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  • I live in District 7
  • I was born on July 22
  • I am Male
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Hello, Chief,I am Utkar22. I love playing and watching Pokémon. Hope to see you around!
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I used to watch the anime when I was very small. Then started the first season on Hungama when I was 11, and I got into Pokémon again.

As of now, I have watched the first 5 seasons of the anime, but I have watched many other episodes earlier, when I was around 6.


I got into pokemon through the anime. When I got to know that there was a Pokémon game, well, you know how a kid would react.

I have incompletely played FireRed and Diamond, which I might complete in the future.

I played Pokémon Go for a while, but not for long. It was too laggy, there were no Pokémon in my area, no gyms and stops nearby and ofcourse, it didn't even seem like a real Pokémon game.

Currently I am playing SoulSilver, which is almost complete.


  • Zapdos (level 50->55) (FireRed)
  • Lugia (level 45) (SoulSilver)


I read the first 7 volumes. So awesome!

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