to me!)
    Ahail aka Nate (Very Special)
    Raj (Very Special)
    Marlin (Very Special)
    Pranay (Very Special)
    Srinivasan (Very Special)
    Anupam (Very Special)
    Gaurav (Very very Special)
    Arghya (Very Special)
    HoneyPOK (Special)
    David (Very Special)
    StarGazeDreamer (Alright)
    JJ (Very Special)
    Aurora (Special)
    Kulshrestha (Alright)
    Luke (Very Special)
    Tiffany (Very Special)
    Vedant (Alright)
    Grey (Very special)
    Caleb (Alright)
    Vidushi (Very Special - I miss ya my girl ;-;)
    Aarushi (Very Very Special)
    Omkar (Very Special)
    Sagnik (Special)
    Deyasini (Very Special)
    Dhruv (Alright)
    Sanjida (Alright)
    Watson (Alright)
    Yusri (Alright)
    Babba (Alright)
    Serena (Very Special)
    Micah (Special)
    Zstar (Very Very Special)
    Shashank (He is my heart)
    Aditya (Alright)
    Saksham (Different guy with the same name lol) (Alright)
    Dev (Stupid, but good. A sweet friend. If you read this, don't you dare turning your innocence brain into stupid!)
    Rishi (Special)
    Emma Carter (Alright)
    Meemansa (Alright)
    Kanishka (Good friends)
    Ali (Very Special)
    Sylvie (Alright)
    Pandurang (Very special)
    AllipseGamer2710 (Alright)
    Yash (Very Special)
    Yash Bhatt (Very Special)
    LegendsOfPokémon (Alright)
    Adi (Alright)
    Mishti (Very Very Special!)
    Ananya (Alright)

    (While there are people too who are not worthy of living in this wiki, I've still added their names in my friendlist.)

    If I forget you, don't hesitate and remind me. I'll add you and that's for sure! ❤

    "King of my own imaginary life."

    I've been on this wiki since 3 years. In these 3 years' history of my lifetime on this place, I've made a lot of friends. Have done craziest things with everyone, have enjoyed a lot, and have made many mistakes a lot, too. One more thing, I was a lot more active that anybody else on this wiki discussions, as a result, I've like 2

    There's a lot to unravel, but I definitely don't want to flex my history to anyone. I'd say not to mind if I get angry due to something and say something that's not usual. I've been strict with fandom users, instagram and other discord users whoever I met with.

    Although, I have made many friends made on Fandom, Instagram, and Discord, I'll name the fandom friends only. Who I consider really close to myself.
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